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The most important outcome of education is to help students become independent of formal education.

Paul E. Gray

Dysfunctional Public Education Is No Accident

The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.

Carl Rogers


Has the public been so dumbed down that most don't question that our society is at peril because of the failure in government schools? Judging from the clamor that voter polls reflect, most are in favor of even more government involvement in education. Is this mislaid concern because of an insightful grasp that something is essentially wrong, or is it just a response to fix another problem that was created by the very people who have been entrusted with the future of our children?

It should be self evident that the reason for the collapse in education standards is no accident. One would have to accept that the genetic pool has been diminished by a fluke of nature to dismiss that cultural abandonment of civilized principles is not the real reason that learning has become rare. The value of a classical education has been forgotten by a society, who has become lost in a search for an identity. No wonder the end result of years of senseless studies, produces confused and dependent inhabitants that look to government as the remedy for their own inferiority.

Education needs to be about teaching the tools, methods and process of "How To Think". The mission of the instructor is one of developing the intuitive nature of inquiry that is natural in every person. Training the intrinsic urge of curiosity as the means of discriminating and rational thought, is the prime goal for the educator. But to achieve this level of tutoring the teacher must be founded in their own understand in logic and analytical thinking. In today's classroom, social engineering has replaced Aristotle, Locke and Kant with the latest celebrity of multiculturalism.

We all know the horrors of this sad decline, so why is it that few are willing to confront the basic underlying reasons for this systemic surrender to the streets? The notion to make education relevant, does not mean that it must become moronic. Placing the bulk of the blame on the underprivileged and the culture of despair, avoids the decades of official denial by bureaucratic administrators. Both share responsibility, the former with their abdication of their own self respect, and the latter with their capitulation of purpose and acquiescence to intimidation.

The time is long overdue, and the public must start facing facts. All cultures are NOT equal. Any society that renounces discipline in the classroom, breeds a generation of disrespect. When teaching skills in the process of thought are no longer the foundation of a curriculum, should anyone be surprised when the pupil acts irrationally? But who benefits from a total breakdown in the public education system? Even to the uninitiated, it is obvious that with the breakdown in institutions and the rise in social turmoil, a void is created in the political order that calls out to be filled. The public has been conditioned to believe that only government can solve such problems. The cry goes out for action, and we enter the next level of increased intervention into the domain of public education.

Haven't we had enough of the PUBLIC in education, and isn't it time to put the student first? Government schools have worked their socialization for several generations, with alarming success. Their objective is not the education of the individual pupil, but the assimilation of the next generation into society. The kind of conversion that is sought, impedes independent thinking. Areas of inquiry are now limited to 'PC' approved viewpoints. Instruction in history is revised to reflect a heritage of guilt, while current events are the province of propaganda, exalting a false notion of duty in community service. Relative values are taught while traditional heritage is scorned. How can anyone defend an educational structure that serves the greed of the career indoctrinationist of Secular Humanism, while they trade the future potential of each child for their pension?

Reform is no long possible. A Federal Department of Education hastens central controls for social compliance. At this point, an education free from public schools, has more value than going through the disinformation that is currently being taught. The errors that are learned in childhood are more difficult to overturn, then if they were never acquired in the first place. So what exactly is the advantage in an education under government approved instructors? If you want to reverse the decay in moral aptitude, you must find alternatives for the education of your children. Each family must seek the best for their offspring. Most will take the easy way out, even though many know that the current methods of instruction harm their sons and daughters.

America has educated herself into 'Social Relativism'. The results of decades of disdain for tradition and individual responsibility has produced repugnant consequences that has divided our Nation and will ultimately force either capitulation or separation from the deformers of deception. Public education is their leading device in poisoning young minds. You know this to be true, even if you are unwilling to admit it publicly.

Western Civilization deserves to be defended. Classic education is vastly superior to the multicultural excuse that is currently presented as schooling. When will parents realize that their only choice to raise their progeny with respect, morality and standards; is to remove them from the government schools?

No one says this is an easy task. Undertaking the sacrifices necessary to implement this decision will require fortitude and courage. But what is more important to your family than the finest education of your children? At this point in time, public schools cannot achieve that claim. Competition in education is the only hope for instilling pride in learning back into society. The way to defeat the 'collectivists' of the NEA is to withhold your children from entering into their arena. As with any movement for meaningful change, it all begins with the first step; one family at a time. The child you save, may just be your own . . .

SARTRE - September 2, 2001

We are born weak, we need strength; helpless, we need aid; foolish, we need reason. All that we lack at birth, all that we need when we come to man's estate, is the gift of education.

Jean Jacques Rousseau

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