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Nothing recedes like progress.
E.E. (Edward. E.) Cummings

Go Forward and Move On

All progress has resulted from people who took unpopular positions.

Adlai E. Stevenson

Are you tired of hearing "Let's go forward" and "We need to move on"? Well, these catch phrases seem to sum up what our society has become. The idea of a forward direction in almost any aspect of endeavor, implies that progress is our mutual goal. Maybe someone should point out that real progress is seldom achieved in an uninterrupted direction. And what does moving on have to do with realizing this 'so called' progress?

Linguistic analysis was once a serious study in the meaning of words, but in today's popular culture, language intent has lost most of its significance. What underlies 'going forward', is a message that one need not concern themselves about what has just transpired. All that matters is that we make 'progress' by going on to the next event.

'Moving on' implies that evaluating the value of any activity, need not be judged; just proceed to the next event. Fleeting interest in an activity is limited to its novelty, and exercising any moral standard to its importance, is now unacceptable.

Apply this elocution to the politician and you have a nifty way of public absolution for questionable deeds. The notion of inappropriate behavior has dwindled in recent years, to a list so small that one can count them on one hand. Indeed the orators of public policy now have the protection that they always sought, namely; the death of outrage.

Life in this era of relative ethics, has created a substitute for belief in moral accountability. Material consumerism has become the purpose upon which most people strive to achieve. Progress for them uses such terms as: more, better, bigger and newest. When the public abdicates responsibility for their own conduct, why should anyone else be surprised when they transfer that same exoneration over to the image originator for public policy? All that matters now, is whether your personal circumstance remains comfortable.

Few creatures in nature are better suited at changing their chameleon like appearance, than the politician. Their veracity has always been suspect, but their secret talent lie within their ability to seize upon the latest cultural weakness, invent a problem and fabricate a solution that requires their involvement. Their access to power is directly related to the willingness of the public to maintain confidence in their ability to keep the perception of Progress 'going forward' . . . The ebb of concern with moral excess, allows the manipulators of social policy to craft their next grab for more control. Where there is no long accountability, there will only be greater abuses.

'Moving on' is the classic strategy that says we will stone wall your charges long enough until the public becomes bored. The reason is simple, this method of arrogance works; and crime pays off for the master lawbreaker. The fact that a Ted Kennedy never faced charges for manslaughter, is not balanced with the trial of Michael Skakel.

There is a distorted standard of justice for privileged politicians. This trend has been elevated to the ludicrous after going through the Clinton years. Legitimate charges were overwhelming against Hillary, but she was given a pass and rewarded a senate seat by the ignoble fools of New York. Yes; I know, that's past history, it's time to 'Move On' . . .

Well, I refuse to accept injustice wherever it appears. Time may cloud the details, but it does not automatically grant forgiveness. Wendell Phillips is so right - "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty". But we now live in a society that places little weight on cherishing LIBERTY. Personal freedom is what counts, but those who profess this self-centered view, are the very people who applaud the serialization of public indignities. Looking the other way has now become institutional in America. The lesson is clear, it is ALL public business, and when you are confronted with another round of 'going forward', just tell the next panderer of deceit, that it is time to face the music.

Gary Condit has become a national disgrace, but so is Barney Frank. 'Mr. Backdoor' was given a pass by the same DC police, when the red light was lit at his apartment. Now we have him hosting a gay pride celebration at the Langley headquarters of the Agency! "The fact that I would be speaking at Gay and Lesbian Pride Month at the CIA - yeah, that's a sign of real progress." Congressman Franks; that's not 'going forward'.

How may examples are necessary to expose a trend? The only 'moving on' that goes on, is for the predators of power. The rest of us are told we must adopt the 'PC' version of perversion, because that is progress. Is it any wonder that we get these kind of corrupt politicians, when the public is a reflection of this same kind of deviation? If this is progress, it is long overdue to stop the forward motion. I'll 'move on' when there is a worthwhile moral goal to reach. Until that presents itself, we would all be better off standing still. Forward motion with these politicos will only bring you down to their level.

SARTRE - August 26, 2001

Our civilization is characterized by the word "progress." Progress is its form rather than making progress being one of its features. Typically it constructs. It is occupied with building an ever more complicated structure. And even clarity is sought only

- Ludwig Wittgenstein

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