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I'm careful not to give into theatrics when times are tough, I don't like it when somebody gives into outside pressure and puts on a show for others. - Tony La Russa

The lesson on being a controversial politician

The same crowd that wanted him out!

Who wanted her out of Congress?

The recent primary results from Georgia has Congress Rep. Bob Barr and Cynthia McKinney looking for another job. It seems that voters are less concerned with dynamic advocacy, and prefer a low key style or a novice approach of an ex judge. John Linder and Denise Majette are hardly household names, but now they will get a ticket to ride the wave of non polemical representation. Just the latest sign of the times, or is it just another example of business as usual?

At least John Linder has a voting record, RIGHT? But who can say that he won because of a stark theoretical difference from Barr? No, it is time to face directly the fact that rocking the boat is more dangerous than having a well financed opponent. The one similarity that both Barr and McKinney has is a public image of being excessive fanatics. The electorate voices from within the Peach State seem to prefer the fruits from a well trimmed tree to the raw meat from a hybrid breed maverick. The bloom has been erased from these ideological rebels - and remember that the people voted for their retirement!

Maybe the lesson for Barr is that he might of had more luck playing with that handgun in the presence of Linder, than what he got from the empathy of the voters. In McKinney's case she would find more support at a KKK rally than from the crossover registration ballots in the primary. No doubt the alumni with a Yale connection is not to be messed with is the schooling that comes out of her defeat.

Just what do the constituents want? From this latest recording of the public will, we get an answer that is unsettling. Play it safe, court the media and get good press, and never allow yourself to look like an extremist. Does anyone really believe that there was a majority of votes in favor of Denise Majette, the bull dog judge? You don’t have to like McKinney or support her viewpoints to recognize the chilling effect that she was targeted for defeat because she voted against resolutions that express solidarity with Israel and condemn Palestinian suicide bombers.

McKinney is a model day Martin Robison Delany, while Majette follows the now popular and accepted path of Frederick Douglass. How many people even recognize the Delany name while Douglass is held out as a national hero? Because of today's purity test for electability, transgressing the primary interests of the Israeli First crowd, is the kiss of death. Her father, Billy McKinney has a checkered relationship with the Jewish community and his attributed statements during this primary cycle hit the nail squarely on the head. But in polite company we are not supposed to raise the issue of who's interests does the U.S. government really support.

Bob Barr is no stranger to the public limelight or to political smears. The anti gun lobby is not the only one that wanted him out of the House. It is hard to accept that his controversial and courageous stands have endeared him to many within his own party. "Before we begin dismantling constitutionally protected safeguards and diminishing individual rights to privacy, we should first examine why [the] attacks occurred," said conservative Rep. Bob Barr of Georgia in a letter to Ashcroft. The gerrymandering that took place in his old district, didn't exactly help his chances for success. However, the real aversion towards him comes from his vigorous defense of the real America, and his relentless attacks against her domestic enemies.

So why would the good people of Georgia retire a patriot? His gracious support of Linder after his defeat is evidence of his constitution. But where was that same character in republican primary voters? Image portrayal and depiction seems to be the methods used to eliminate any who dare to be too independent.

The media calls McKinney outspoken, but labels Barr as a firebrand. While the distinction for public understanding is meaningful, the spin does not give a hint as to the real effects of falling out of grace. The facsimile creators of image use proven techniques to shape popular opinion. But the underlying reason for this targeted approach is the removal of two incumbents, because they are dangerous for opposing the sacred tenants of prevailing policy.

You will hear that the blame for defeat is their own fault. Their misguided positions or perceived instability will be repeated as the reason for voter rejection. But consider that the only unbalance either exhibits is the anxiety they create in the unified plan of official policy. Who really controls America? This primary certainly proves one thing; namely, it is not the voter that demonstrates political intelligence.

People are unable to think for themselves. The media masters serve the interests of the political manipulators. Adherence to the suitable public policy is enforced by the established order. Incumbency is only a nomination guarantee, as long as you are a team player. No need to legislate Jim Crow back, we already have his cousin - Jacob Foigl.

SARTRE - August 22, 2002

Men resort to talking only when they haven't the power to enforce their convictions upon others. - Lin Yutang

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