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The people of the world having once been deceived, suspect deceit in truth itself.

Which War Will Be Waged?

As the world sinks into a black hole of financial market uncertainty, business continues as usual for the New World Order. The Pentagon in a long-delayed annual report to Congress, warns that the Chinese threat for both Taiwan and the United States has increased. "China's doctrine is moving toward the goal of surprise, deception and shock effect in the opening phase of a campaign," said the annual report on Chinese military power. "China is exploring coercive strategies designed to bring Taipei to terms quickly."

All Hail the New World Order

We all know about the treason from the technology  transfer under the Clinton administration, but are you aware that the same process is continuing under Bush Jr? From an investigative report from Insight on the news, we discover that the nemesis of the 'Slick Willie', Judicial Watch, has not lost their focus when it comes to the Bush clan. Tom Fitton, now the president of this activist organization cautions that the George II administration has allowed the transfer of "computer technology [whose] only practical purpose is for nuclear-weapon design." Fitton says that from the beginning the administration went "full-speed ahead" with China trade and efforts to get the PRC - People's Republic of China, into the World Trade Organization (WTO). Another Washington watchdog group, Accuracy in Media, echoes Fitton on computer-technology transfers: "President Bush seems to have no clearer vision of what constitutes a strategically sensitive export than did Clinton. For example, Republicans harshly condemned Clinton for exporting high-performance computers to China, but President Bush has more than doubled the control threshold on these computers despite existing intelligence estimates that demonstrate how China's national security benefits from such acquisitions."

We urge you to read the entire Insight report. If Judicial Watch and AIM are echoing this same alert and the Pentagon's own report exhorts about a more aggressive Chinese strategy, resolved in confronting the U.S. with the threat and possible use of force, why is this not front page news? Common sense would lead one to conclude that all the noise that we have heard for most of the past year has just played into the grand design of the global internationalists. Now that the public is consumed with their own personal financial meltdown, and a constant fear of a phantom terrorist villain, the real danger slides under the radar screen. The PRC is a deadly enemy of America.

If you doubt this verdict, ponder the fundamental goals of Red Chinese Communists. Again, from the Pentagon report: "Preparing for a potential conflict in the Taiwan Strait is the primary driver for China's military modernization". Going further the summary continues with "Beijing's military training exercises increasingly focus on the United States as an adversary". Now what sane American would deny that such a policy is a tangible danger for our country’s true national security? The risk should be self evident, but for the charlatans that wrap themselves in the red white and blue pendant, while they continue to sell out the country, truly disgrace our flag.

Many miss the connection between the War on Terror and the treachery of the globalist. All we hear is the need to blindly support the administration as they transfer the domestic environment into an armed camp, while they target foreign encampments with robot weaponry. So why do they ignore the Chinese intimidation? Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan reacted to the assessment report with: ''China is a peace-loving country whose national defense policy is defensive.''  Does this reaction reflect the reality of the Chinese policy?

From a different account in the US-China Security Review Commission report, established by Congress, we get this reaction published in The Sydney Morning Herald:

"It calls for increased scrutiny of US corporate activities in China to prevent the erosion of the US industrial base, stronger penalties for violating arms control agreements and greater protection for US industries such as steel that face stiff competition from China."

"The commission warns that China is one of the world's leading sources for missile-related technology and nuclear materials for terrorist-sponsoring nations, presenting "an increasing threat to US security interests, in the Middle East and Asia in particular". While China has made numerous multilateral and bilateral commitments to stop proliferation, "despite repeated promises [it] has not kept its word", the report says."

Is this part of the NWO army?

Anyone want to defend the record of the PRC? If not, why does the Bush administration continue business as usual and accelerate the transfer of some of our most sophisticated technology? Still need more to consider?

The Boston Globe has this account: "The Chinese military's increasing ability to exercise what the Pentagon calls coercive military options, including computer hacking and air and missile attacks, presents challenges not only to Taiwan but also to other potential adversaries, such as the Philippines and Japan.''

The current U.S. Defense budget is around $350 billion. Projected new expense for Home Land Defense is in the neighborhood of $100 billion. The PRC announced in March an increase of 18% in their defense spending, which the Pentagon report estimates at up to $80 billion. Remember that trade surplus that China enjoys with America?

While we are spending billions on finding the ‘bad guys’ in a defective game of  "Clue", the 'Brute from the East' is gaining strength and playing a gambit in their contest of chess.

The Global Times, a twice-weekly tabloid published by the Communist Party that focuses on international affairs, scoffed at the Pentagon report as "a wild guess and suspicion." "The people who wrote the report do not understand the real situation in China," the newspaper said. "Since September 11, Sino-US relations are stable. This is not what American hard-liners want to see. They fabricated a 'Chinese threat' before, and they're reiterating it now."

The Chinese calendar year 2002 is also called Black Horse year, which contains water and fire. They are opposites. The horse is the strongest fire element among 12 animals. The color RED represents fire. Water cannot extinguish fire all the time, because the earth and fire may let water disappear. Thus, when water and horse are together, the disputes and arguments are always there. How appropriate - a Communist eager for a dispute. Wonder just how may are within the Bush administration?

SARTRE - July 18, 2002

When you say that you agree to a thing in principle you mean that you have not the slightest intention of carrying it out in practice. - Otto von Bismarck

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