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True patriots we; for be it understood we left our country for our country's good.

George Barrington

Lamentation of an America Willing to Surrender

A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.
- Edward Abbey


All too often we hear of instances where loyal citizens of good character are willing to resign themselves to the latest indignity of the day. The examples are too many and far too frequent to even bother mentioning. We all have our own personal version of horror stories that strike a cord within us and may well affect our family. But all too often we shrug our shoulders and continue on with daily chores and activities. Getting involved with the political system is a prospect that frightens many, and is loathed by most of the rest.

So the net results of this abdication of responsibility is that those left to confront the institutions and bureaucracies of government are often the most lonely participants in this theater of life. There are many in the public that believe in the efficacious repute of civic programs and policies, but some of the rest of us conclude that a benign nature of government has long ago turned malignant. Our efforts to sound the alarm, provide factual evidence and appeal to the common sense of the masses, repeatedly go forth unheard.

Most people are uncomfortable in even discussing politics. Their consistent response is that nothing will change! Well; human nature doesn't alter, but circumstances vary all the time. In most cases, not to our benefit. For those who are willing to engage in debate, the social activist that generally steps forward are those who are seeking to change society. Progress for these types always adopts an intervention stance. More state involvement is seen as solutions to social ills. Seldom will they consider that the ubiquitous intrusion of more laws, regulations and taxes has bred a creature of monstrous proportions.

Now we have built a society where the majority is either employed, receiving some kind of government benefits or has retired under the custody of their 'Uncle Sam' patron protector. It is not surprising that we are forcibly contributing over half our income to pay for this spending spree. But what is astonishing is that so few are actively outraged over this transformation of America. A short forty years ago, the New and Fair Deal country didn't transcend into the Great Society. Now that mutation in traditional values has become the bedrock of self indulgence, as individual responsibility has become repulsive to this current victim culture.

Personal identity is seen as a venture in self esteem. Reasons for questionable conduct are pawned off on society, while additional assistance is demanded. The form of that support requires a payment much more valuable than money. Rights that were once universally held, are now suspect and are easily relinquished. The culture is distorted daily, with each new perversion becoming more accepted by greater numbers of the public. And if one calls attention to this decline, they are labeled a pessimist!

What is it within the current American culture that embraces this denial? The media has fabricated a celebrity worship mentality of reality that violates our own respect for ourselves. The extreme diversity in ethnic groups, saps mutual similarities. Few subclass cultures share any common bond with the entire society. Our language has been discarded, our laws are regularly ignored and our duty towards our Nation is now scorned. Most equate the Nation as being the Government, without any clue of the difference between the two. And as this soap opera acts out each day, the band just plays on . . .

The consequences for this acceptance of dependency is the irrevocable loss of LIBERTY. As long as the demands for more intervention into your circumstance is made, the less of your own life will remain. Why is this so difficult to understand for the social liberal? We all should seek social justice, but when did a government ever bestow fairness upon her people? When the disconnect between personal moral conduct is made and cries for civic justice is demanded, it is not out of the realm of reasonable expectation to have the public recognize this incongruity. Unfortunately, this state of anticipation is no longer warranted, with the reality of today's America.

This fight is a war. There are no noncombatants in this battle. Political Correctness has become 'TC'; Totalitarian Collectivism. The endangered species is the individual. The exterminator is your own government. And the cadaver is America herself. The most ruthless among us are bitten with the lust for power. They will forsake all normal personal rewards to serve this mistress. No bounds are beyond the scope or means, to gain and hold onto it. You are all that stand in the way of their goal. So why do you refuse to acknowledge your responsibility? And why have you lost your love for a Nation that deserves far greater affection? You have rendered her at death's door, and it is not the corrupt 'Mattoid' that caused this condition. No it is those who surrendered to the arduous struggle that is our mutual plight, that has beckoned this fate.

Will you change your conduct and enjoin the combat? Or will you just continue to relinquish your birth rights and keep paying tribute? Surprise me, prove me wrong!

SARTRE - July 5, 2001

The notion that a radical is one who hates his country is naive and usually idiotic. He is, more likely, one who likes his country more than the rest of us, and is thus more disturbed than the rest of us when he sees it debauched. He is not a bad citizen turning to crime; he is a good citizen driven to despair. - H.L. Mencken

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