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Expedients are for the hour, but principles are for the ages.

Henry Ward Beecher

The Republican Death Wish


When Nelson Rockefeller ruled New York like a personal estate in his South American holdings, residents of the Empire State resigned themselves to his liberal version of government. Who can forget the battles that were fought for the heart and soul of the Republican Party back in time when conventions were more than mere PR rhetoric? Lines were drawn and party loyalty took second seat to Ideology and Principle. For those within the broad Taft tradition, these were the good old days. So what causes the current generation of operatives to forget the reason that makes one become a Republican?

As with most mistakes that are continually repeated, people seldom learn the lessons from the past. Limited Government and Individual Liberty are the two fundamental tenants for the Grand Old Party. Forget the nuisance of Abraham Lincoln and his abuse of authority, and focus upon the reasons why America has failed in the last century. Reject the international subversion of Teddy Roosevelt, and concentrate on the proper role for government. And ignore the foolishness of Richard Nixon, and look at the betrayal of the meaning of being a Republican.

The foreign policies of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt adversely altered the complexion of America permanently. Their effect upon the expansion of central government can not be overstated. The implied acceptance of these abuses which were once benign neglect has evolved into the mortal sin of endorsement. The struggle for America is the same combat that resides within the Republican Party. Only a total victory is acceptable. If MacArthur would not accept a substitute, why should we? Then why is it permissible for the Republican Party to seek a compromise with the enemy?

The answer is very simple, while being unpleasant. The aspirants who cherish career over principle are all too often the advisors, fund raisers, operatives and candidates that concentrate on obtaining power at any cost. The moral high ground as the spokesman for the rights of the Individual always trumpet the 'so called' social justice of the Democrat agenda of diminished Liberty. When osmosis is practiced in the transfer of this social disease into the body politik, the end result is the desolation of the cause. The essential question for Republicans is what is more important. Perceived cooperation as a means to retain office or victory for the minds of the voter as path to meaningful reform?

Congress was won in 1994 because the message inspired hope with specific, detailed policy. The decline since that historic accomplishment is apparent. Its cause is even more obvious. No Leadership in the principles of reform . . . Adapting to the majority never took place. Aggressive attack upon the Liberal Philosophy and Policy, did not happen. And because of this abandonment of that which paved the way in ascendancy, produced the miserable record of late.

What is it within the mainstream of the Republican Party that it seeks to dislodge the very people that produced victory? The vast apathetic hordes of the American public desperately want to follow a serious change in the status quo. The reason that so many have dropped out of the process is because the nature of the Republicans resemble the mirror image of a Democrat, only in a better suit. As long as this condition continues, becoming the minority will become inevitable.

No one is naive to conclude that the juggernaut of the federal bureaucracy will be tamed with words. It will demand action to reduce the role of government intervention and programs. But where is that record of commitment to reduce budgets, eliminate departments, end programs and roll back involvement into our lives? Is the present career officeholder more concerned with their re-election and pension, than going into battle? Milquetoast acquiescence is a sure formula for the loss of the Republic.

Administrative style of the board room alienates the public. They know that they have no golden parachute and that they will be called upon to pay the freight for the privileged elites. Politics is more than photo sessions, images and poll results. At its heart is the ability to inspire, and to rally to a cause, the energies and dreams of the citizen. For that to happen; courage, vision and the will to slay the dragon of a corrupt and bankrupt 'Collectivist Ideology' must be demonstrated.

At this point the Republican Party has shown no sign of learning these lessons. Their failure to call Clinton's bluff on the government impasse, was not a hazardous shut down, but was the greatest opportunity to prove to the public just how well their lives would improve with the absence of all the bureaucrats. The loss of nerve, sealed the fate for decades of continued federal expansion. When Reagan set the tone during the PACO strike, a lid was placed upon unrestrained public greed. Where is that commitment now?

The youth face an employment future full of uncertainty in job stability. But they all know that they will be required to pay a much greater percentage of their income to support the enormous expansion in the role of government at all levels. That reality does not even consider the loss of their own ability to live the kind of free lives that previous generation of American took for granted. When will the Republican Party reverse their direction and take a stand? You are not better off without the Pat's, Buchanan and Robertson. You need the Ross Perots' the Howard Phillips' and the Harry Brown's. But more important you need 'Principles' to live by and, yes die for . . .

The way you are going, you are infected with melanoma of the spirit. If you refuse to confront your errors, your future will ensure a premature death. You are long overdue to meet your Existential destiny, and restore the reason why we were once called a Republican.

SARTRE - June 25, 2001

Principle, particularly moral principal, can never be a weathervane, spinning around this way and that with the shifting winds of expediency. Moral principle is a compass forever fixed and forever true. And that is as important in business as it is in the classroom.

Edward R. Lyman

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