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Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation.

C. Everett Koop

Who are the Teachers of 'Political Correctness'?

As our culture weaves into heightened orthodoxy of the Political Correctness version, we see the next generation as its greatest advocates. Why is this the case and who are to be blamed for teaching this falsehood of conformity? Of course there are many culprits; notably the media, the universities, the arts and movies and non profit activists. But there is one group that is most responsible for the religious evangelism of this 'PC' doctrine. Yes, those gangsters of thought control are the feminist mothers who are raising the Nation's children.

They can come in all shapes and sizes, colors and ethnicity, single or married; but all of them have one thing is common. They are believers in 'Feelings' over 'Reason'. The essence of the social relativists lore is emotional symbolism. Facts and empirical reality are foreign to this subcult. They deny rational arguments, ignore authentic premises, defy logical development and condemn any who disagree as heretics. They are "I Am Woman" and claim to be invincible, while using the most dubious methods of intellect.

Their patron saints are Gloria Steinmen, Eleanor Smeal and the original Communist herself, Betty Friedan. With the recent resignation of Patricia Ireland from N.O.W., isn't it time for the women in this country to exert some common sense and step forward with true feminist leadership? Defenders of womanhood are abundant. Phyllis Schlafly has carried the banner for decades. A new breed of heroin in the likes of Wendy McElroy from ifeminists.com has a message that confused single mothers, as well as, soccer moms should heed. And there are scores of others, who reject the Eleanor Clift's, the Ellen Ratner's and Margaret Carlson's of the world.

The sirens of perverted gender, find their most loyal followers among the ranks of unmarried mothers. These tragic cauldrons of self pity spend the majority of their time perfecting victim status and refining blame upon, what this sect declares to be male predators. No torment or punishment will be spared from the fathers of their children, since they are insensitive beasts and ruthless pillager's of feminine mystique. Why it has become a status badge of 'dishonor' to raise your offspring separate from the stabilizing and disciplined influence that a father brings to a family. These modern day Joan of Arc inspire their sisterhood to even greater sacrifices for 'the children'. Isn't protecting the kids from male domination the ultimate aspiration of the 'PC' crowd?

We are so equal, as long as we all become sensory batteries that store up compassion for every and all perversion. Familiar standards are always suspect, as long as they represent traditional values. Children are now taught that any behavior is OK, if it comports to socialist sharing and that we are all codependent in our need to feel equal. Let's just get along! While the men pay not only in tribute but in their emasculation at the hands of this misery ethos.

The demands placed upon the household become strained when dissension to this party line is challenged. The good of the family, takes second place when the cause is contested. When push comes to shove, the creed prevails.

Children are socialized into this congregation of feminism. Boys are programmed to alter their natural gender, and adopt situation emotions to fit the circumstance. Sensitivity is hailed as more valuable than Truth. And consistency is viewed as a bastion of male deception. Demands for public funds for aiding this cause becomes habitual. Understanding of the methods for creating wealth are discarded, since sufficient cash is available from government or from the barbarians that implanted the seed. Medical advancement is awaited when that nasty inconvenience can be eliminated and progeny will become a self engineered project.

Those who demand that they conquer the realm of commerce so often take the corporate route. Why risk personal capital, when society will open slots for increased numbers of the tender gender. Anyway, why not make those insensitive fathers forfeit those positions of authority? The children will understand . . . that you are no longer at home or have time for the maternal role. They have MTV, don't they!

Political Correctness is an extreme doctrine promoted by the disillusioned misspent. They seek to build self esteem, while destroying all aspects of their own self respect. Their new religion is a belief in a godless world. False Pride has always been the highest offense. 'PC' is based upon a mission to worship a fake lord. Teaching this apostasy of civilization to one's children is akin to feeding them poison that will destroy their mind and condemn their soul.

The progression of decline in the youth under such tutelage is inevitable. Society will pay a most heavy price for this abandonment of the traditional family and the respective roles of man and wife. Why is the outrage against this group of destroyers so mute? It is long over due running away from a fight. It is time to confront these vamps with all the courage and force of moral righteousness that is correctly ours. Getting along with the enemy is worse than sleeping with them. And that has but a finite delight.

My only wish is that all my fellow brothers will take charge of their bona fide role. Fathers Day was just celebrated, now start acting like head of the household. For my sisters, learn to respect your man and love your children, more than yourself and a false belief. I only hope that each of you will find the kind of partner in life that was my good fortune. Marriage works and in our child, is the proof that a relationship will always defeat the 'PC' culture.

SARTRE - June 18, 2001

Maternity is a matter of fact, paternity is a matter of opinion.

American Proverb

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