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If Thomas Jefferson thought taxation without representation was bad, he should see how it is with representation.

Rush Limbaugh

Taxes - the People and the Government

The reality of taxes is an axiom of life. In whatever form it takes or methods they are collected, the certainty that governments organize society and are financed to operate is one of those nasty truths that we all really hate to admit. It will be left for superior theorist to postulate worlds of more perfect designs, but for us mere mortals, we are faced with the pain of rendering our cupboards clear, all too often.

In order to understand the nature of this fact and the relationships among all parties, we need to develop and accept some basic principles. Each individual has natural rights and life has intrinsic value. If the veracity of these two truths are denied; intelligent discourse, let alone cooperative organization will be impossible. Most inquiry seeks to define the relationships between the person and the government, from an error in assumption. These positions attribute rights and privileges to society, separate from the source of conferred authority. Simply stated: "Consent is Necessary to Establish Legitimacy."

Creative thinking does not require that all society must be turned on its head. A little dose of common sense, can go a long way to clarify subtle distinctions and remove the false conclusions of inexactness. Therefore, let us apply some of the same standards in our daily life to the topic of taxes. We are all consumers of goods and services. The practical, prudent and frugal habits that we all employ in shopping at the super market are abandoned when we are assessed another charge from, one more governmental agency. How often is the levy challenged, not from the perspective that it is illegitimate, but from the standpoint that it is a bad value. If the tax payer would adopt the attitude of a consumer and the view the bureaucracy as a vender of service, that is being purchased by the individual, we may just be able to reconstruct a relationship that may solve problems!

Of course compliance with the threat of coercion is the method that government takes to procure tariffs. But the hidden and not always too abstruse motive of behavioral modification is the actual reason that taxes are disguised as deductions, inducements and incentives. The fallacy that underpins this approach, is that pro Statists, argue that government has a pre-existing claim against the wealth and property of the individual. The rightful principle is undeniable; government is NOT an owner of property, but is strictly a steward of the public trust. Government is not a creator of wealth, but an end user of public funds. It depletes resources that are produced from the labors, ingenuity and risk of the private sector.

The deed to land may have the name of a government jurisdiction on it, but it never earned the money from business commerce, to purchase the assets. This point is extremely crucial, because within a free enterprise system bureaucracy may control significant portions of the economy. It actually ends up competing against business, with the distinct advantage that the government entity is exempt from the very tax structure that funds their venture. Quasi state entities postulate themselves as fiefdoms of superior eminence, exempt from rules and regulations that are imposed upon the rest of society. Now is this a consumer partnership or what! How could people turn their back on their own self interest and routinely accept this condition as natural?

The rationalization, throughout all of history, is always; what can be done. The mere resignation of hopelessness, becomes the most lethal weapon of the plunders of YOUR wealth. Do you not care that you are subjected to insult and injury, and justify your docile demeanor as the practice of a loyal citizen? Or are you willing to open your mind to achieve even a modest degree of your own self respect?

Waste and inefficiency within any organization is proportional to the lack of competition that it receives. Mismanagement and indifferent performance becomes institutionalized. Where government agencies are concerned, the notion that a different and potentially a better way could be found, to provide their function is incomprehensible. Well, within that smugness lies the formula for major reform. But this redress requires your demand of value for money spent.

If you continue to allow excessive expenditures and fraud to continue, and accept this as the inherent condition, you are willingly inviting your own servitude. How many of you would allow yourself to be treated like that when buying a car or the gasoline to run it? You bargain don't you? So why is it any different when it comes to your representatives and officials? If you are unwilling to confront them personally, you acknowledge that their false claim upon you is acceptable. Their claim will still be invalid, even though you bow to their demands. Just the kind of example to set for 'the children' . . .

Public funds should be raised for functions that are essential, vast in scope and unable to be accomplished efficiently and realistically, within the private sector. The goal is for limited government and services at a minimal level, that a straight consumption tax, across the board; will finance the necessary services. NO EXCEPTIONS, for anyone or any entity, and that includes government bureaucracies themselves. The reality that monies from profits derived from commerce, needs to be emphasized as the source of tax revenue. The cost to government needs to be real, and have a penalty to those who administer programs, when waste is routinely ignored.

When you get serious about the way your own money is squandered, maybe you will demand value from your taxes. Teach the hired help that it is YOUR money and THEY work for you! If you are unwilling to become a wise taxpayer/consumer, you deserve to be ripped off. Gee, isn't that exactly the spot you find yourselves? Force a little competition into the equation, it keeps everyone honest.

SARTRE - June 10, 2001

The taxpayer; that's someone who works for the federal government, but doesn't have to take a civil service examination.

Ronald Reagan

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