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" . . . what is government itself but the greatest of all reflections on human nature?" 
 James Madison - Federalist No. 51

Ten Points for Sensible Government


Prohibited Role

Rejection of the public welfare clause role for federal government.

Renounce ideal of career public service.

Limited powers for a central government.

Active Role

Confederation of States - focus given to Amendment X of Bill of Rights.

Plain reading and intent of Constitution, and Original Ten Amendments, the Eleventh and only Section 1 of the Thirteenth

Decentralization = Freedom and Liberty.


Prohibited Role

Part time sessions.

No pension or benefits.

Permanent resignation for attorneys as condition to enter legislature.

Breakup of the two national political party monopoly.

Only registered voters can contribute to candidates from within their own districts.

Active Role

Election standards for citizens age, government knowledge test, property requirement, determined by each State - No federal standard.

Senate selected by State Legislatures.

House selected by popular vote from district.

Free public access media for all candidates and campaigns.

Encourage multiple state parties.



Represent State constituency.

Balance and approve budgets.

Review laws at sunset term.

Limited on new legislation.

Confirm appointees.

Consent and consult on war powers.

Conduct impeachment trials.

One two year term for the House.

One four year term for the Senate.

Prohibited Role

Renounce public welfare clause.

Void interstate commerce authority.

Eliminate federal government licensing.

Ban off line budgets and "pork" bills for districts.

Do away with most departments and cabinet positions.

Abolish and ban all federal government pensions.

Limit federal employment to ten years.

Abolish the IRS and all progressive income and inheritance taxes.

Eliminate the Federal Reserve and repeal all legal tender laws.

No federal chartered banks.

Active Role

Sunset term on all Federal laws.

Convert Social Security to private coverage and a voluntary investment annuity.

Medicare & Medicaid health care to be phased out into private insurance.

Private ownership of Federal property returned to their respective States.

Return coinage to hard dollar species under Congress. 

Administer national standard weights and measures.

Rules of Congress require timely votes on all appointments and bills.

All laws apply to legislators and every government official.

Balanced budget requirements - new debt serviced and paid by and with approval from States.



National spokesman.

Diplomatic ambassador.

Budget requests.

Commander and chief.

Negotiator and mediator among State interests.

Promoter and protector of Liberty.

One term chosen by electoral college.

Prohibited Role

Limited areas of jurisdiction and weaken powers for administration. 

Permanent ban on lobby functions for any former government employee.

No pensions for public servants.

Bid contracts administered by States from local companies. 

Eliminate liability waiver on all government personnel and agencies.

Agriculture, Labor, HHS, HUD, Energy administration revert to each State for their consideration and management.

Abolish all Independent Establishments and Government Corporations - eg. FEMA and Boards, Commissions, and Committees.

Active Role

Reduction in bureaucracy to essential services.

Treasury to administer clearing house function, coinage, and debt reduction, excise tax collection and coordination with States on consumption taxes.

DoJ greatly downsized in authority, role and scale, FBI placed under Defense Department.

Loyalty oaths to the restored Constitution for Federal employees.

Limit Quasi-Official Agencies and place under Interior and Transportation Department with reduced authority, functions and size.



Adjudicate Federal issues on strict requirements and limits of the Constitution.

Judges selection from non lawyer profession.

One ten year term nominated by the governor upon vacancy for their State.

Prohibited Role

Federal courts lose power for Constitutional Review.

Case law precedent requirement abrogated.

Federal law violations to be heard by State courts.

Supreme Court function restricted to federal appeals.

Active Role

Arbitration of conflicts among government entities.

Jurists to receive timely up or down vote on confirmation by Congress.

Civil penalties for most non-violent federal crimes.

Adjudicate criminal proceedings for federal officials.

Law decisions consistent with Ten Commandments.

Right of free association and property rights re-established.


Prohibited Role

Free Enterprise means no protected monopolies or subsidies personal or corporate franchise.

No tax exempt bonds.

No tax exempt status for any charities or non-profit organization.

Reject professional licenses.

Eliminate all exemptions and write off on corporate business.

National ban on futures, options, derivatives and short selling.

Withdraw from NAFTA and WTO.

Active Role

Only consumption and excise taxes.

Excise tax on imports.

States freed to open up US industry domestic jobs as America rebuilds.

Commerce fostered with Fair trade with all nations.

Encourage return of management control to share owners.

Equity markets will operate under each State.

Reopen access to capital to entrepreneurs and encourage competition.

Privatize entire postal service.

Promote tax haven status to the world economy.


Prohibited Role

No federal constraints on general interstate commerce.

No regulation or funding on any level of Education.

No special treatment of NGO’s or charities.

Public saftey strictly limited to the most basic functions.

Phase out for elimination of federal regulatory agencies.

Active Role

Public airwaves access for media authorization temporary.

Diverse financial markets under jurisdiction of each State.

Prevention from concentration of economic control - encourage vigorous competition.


Prohibited Role

Reject NWO and world government courts and agencies.

Eliminate all foreign aid.

Reject policeman role and superpower status.

Withdraw from alliances with mutual defense treaties.

Leave the UN.

Active Role

America First policies.

Neutrality in world affairs.

State Department loyalty oath under penalty of treason, open recruitment, short careers.

Treaties review and renewal.

Strict immigration requirements.

Cordial diplomatic and trade relations with nations.


Prohibited Role

Congress must approve ANY military deployment stay outside US, over one week.

Reduced role in offensive capability.

Limited tenure for all Intelligence Community personnel.

Strict accountability to Congress.

Veterans programs phrased out.

Active Role

Mission is defense only of American soil.

Open budgets and costs for 'black programs'.

Promote an armed citizenry.

Civil defense a military function.

Strengthen Posse Comitatus while exempting military for security mission on borders.

Enlarge role of state militias.

Only voluntary and shorten career service.

Intelligence Community, FBI and Secret Service placed under the Defense Department.


Prohibited Role

Union is a voluntary confederation - fear tyranny of a Federal master.

A weak central government is beneficial to a free nation.

Central bureaucracy to be subject and limited to only basic functions.

No political class of government check recipients.

Active Role

Religious nation endeavor with Natural Rights of all citizens.

Freedom for religion, not freedom from religion.

Recognize right of State secession and sovereignty superior to a Union.

Willful consent of citizens required - the individual is supreme.

Public officials work for the citizen.

Public service is just that - no personal benefit from the service rendered to the People.


Take your best shot at SARTRE

Those of you who want answers, here they are . . . Now before you send your comments, answer our poll. Your main objection will say it’s just not possible! Consider why you will arrive at that conclusion? Is it because you disagree or disapprove with the specifics? Or is it because you are one of those practical guys?

Maybe you have a vested interest in keeping this sick status quo alive? Or maybe it is because you are unwilling to rock the boat? Could it be that you are one of those recipients of government checks? Or is it that you are one of those loyal Americans that we keep hearing about?

Those answers don’t wash! Only a hypocrite would answer that all is well in the land of the Free. The forces that possess the power to enslave you will never reform their State. And if you are unwilling to tame the Federal Government monster, just what kind of citizen are you? Those who make every excuse under the sun to "go along to get along", deserve the fate of a captive serf. So what will it be - some serious reflection or just more of the same - business as usual?

Is an American Republic worth fighting for or are you so far deluded that only the company of other sheeple like yourselves will make you feel good? Do something to make the Ten Points reality, or just move aside and shut up. America does not need your version of citizenship . . .

Take the Ten Points POLL

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"We have met the enemy, and he is us."
Eternal Vigilante

Tyranny is yielding to the lust of the governing.
Lord Moulton

I am not a friend to a very energetic government. It is always oppressive.
- Thomas Jefferson

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