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All this talk about equality. The only thing people really have in common is that they are all going to die.

Bob Dylan

Discrimination as a Virtue

It has become an article of faith that discrimination is a concept that is socially unacceptable. The proponents of the 'TC' culture have deemed any practitioner of this trait as a social leper. We are told that any exercise of prejudice is wrong and must be condemned. Universal brotherhood is lauded as the goal for behavior and intolerance is damned in all forms. Any sober critique of society and student of history will be amused with such assessments. The ultimate purpose of 'Social Justice', we are told, is the underlying reason for the eradication of discrimination. But what is the record of this trek for universal equality and ubiquitous acceptance of every position and person?

Motives, in the name of fairness, has codified practices of coercive conformity as our common culture. When 'TC' is used to describe the current condition, Totalitarian Collectivism is the result. We know countless examples of forced acceptance, but few are willing to challenge the basis upon which these practices claim to derive their justification.

For those who have minds to think and the courage to ask, is this the natural order of human behavior? And even more important, should we really aspire to rid ourselves from all vestiges of discrimination? Civilization emerged from the chaos of continual conflict, because sensible members of the populace desired to rise above the savage practices that might makes right. Standards emerged for minimum levels of conduct, and penalties for violations were instituted. Most will acknowledge that the overall objective for this method of improving human behavior is noble, even if success has been sparse and infrequent.

The ability to distinguish and to make distinctions is at the root of creating standards of moral principles. Simply put, some actions are proper and ethical, while others are corrupt and depraved by nature. Discrimination is the capacity to retain your own values and practices. Within its intrinsic function, is the natural right to accept or reject the culture that prevails, or substitute the customs that deem to be worthy principles that benefit yourself and society. People are DIFFERENT. That is a fact and truth that is undeniable. Only the idiot will claim that a merging of the social order into a communal ethos is normal and inevitable.

But we live in an era that has deemed this fallacious notion, of political correctness, to be the ultimate demeanor. Legislation for the last forty years has consistently fostered sanctions against the inherent desire to seek your own kind. Whether in housing, business or social contact, people indubitably search out people who have common aspirations, inclinations and qualities. This is the inborn order of life. Denunciation of discrimination is akin to negating man's nature. When social progressives conduct a crusade to remold public behavior, they originate and foster the most hostile and hideous compulsive coercive compliance, that destroys their stated goal of 'Social Justice'.

Discrimination has been characterized as racism. Quite to the contrary, discrimination is an ally in the struggle to end bigotry and injustice. When Liberty is suppressed in a quest for equality; hatred and revulsion breeds, for different groups, cultures and ideologies. All attempts to force equal treatment is futile, even when severe penalties are imposed.

Affirmative action, housing and employment policies designed to open society to varied groups, have become the rightful source of resentment and loathing from those who have been labeled as intolerant perpetrators of their own self interest. Expecting willful acceptance of the destruction of our standards and values is absurd. Efforts to inflict a sense of guilt upon a culture of independence and self reliance, for the promotion of mediocrity and social welfare; based upon reverse prejudices is suicidal. 'TC' is the true enemy of 'Social Justice'.

Equality before the law is valid and deserves adherence. But when the law is designed and administered to foster repression, theft and tyranny; while claiming liberal toleration and compassion, it loses its legitimacy. Society is at war with itself. And the law has been used to advance this decay in the name of impelled equity. Where is the fairness in the destruction of our Rights for personal selection? Our duty is to protect and preserve our heritage of individual freedom. Today the social manipulator in secular humanism denies our ability to live our values and is bent upon the total elimination of our culture.

Discrimination in the Defense of Virtue is our RIGHT. Barry Goldwater said it best, but read the entire quote: " I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue. "

In order to accomplish the 'Social Justice' that is desirable for all, we must restore individual LIBERTY. The destruction of freedom to realize a false equality is tyranny. Our energy for justice needs to be as strong as that for freedom. But when 'TC' elements impose their will upon the true defenders of this Republic, you have the duty to resist their blueprint for enslavement.

All people are NOT equal. Equality in the law of individual protections is our mutual standard. But when laws are passed that attempt to legislature the denial of human nature, we must oppose their policies. If you are unable to understand this right, your sympathy lies with the 'TC'. My lawful and legitimate claim is real and proper. The distinction that I assert, warrants contempt against the forces of despotism. The discrimination that I retain, seeks to separate from their ranks. And the sincere tolerance that I gladly extend, is available when you demonstrate the same ability for my culture. The preeminent Virtue is respect for others, and I need not have repressive laws dictating its meaning.

SARTRE - June 5, 2001

Barry Goldwater 1964 Acceptance Speech

The following is the text of Barry Goldwater's 1964 speech at the 28th Republican National Convention, accepting the nomination for president. Provided by the Arizona Historical Foundation.

Prosperity or egalitarianism -- you have to choose. I favor freedom -- you never achieve real equality anyway: you simply sacrifice prosperity for an illusion.

Mario Vargas Llosa

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