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Ritual will always mean throwing away something: destroying our corn or wine upon the altar of our gods.
Gilbert K. Chesterton

The Middle East Quagmire


Every since the schism between Ishmael and Isaac, continuous conflict has wreaked the land of Abraham. Few topics have inspired more comments and attention. Countless of the world's greatest scholars, to the most militant fanatics, have struggled over the essence of a birth right. The promise made to Abraham is the cardinal covenant. The extension in lineage to the descendants of Issac, is key in understanding the fulfillment of that bond. Most conclude that the line is clearly established and that the inhabitants of Israel are his progeny. But not all share that view. The mere fact that this crucial element is in dispute by a few, means that the acknowledgment of the many will be challenged.

This debate will be left for another time, but it illustrates that acceptance for a primary claim, to the 'Promise Land', is not held by all. Since the Tower of Babel, acrimony has been the norm of conduct. But this bitterness has developed into a hatred that is so deep and intense, that attempts to overcome this blood feud of all times, is futile.

The lesson for sincere and clear thinking observers is that this conflict has no solution. This conclusion is unsettling to a large part of the world community. Institutions and governments refuse to admit that their powers of influence are ineffectual in this struggle. Entire foreign policies of several nations are based upon mitigating, if not resolving this discord. The political capital that has been spent in this pursuit, has never been left lacking. Progress has been measured in hairs that have been split into sections. Aid has been contributed in the hope for peace, while the rocks and bullets continue to be traded.

Into this impasse, America acts as a less than objective arbitrator. Domestic influences and considerations hardly need to be mentioned. All that needs to be said is that the Washington political establishment, reflects an agenda closer to the Knesset, than that of the Continental Congress. The question that is seldom posed, must ask: "Where is the benefit to America, within this foreign policy?"

We all can easily see the reasons why this policy exists. But where is the evidence that it works to better us and protects our country? The record, clearly shows a pattern that an acceleration of terrorism potential on our own shores, grows from our senseless and ill served intervention, into a brawl that belongs outside our neighborhood. Those who will counter that America must arbitrate every strife or police every hostility, are enablers of future destruction in our own country. The price that is paid by earning the animosity and hatred abroad, is far greater then the ruble of twin towers. The loss of our precious freedoms is the real toll that we all pay, because the foreign policy of internationalists advance only the interests of the few, while placing all of us, and our families; at risk.

We don't have a dog in this fight! Some may confuse their loyalties, but no dual sentiments need enter this equation. For those who are inflicted with this perplexity, your devotion to America is not equal to your influence over her policies. We may differ on the name of our Messiah, but we both adorn the same Yahweh. Why won't you serve the interests of your country, AMERICA, in the same manner?

As for the Fatah and Tanzim, and their sympathizers; the people of America are not your enemy, any more than you are our allies. Your disdain for U.S. intervention is valid and understood, but why should we pony up even more tribute to fuel this vendetta? Were is it in American interest to raise your yearly subsidy, at our cost? All we received from Jimmy Carter's infamous peace, was another drain on our treasury. False, while noble sentiments; in the face of stark and perpetual malice, breeds contempt. The mediator that attempts to buy a peace, when none is possible, finances the weapons for further and future clashes.

Those who accept that peace is possible, reject their religious prophecy. So for the unbelievers, the test will remain simple. Unless the citizens of America derive added security and friendship, we have no interest in involving ourselves into a futile and insoluble battle. For in so doing, American blood will be shed, once again; needlessly. The United State has no allies, only interests. But our foreign policy serves groups and factions that view the real America, as an impediment towards their world view. They control the power buttons that wastefully commit our resources and diminish our independence.

Allowing Israel a veto in our affairs is ludicrous. Acceptance as a target for Arab terror, because of that Zionist influence, is suicidal. America has become; the client state, in this theater of the absurd. Arafat's rejection of the last settlement negotiations has sealed the fate for this region. Why are any of you surprised or alarmed? It has all been foretold, and the developments are progressing to their final resolution. Until that time, why does America wish to become a collateral causality? No Patriot missile system will protect us from the coming shots. Peril is of our own making. The hazards of retribution can be averted by a foreign policy of neutrality.

Isn't it time to put the interests of your family, neighbors and community, above the zealotry of doubtful jingoist? It should be easy to identify the authentic Patriots in this choir. For they sure don't worship at the chapel, temple or mosque of the State Department. Armageddon can't be canceled by a UN resolution. Peace at any price is hollow as much as fleeting. The tale of history is known by many, but understood by so few. Let the sons of Abraham settle their family quarrel without the interference or involvement of meddling spectators. And if they cannot resolve their disagreement, we should not play Solomon . . . Our American tradition defers to a higher power.

SARTRE - May 23, 2001

There is no question but that if Jesus Christ, or a great prophet from another religion, were to come back today, he would find it virtually impossible to convince anyone of his credentials despite the fact that the vast evangelical machine on American television is predicated on His imminent return among us sinners.
Peter Ustinov

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