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Wickedness is always easier than virtue, for it takes a short cut to everything.
Samuel Johnson

The Worst Came Before and After

The rarefied air in the Himalayas are overcome by Sherpas without using oxygen. For the rest of us, we need that breath of pure air to survive. Diane Alden has always provided that lift. So it is a very unusual occasion that her essay, The Worst Generation Ever, demonstrates that a hit of ozone may be in order. Not to be taken straight, but just a little added to the debate to freshen and clear the atmosphere.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I was one of those idealist and romantics who differ with your experience in that I am a Conscientious Objector, argued on the selected war basis. But my faith and love was never placed in the leaders of the sixties but in the Founding Fathers who sacrificed and risked all they had to create a Nation of vision and hope.

The Robert Strange McNamara's and Henry Kissinger's are amoral men who dealt out schemes and policies that bear the direct responsibility for untold carnage and evil. Our generation rebelled against this institutionalized criminal system. What is missed by most of the critics of the campus activist era is that the most sincere and committed resistors were motivated to correct the system that had gone astray. Their goal was to restore America to her glory and decency. The cancer that took over her body politick not only debilitated her functions but was destroying her soul.

No defense is offered for those who betrayed this crusade. Each generation elevates their most incompetent and dishonest to the highest positions. That's the nature of survival in a bureaucracy! Only those who can tolerate insanity will build careers within the houses of governmental idiocy. This province has become the preview of the 'Mattoid', those who seek control of the entire society and over all its people. The worst of the worst was William Jefferson Clinton, in my generation. But an earlier era produced their own in Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Another commonly accepted error is the conclusion that the student activists were all champions of Socialism and continue to this day. Quite the contrary! Within the 'Fly Over County' where most of us reside, we have become the pillars of the communities, where life is worth living. Social relativism is not our standard. We recognize that situations ethics is the prevue of the elite who are the fabricators of cultural genocide. But this value norm was the development of our teachers, who instructed us in the asinine techniques of personal rationalization. Many of us contested that kind of justification, which was used to endorse the policies of political autocrats.

For those who served in Viet Nam, few believed in the stated reasons for that cause at the end of their tour of duty. Those who arrived with pride and eagerness, came back with disillusion and despair. They are not to be condemned for this metamorphic, for they were the one's who were betrayed. We on the home front did our best to reinstate sobriety in policy, that a cabal of lunatics created. Those who argued the case that the domino theory would expand Communism, failed to understand their geography. Yes, the US lost the war in Southeast Asia, but the 'Collectivists' that took over Saigon are the same kind of maniacs that occupy K Street. The Beltway was and still is the heart of the beast. For those of us who refused to kill for 'Murder Incorporated', knew that the real enemy was in DC.

The military tradition is one of courage, dignity and honor. America fought only three wars that can be justified. The American Revolution for our creation, The War of 1812 as we were invaded by the British and The War for Southern Secession which was the beginning of the end for our Republic, with Mr Lincoln's treason. Men of honor are to be revered, but fools who serve tyrants are to be despised. Viet Nam produced several officers in the latter category. It was the draftee that understood the absurdity of no win strategy. It was they who knew that their greatest threat was back in the Pentagon, in the halls of Congress and especially in the White House. So let us tell it the way it really was and still is.

The war that needed to be fought and still does, is against the real enemy of America. America is NOT the government. It is the spirit of her promise that resides in her people. The ruling class is an oligarchy for the benefit of the plutocrats. So you say that my generation hated virtues and ethics? Well, I must part company on this point. We resisted the corruption and stood square against the despot, in the face of their guns. The yuppie greed of the eighties and nineties solely sought material avarice. They perfected the decadence that now holds our culture hostage. Our fathers generation fought in the fields of Europe and on the beaches in the Pacific for a false belief that they were protecting the American way of life. Both of these generations accepted the big lie. The most recent being, that all that matters is myself and personal satisfaction. The former, that sacrifice was necessary to protect our shared values. In both cases the principles of America were the victim of these charades.

If the salvation of this nation rest upon my generation ending up in the boneyard, just who has the courage and fortitude to carry the battle to the enemy? Tom Brokaw's heroes adored FDR and cashed checks. Such love never before known, for their grandchildren. Generation X demands more benefits as their right, for guaranteed fulfillment. A multicultural paradise where all are equal and every conduct is as good as the next. Surely, you could not conclude that this current crop of demagogues who run the Corporate/State are our mutual salvation? So why do you reject that the only generation that truly believed in more than themselves is your foe? We may have attended Woodstock, but some of us just drank beer. We may have listened to Led Zeppelin, but we only wanted our stairway to heaven to lead to the true America.

The question for Mr Kerry is why he did not lead his seal team on the mission that never was! The search and destroy sortie for the Mattoids that are the real enemy of our beloved Nation. He failed in that task, and in the process, became one of them. That is the crime he committed. And all the melodies of the Kingston Trio will not absolve that ballad of the depraved, nor will the healing skill of Tom Dooley cure the damage that he and those like him, have done.

SARTRE - May 12, 2001

The principles which men give to themselves end by overwhelming their noblest intentions.
Albert Camus

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