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Half the American population no longer reads newspapers: plainly, they are the clever half. - Gore Vidal

A Rare Insight into How World Opinion is Shaped

Most people consider their views their own. But every now or then, circumstances arise to uncover that the public is presented with a viewpoint that seems to be universally accepted. Surely, it must be correct - the whole world is speaking with the same voice! But do the facts reflect the message?

If Americans wish to truly understand world opinion, they need to delve into the realm of the foreign press. Images move emotions, while the written word shapes the prejudices. Current events are written about for one primary reason, to define the meaning of the event. Only the highly motivated and the most inquiring minds will investigate the facts for themselves. The majority will read the headlines, the leads and that is usually enough for them. The legendary "Fleet Street" is still the master of the composed attack.


The question for every thinking and responsible person, rests upon their duty to assess and arrive at their own critical conclusions. Enter the ignominious figure, Jean-Marie Le Pen, who has been molded into a virtual caricature. Most might say who, a French politician? Who cares . . . Well the power elites of world opinion care about what you will think about this man and are quite willing to explain to you what that impression should be.

From the Sun, UK most read tabloid: "FRANCE erupted in anger and shame yesterday as it woke up to the appalling truth that it had voted a Far Right extremist into the final round of its presidential elections."

The Mirror - newspaper of the year, leads with: NON, NON, NON "Vital for future of Europe that Le Pen loses, says Cook: 10,000 riot in Paris over election that 'shames France."

The venerable Times adds there high brow twist: "BRITAIN's political leaders will hold emergency discussions today to decide how to fight right-wing extremists seeking to emulate the success of Jean-Marie Le Pen in France."

Next the Guardian byline says it all: 'We are afraid. France is finished'

While the solution is offered by the Independent"Almost all political forces in France closed ranks yesterday to appeal for a crushing rejection of Jean-Marie Le Pen and the far right in the second round of the French presidential elections a week on Sunday."

By now the reader believes prophecy - the anti Christ is really a French politician! But he is no ordinary pol, for he is a Right wing extremist with a dark past and hateful bigotry. And what is his cardinal sin? No it’s not the one you are told to accept, those remarks about the Holocaust being a "detail of history". It is his intention to shake the power structure to its very core. Jean-Marie Le Pen says he will guide France out of the EU if he is elected president. He says he is the candidate of the French people and they voted for him to overturn the political system.

Make no mistake about this man. The reason for the real animosity from the world press is his policies and ultimate confrontation with the Globalists plan for their NWO. The details of his proposed actions will never be objectively discussed in the press or media. His most vocal issue - the immigration invasion in France can never be faced, because the same destructive practices apply to the UK and most of the other EU countries. But you don't have to accept another second hand account of the policies from the Front National  for there is a readable version on their web site. (select and click on the link for english)

If that is too much work, you can consider the essay: LE PEN'S VICTORY AND HIS TWO LESSONS by Paul Fallavollita.


The intent of this article is to invoke your individual curiosity and appeal to your good sense to delve deeper, beyond the manufactured news reports. Lock step propaganda never serves the interest of the public. Bias in the international press is just as prevalent as that in domestic papers. But one should never underestimate the influence of the foreign media in the eye of most of the world’s population. The UK reporting is just one example. Check out for yourselves the scope of opinions and the credibility that they deserve. Haaretz has a recent account - Le Pen ultimate by Adar Primor, that is worth a look. 

So how should we view "The earthquake in France" ? Pat Buchanan seems to sum up the significance, quite well: "The vision of the Davos internationalists and globalists for thickening and growing the European Union into a world government has been brutally set back. Patriots, traditionalists, conservatives and nationalists everywhere cannot but welcome the presence of a militant movement in France that is anti-globalist and anti-EU."

If this assessment is inaccurate, why are all the press reports so fearful that an alternative might emerge to the established and ordained politically acceptable candidates? They know well the reason for their dismay. When will you seek out those politicians that oppose rule by an international elite? Who will you believe, the newsmen and their media cousins - or are you daring enough to ask the questions you will never read or see in mainstream journalism?

SARTRE - April 23, 2002

The truth seems to be that propaganda on its own cannot force its way into unwilling minds; neither can it inculcate something wholly new; nor can it keep people persuaded once they have ceased to believe. It penetrates into minds already open, and rather than instill opinion it articulates and justifies opinions already present in the minds of its recipients. - Eric Hoffer

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