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Sex lies at the root of life, and we can never learn to reverence life until we know how to understand sex. 
Havelock Ellis

Remembering the Dead

The ceremonies to commemorate those slain at the Oklahoma City bombing was aired on the news networks. It would be difficult for any moral thinking person not to share in the pain and agony for the families who lost loved ones. Murder is a tragic theft from the living. And the sorrow for those who are no longer with us is a loss that strangers seldom can know. The culture has an intimate way of bring the viewer into the grieving family. We are shown vivid images of the consequences of hateful crimes. Society as a whole identifies with this collective anguish, and we all pray that it won't happen again. Well sadly, the public misses the connection to the moral decay that has betaken America.

Life is sacred in all cases, but this imperative has been diluted into accepting relative conditions for earning our sympathy. What is the intrinsic basis for elevating the deceased from Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, to that status of a National entombment? Just what makes this loss of life any more tragic that the rabid killings that are reported on the news each day? Surely, it can't be the number total, nor the age of so many of the children? From what we can conclude about the current condition of the national psyche, it would seem that this outrage standing, stems from a collective affront to the objection that America is still a land of noble people. McVeigh's assault was not upon those in that building alone. His involvement was designed to inflict a far greater casualty count. The collateral damage extends throughout the entire society, for those who continue to face their fears, now know that they will never be as safe as they once thought.

That's the popular version of the significance of this kind of terror. Nevertheless, a far different twist may explain more profoundly the underlying reason that the public reacts so intensively to managed images of suffering. Few would accept that they bear any responsibility for the actions of a disgruntled insurgent. When loss of life becomes viewed as a necessary cost for social change, the outcome will most often be tragic. Condemnation for such tactics is universally heard. But when a society turns their eyes away from 'Social Justice', a deep seeded festering will grow within the bellies of those who are disenfranchised. Why are people surprised when deaths become the end result? Is this not a society, that now accepts the deaths of millions of unborn each year? How is the loss of their lives any different from the shattered bodies of the carnage from the Federal Building?

Some will say that abortion can not be compared to the premeditated murder of fellow citizens! Sorry, this kind of disconnect is at the heart of the cultural malaise that inflicts our country. When people take it upon themselves to decide which life has value and which are expendable, you will suffer the continual interment of the Nation's soul. Those who seek to absolve themselves from their own capability are in denial of their responsibilities. The termination of life is final, whether it is an innocent child in a day care center or an even more defenseless life in the womb. The guilt for a terrorist act is judged to be born by the militant. Then by what distortion of intellect, can one rationalize that snuffling out the existence of a living infant is anything other than an attack on the collective society? In an age when few accept accountability for their own actions, we shed endless tears for the one hundred and sixty eight, but little to nothing for the millions. The numbers don't make the toll any more horrible. Each individual should be honored and remembered. The grave dissimulation stems from the hypocrisy of the murderers . . .

How easy it has become to wear your remorse on your sleeve, as long as it is seen by others, and not meant for yourselves! The shame for your own action is ignored and your regret is transferred into a rage for the most visible criminal. Annihilation for society is assigned to those who are condemned by the public consensus, while you claim the right to murder your own flesh. The offense that our mutual society bears, is that we are seldom affected by this government condoned slaughter. Most avoid the central issue of the existence of life, within the unborn. 'So Called' Rights, of the strong over the life of the weak, is a poor substitute for forging a loyal acceptance of the legitimacy for society. The emotion that is stirred by self deception is destructive to the 'common good'. No other example can illustrate the decay in America as much as the willingness to accept state sanctioned murder, as practiced by the willing procreators. Is this not a crime just as great as that of the devastation in Oklahoma City?

As our sympathy is once again extended to the loved ones of the slain, let us expand that grief to include those who we never saw their faces. They did not have a ceremony where their names were read aloud, nor do they get the attention of the media exposure. But they die a silent death, just the same. And in one respect they are betrayed far worse, for they never knew the love of their own flesh. In this regard, McVeigh was more the soldier, than the genocide practitioners. If you sincerely long for an end to the continuous annihilation, restore 'Social Justice' back into our society. The terror you may well help prevent, could just stop the next psychopath, acting out desperate urges for vengeance. It all starts within your own home.

SARTRE - April 20, 2001

When life demands more of people than they demand of life - as is ordinarily the case - what results is a resentment of life almost as deep - seated as the fear of death.

Tom Robbins

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