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Never befriend the oppressed unless you are prepared to take on the oppressor. - Ogden Nash

There Is No Conspiracy - Only Official Policy


Recent events out of Venezuela are disquieting. For world travelers who's closest contact with the south continent are holidays in Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao - just what is all the commotion about, in this often ignored country? If it wasn't for the oil, hardly a person would turn a page to read the accounts.

The ousting of President Hugo Chavez is not a great surprise. Just business as usual for that part of the hemisphere. But what a shock to see the will of the 'people' express itself with his return to power! Or is that the whole story? As this episode unfolds, what can we reasonably conclude?

Review the sources and ask your own questions.  From Narco News:  President Hugo Chavez, elected in 1998 and 2000 by landslide margins, was placed under arrest and his held in a military prison. Reuters reports: Fiery Venezuelan populist Hugo Chavez returned to the presidency . . .  ousting interim President Pedro Carmona to resign. Next MSNBC runs with: U.S. officials held meetings over the past few months with members of Venezuela's opposition, but it denied encouraging last weekend's abortive coup against President Hugo Chavez.

But what is the real story? Could this quote from the New York Times reveal a darker side? "Venezuelan democracy is no longer threatened by a would-be dictator...[because] the military intervened and handed power to a respected business leader."

An account from  CHÁVEZ COMEBACK EXPOSES U.S. GOVERNMENT & MEDIA LIES By D. Baatar, Jared Israel, Nestor Gorojovsky & Nico Varkevisser, provides an insight that just might not conform to the Old Grey Lady's motto "All the News That's Fit to Print."

Hugo Chavez campaigned in Venezuela before winning vote

This next account - Venezuela: Not a Banana-Oil Republic after All, was published from one of those anti NWO sites. But we all know, you can't trust the rants of the Left, so how about this summary from the respected  STRATFOR - Venezuela: Rumored U.S. Involvement Could Hurt Bush Administration.

 “Human intelligence sources in Venezuela and Washington told STRATFOR April 14 that the Central Intelligence Agency and the U.S. State Department may have been involved separately in the events that took place in Caracas between April 5 and April 13. If the information is correct, the reinstatement of President Hugo Chavez less than 48 hours after he was toppled by a civilian-military coup could have disastrous implications for the Bush administration's policy in Latin America.”

Not to be outdone the Washington Post, sets the record straight - Chavez Reclaims Power in Venezuela

By now your eyes are glazing over. You are asking yourself, what does all this mean? Well after considering all the above this Narco News White Paper - Three Days that Shook the Media, put it all into perspective.

Let's look at the big picture. Americans often ignore what goes on south of the border. But we are at the brink of passing the Free Trade Zone of the Americas. Do we really want a Western Hemisphere version of the European Union? H.R. 3005 will move us one more step closer to rule under the WTO. The United States will be subject to international sanctions, as a way of life.

The Chavez  turmoil many not seem important to most Americans. But it illustrates how the real world operates. It also speaks volumes of the bias and agenda in reporting that most people rely upon to explain world events. Was the Chavez coup a failed attempt to install an approved IMF corporate government? Consider this answer by Greg Palast, a journalist for BBC and the Observer - aired on the Alex Jones Radio Show, March 4, 2002. Yes, over a month before the Coup d'etat attempt . . .

From a conversation with President Chavez, attributed by Mr Palast:

"What they said was here you've got an elected president of the government and the IMF has announced, listen to this, that they would support a transition government if the president were removed. They are not saying that they are going to get involved in politics - they would just support a transition government. What that effectively is saying we will pay for the coup d'etat, if the military overthrows the current president, because the current president of Venezuela has said no to the IMF. He told those guys to go packing. They brought their teams in and said you have to do this and that. And he said, I don't have to do nothing. He said what I'm going to do is, I'm going to double the taxes on oil corporations because we have a whole lot of oil in Venezuela. And I'm going to double the taxes on oil corporations and then I will have all the money I need for social programs and the government - and we will be a very rich nation. Well, as soon as they did that, they started fomenting trouble with the military and I'm telling you watch this space: the President of Venezuela will be out of office in three months or shot dead. They are not going to allow him to raise taxes on the oil companies."

The lesson for world leaders is you don't cross the masters of power. But for Americans it is that a world run by the IMF never benefits us, the people. The enactment of the FTAA is just one more element in the grand scheme of global rule. There is no need to dapple in extraordinary theories, it is all in the open for everyone to see. The policy is clear - the nations of the world are mere colonies to the interests of the ruling elites. Citizens of countries and their elected leaders are mere subjects of the international community. Not exactly the revered Republic that we all owe allegiance, is it?

SARTRE - April 17, 2002

When whole races and peoples conspire to propagate gigantic mute lies in the interest of tyrannies and shams, why should we care anything about the trifling lies told by individuals? - Mark Twain

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