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American prosperity and American free enterprise are both highly unusual in the world,
and we should not overlook  the possibility that the two are connected. 
Thomas Sowell

The Lesson on China


Now that the interviews have been aired and the parade celebration has struck an emotional chord, what is the lesson? Most Americans wish the best for the returned crew of the Navy reconnaissance plane. They are thankful that they survived, their stay in detention was brief, and that their return ended the incident. But is this crisis really behind us and how has the world changed because of it?

For those who viewed the return of the twenty-four as the purpose of the diplomatic effort, how wrong you are. The fact that most want to ignore is that the crew was always expendable. Yes, you heard me correct. In the age of voluntary military service, each and every person knows going in, that they are not enjoying afternoon tea when deployed. Going 'in harms way' happens. It's part of the job and the risks cannot be avoided. However, those that serve remain silent with this awareness. So why does the public always seems to wave the bloody flag when someone else is on patrol? Just how many of the cheer leaders would be willing to trade places with those on the front lines? The lesson for America, needs to be one of self reflection, more than international relations.

The true colors of China has been known for decades. If any doubts persisted, Tiananmen Square put an end to those discussions. The mirage of the 90's have proved as empty and desolate as the sands of the desert. The promises that engagement would temper the bellicose designs of this oligarchy, have fallen short. The vision for an 'Asia for Asians' is renewed, once again. This time the driving force comes from the remnants of the mainland clash for dominance. The China that emerged after the Qing dynasty's departure at the beginning in the 20th Century, was a struggle for the soul of China. The notion of freedom began to be seen as possible for the Chinese by the nation's intellectuals. Writers like Lu Xun and Shen Congwen broke with tradition and wrote about questionable morals and low value placed on individual human life in Chinese society. This approach is contrasted by the radical Japanese philosopher Kita Ikki, who lived to see his teaching distorted to become the basis for the military culture that caused the inhuman destruction of Shanghai.

We are told that China has learned from the satire of Lu Xun, but the record mirrors that the entrenched leadership embraces Kita Ikki more than their own social critic. The danger is obvious. The drive to expel America from the Pacific is the ultimate goal of the 'Red Dragon'. Some will say that America has the right and duty to prevent a future conflict between the two Asian giants. Japan and China have always been antagonist. The idea that one will come to do the bidding of other, is false; if left to their own course. But the distorted American policy of 'Free Trade' with an advocacy is akin to selling scrap metal to the Japanese in the 30's. The balance in Asia is tilting in favor of China, not because of their internal reforms, but because the Corporate/State is bent upon the Internationalization of all trade. The rise of Ikki's ideology within China is ironic. The military that owns and controls, so many Chinese enterprises; have the same type of militant mindset, that the Japanese Imperialist had. The message is clear. The warning signs are visible. But the American public wants to cheer the return of our service personal.

The blindness repeats itself. The reality that buying Chinese products fuels this engine of repression is obvious. So why will so few, change their purchasing habits? The direction of Sino-American relations are in the hands of the Kissinger's of the world. The sorted consequences will not raise the living standards that Lu Xun spoke about. Yes, the material standards are rising for some of the business proponents, but what about the spirit of meaningful reform? Do you really want to watch the tanks roll over those appeals again? Are you really ready to commit the fleet to the protection of Taiwan? I doubt that the parade would be the same, after that experience.

The sensible approach is to establish 'Fair Trade', even at the price of temporary loss of profits. The way to foster fruitful co-existence is to protect our own interests. That includes the reestablishment of an American industrial base to provide self-sufficiency. For change to penetrate the social climate in China, you must weaken the military cabal that rules. The trade deficits increase that threat. The rogue status of their behavior is aided as a result of a conscious foreign policy that seeks to build up their regime. The reason for this intent on the part of the WTO lovers, is that they do not view themselves as primarily American. They also, have more in common with Kita Ikki than with Lu Xun! They would rather deal with other Elite's than with market forces. Their shared vision is to direct their economies without outside interference and protected by their own Bureaucracies. This is the lesson that should be learned, but will it? Will America use her resources to strengthen herself, or will she continue to drain off her independence for inter-dependency? The facts are clear. The future direction is anything but certain. I urge you to read, "Call to Arms" or Na Han, translated "Cry Out". You just might be surprised where the answers for China reside.

SARTRE - April 17, 2001

A nation's policy form an integral whole. Foreign policy and domestic policy are closely linked together; they are but one system; they condition each other.

Ludwig von Mises

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