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Conversation is an art in which a man has all mankind for competitors.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Art of Political Conversation

Anyone who has the courage to engage in discussions on the current condition of world affairs, knows all too well the feeling of talking with yourself. Dialogue once meant debating ideas. Today "Political Correctness" demands answering only the questions you agree with and ignoring all those that may differ with your viewpoint. This gentile characteristic of avoidance in the unpleasant, has become the mainstay of the mainstream.

The subconscious motivation seeks acceptance. You have to go along to get along . . .  The last mortal sin is offending. And any notion of critique or criticism of sacred cows, is viewed as the purview of the fool. Such splendid standards for political discourse has now been raised by the neoconservatives to a higher plateau. For decades the danger of accepting a subtle filter on exchange of ideas within the realm of the politic, was condemned. But today, all has changed - it's post 911 and the world will never be the same!

Well, the cowards who masquerade as conservative gatekeepers are acting as ACLU high priests, protecting the purity of their thought. The ultimate consequence is that the fundamental principles of genuine conservativism are being perverted by opportunists that seek advancement in fame, reward or career. Those are the obvious suspects. But hidden behind the agenda of official policy are the operatives that serve a sinister master.

Testimony to the success in their skills of deceit are no further away than the latest polls. Engagement in open doubt in the wisdom of the transformation from righteous accountability for criminal acts, into an unquestioned acceptance in a war of perpetual expansion, is stifled. No better example of this betrayal is the William J. Bennett effort AVOT.

Americans for Victory Over Terrorism is clear on their goals. The case for the War Party is for all to read. But for those of us who remain loyal to the true principles of American tradition, this mindset is specious perversion of history and our heritage. The implication of adopting a blind faith and willingness to go to war in support of the interests of Israel is insane.  From the AVOT statement of principles No 4: "In this war, our closest and most trusted allies must be our fellow democracies. AVOT will advocate steadfast support for our friends and oppose policies that place short-term "allies" above them."

Using the tools from the art of political conversation this translates into fidelity in the goals, objectives and coercive implementation of the New World Order. The underpinning of any lingering moral authority of a Socialist regime that has long abandoned democratic practices, has the same decay as the insane sickness that breeds and condones fanatical jihad suicide bombers. If you doubt this assessment, defend your own complicity in supporting the yearly tribute that buys the American weapons, being used in the current carnage. To endorse this slaughter, is comparable in recruiting the next generation of Arab children to become martyrs for their own crazed hatred.

AVOT is correct on one point when they say:  "we must understand our enemies better". For prudent and moral Americans, that is interpreted as opposing any and all forces aligned with NWO policies.

The art of engagement requires a willing counterpart. But for the AVOT, courtesy and civility is situational. Only 'true believers' in the anointed cause, will enjoy the blessing of the ordained. Consider Bennett’s recent viscous attack on Lew Rockwell during the infamous press conference on C-Span.

These neoconservatives have done more damage to discredit authentic conservative values than an entire legion of Che Guavera insurgents. The Republican Party will be tainted for decades as the party of perpetual war for the maintenance of continual chaos.

So where is the "Outrage" when Bennett and his band of deceivers promote the "Death" of our traditional America?

Surely it is not coming from the a great number of 'so called' conservative internet sites! Lock step salutes from the road to serfdom, paved upon the bodies of an endless slaughter, is the prevalent voice. Escalation and widened expansion for total regional conflict serves only the interests of the Kristol's, Perle's, Pipes', Podhoretz's and Horowitz's. When will America face up to the harsh reality that our national interest must serve the benefit of her own people?

We have come to understand, that the common practice of the art of polite political conversation is now extinct. Those of us who eagerly attempt to engage in serious debate are a threat to the AVOT mentality. Abiding upon a purity test that requires acceptance of a deceitful Foreign Policy is a price that faithful conscience will not endure. So for those who fear an open debate - revert back to those perfected skills of avoidance, denial and demonize the messenger, since you seek to censor the message.

The true art of political conversation is based upon men of good will. In the present environment, those that qualify are just as rare as sincere discourse. Just who and what are the real motives of so many of my acclaimed conservative publishers? Their editorial policy to sanitize the irritant is all too common. If your concern is one of offending - get a job, you are in the wrong business. But if your hidden objective is to silence those who oppose irrational destructive policies - just who are you really serving? The truth rests upon it's own validity. So why do you elude the quest to discover where it can be found? Maybe your willingness to practice the art of political conversation conflicts with your ultimate agenda and intent. Our inquiring minds wants to know! The fear of evasion is the look of a poltroon. The change you need is more than just the expression on your face . . .

SARTRE - April 9, 2002

"The techniques of opening conversation are universal. I knew long ago and rediscovered that the best way to attract attention, help, and conversation is to be lost. A man who seeing his mother starving to death on a path kicks her in the stomach to clear the way, will cheerfully devote several hours of his time giving wrong directions to a total stranger who claims to be lost."
- John Steinbeck

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