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Nothing is to be preferred before justice.
- Socrates

Justice Is The Real Hope To Restore Conservatism

The Republican Party has its most success at the polls when it advocates the traditional values of conservative principles. But support has been soft at best, with the adoption of the New World Order value ethos. The heritage of past purpose and political will has been substituted with a jelly spine backbone, seeking popular appeal. So what is the solution to resurrect the mantel of design that seeks to serve the interests of the American people?

Well, the GOP needs to take its lead from the most successful strategy that the Left has used to justify their message to the public. The concept of Justice as a focal point in intent has long been relegated to the basement with Republican parlance. We all know the arguments for defending Liberty. But equal in scope and worth is the notion that Justice is the twin legitimate objective for a free society.

One should not incorrectly conclude that Justice is interchangeable with impartiality, equity or fairness. Justice is far more profound than attributes that can be attached to its achievement. The political context defines Justice as the administration of moral rightness with conformity to truth, fact and of sound reason. The Liberal mantra has always based their case for social intervention on the need to implement policies that level the playing field for the average person. No doubt, this emotional argument strikes a cord of sweeping interest. The potential to entice vast support based upon a perceived hope in a better future is a very strong inducement.

We all know the miserable failures of the 'collectivist' policies that stem from the welfare mentality that attempts to foster a 'so called' just due for the people. The fact that such a sham has taken root and has driven the course of events for well over a century, does not remotely resemble the bona fide meaning of true Justice.

Social relativism is incompatible with Justice. Accountability for one's actions and behavior is essential to achieve legitimacy. That means there are no exceptions. The rules of responsibility especially apply to those who wield power and are invested in the service of the nation and her populace.

When image becomes perceived reality, it is easy to distort the aim for genuine Justice. Third Wave mentality has distorted and perverted the Republican cause and has diminished their delineation from that of the Socialists who run the demagogic allure from the left. So what can those of traditional moral values do to reverse this betrayal?

Emotions are more powerful than logic for most people. Most attempt to realize goals that they perceive to be in their own self interest. Selling the real meaning of Justice to the average citizen is key to invigorating the soul of the Republican philosophy. But that task is only half the objective. It needs to be linked with the introduction to conservative policies as the only true means to achieve the promise of Justice for the most people, within a free enterprise system of economic opportunity.

Before the socialism of the past can be universally rejected, an intelligible substitute of inclusive access as a superior way of life, must be established and willingly recognized by the overwhelming majority. Only then will real Justice be in sight for those who have lost faith in the future. Confidence can be restored, when the image of the Republican party moves beyond the ridiculous facade of compassionate conservatism, and adopts a serious program to sell, promote and embody the principles of authentic Justice.

We all know that the Republicans have failed to seriously downsize the scope, role and size of government. No one can ever expect the Democrats would sincerely embrace limited government. So what will it take to reverse the reliance of the public on the false assurance that cradle to grave security is achievable, with just one more level of increase in State planning? The answer to this puzzle is to play on the need, build up over generations, that the public will follow those who offer a superior and perceived uncorrupted plan for Justice. The female electorate adore the seduction of abstract feelings for others. Their devotion will be ensured with the charm of an active caring message.

Traditional values can be demonstrated as having the greatest prospects for accomplishing a rejuvenated betterment for all society, when the motives of Republican members can be seen as accepting humane progress. Let us not confuse accepting current practices of business as usual, sufficient to the task. It would require a reinvention of style and image, while trusting in the values and principles that embody a constitutional republic form of government.

The policies for a sensible country have been discussed for decades. But the method of selling them to a fickle nation, have missed the mark. Conservatism doesn't mean status quo or reactionary. It is a dynamic interpretation of universal realities. Justice has equal rank with Liberty. Isn't it time to preach the gospel of its merits not only to our own choir but also to those who have viewed us as insensitive to the plight of the multitude? The substance in beneficial conservative policies are real. They need to be applied, sold and defended. Only then will Justice be restored to its proper place in public affairs.

SARTRE - April 3, 2002

Justice, like liberty and coercion, is a concept which, for the sake of clarity, ought to be confined to the deliberate treatment of men by other men.
- F.A. Hayek

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