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Liberal: a power worshiper without power. 
George Orwell

Requiem for Liberalism

Ever since the concept of liberalism was perverted from it's classical liberal definition, this doctrine for political tenants has gone astray. The self righteous arrogance that proponents of this modern day version assumes, has the air and stench of decay. The only value that these guilt ridden sensitivity graduates bring to the arena is a sharp acumen for identifying problems in the society. Where they fall into the abyss of their own creation, is that their notion of the human condition is based upon a false, mistaken and erroneous understanding of mans nature, the role of his institutions and their abilities to ameliorate his blight.

For those observes who may deem these words to be harsh, consider the following record. Throughout all of human history the wealth has never been equally shared, nor has everyone contributed similarly to its creation. Now you say, so what! Many of you would state that everyone has a right to share equally in that wealth. No one should be deprived of the basics of substance, while the few own and control all that wealth. My reply is that the objective to establish a floor for basic needs has a noble ring to it, but the disconnect from reality of the methods that the liberal cause has employed, and it's failed attempt to correct this imbalance, has been every bit as cruel and obscene as the transnational plutocrat who manipulates the financial markets for his own gain. So what is the error in the liberal mindset? What are the factors that have lead to this misplacement of 'good intentions'? Yes, I will give the benefit of the doubt to the motives of most on the Left as being sincere. But the inaccuracy in their religious zeal for equality ignore the fundamental and universal nature of man. Namely, that men are NOT equal.

Wishing them to be so, does not make them the same. Devising schemes and institutions to invent equivalency, does not change that underlying degree of contribution for each member in this Utopia. And when the mechanisms of government compliance are forced upon a resistant citizenry, only greater inequalities arise. The passionate appeal to my friends that occupy the Left, is that the solutions to achieve your dreams for a better life for the greatest number, lies in the potential and opportunity of each individual person, who you claim to champion. The institution method to raise the forgotten from their circumstance, misses the point that most of these unfortunates, CHOOSE to remain disparate. Oh, now you will say that there are a million reasons and explanations why they need a little help. And I will say that most are but an excuse to justify your efforts to intervene and manage the environment for those who you seek to help. The results of the last eighty years should demonstrate conclusively that the imposition of more and more governmental interference, has just widened the gap between those on the top, and the rest of us that suffer under that yoke of providing greater tribute.

The ethical system of Liberalism has been the vehicle that justifies the even greater extension of larger impersonal systems of social domination. The misplaced and self effacing guilt that consumes the limousine crowd to pour forth their undying support for the weak and fragile, is usually limited to writing a check. But those who perform the grunt work to administer and amplify the legal and institutional assault on private property and individual rights, are the beneficial mercenaries in this plunder. Liberalism has become the engine that drives the expansion of government at all levels. The need to right a wrong that another cannot bestow, is at the core of this disillusion. The correct and lasting methods to inchoate into the self esteem of each person is known and has formed the basic foundation of American Idealism. The means to foster the uplifting of the majority is found in the economics of the Merchant Class. Independent and self reliant citizens are a force that no ruling class can ignore. The systemic assault upon this bulwark group that generates and creates prosperity, is a primary legacy of Liberalism. The reason that progressiveness is dead, is because it does not work. The vast majority understand that it doesn't work, even as many of the diehards, distort their own intellect to defend a cause that is bankrupt. If you are one of these forlorn souls, you can redeem your vision for your cause if you convert to the principles that will offer the best chance, for the most people.

Our common enemy is not business, but the Corporate/State alliance that dominates our economic and political lives. Business is the natural and most promising way to achieve the common good. But those enterprises need to be grown for all to have a chance to succeed. As long as the Liberal agenda is viewed as a viable alternative, we all will suffer the dire consequences of distortion, dependency and despair. Yes, this is the record that has brought upon us, the inequality that you decry so loud. It has been the succor of your feelings of contrition. It has been shaped under your hands by design. And it has doomed even more to lives of desperation, because you want to make all men equal. Liberalism is the destroyer of authentic hope and when it wheels the reigns of power, it is a disease that becomes terminal. This is one funeral that I will gladly attend and celebrate the dissolution of the Black Mass that your counterfeit promises have imposed upon our society. 'Rest in Peace', even if you don't deserve the reward.

SARTRE - April 2, 2001

The most fundamental fact about the ideas of the political left is that they do not work. Therefore we should not be surprised to find the left concentrated in institutions where ideas do not have to work in order to survive.

Thomas Sowell

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