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Idealism without realism is impotent. 
Realism without idealism is immoral. 
Richard Nixon

So You Say I'm the Pessimist?

Over the years, a constant criticism has been leveled upon the rants and writings that SARTRE presents. In one form or another, I am asked: "don't you have any good things to say about our government"? It continues to amaze me how little these folks understand the meaning of what this message is saying. The vigorous defense for returning to a culture of traditional values, and restoring a meaningful REPUBLIC, is evident throughout. When current conditions of fraud, crimes, hypocrisy and coercion are chastised, the feeble in mind seek to ignore the information, and desire to ease their conscience by dismissing the messenger. Very seldom, and only the most capable and dedicated proponents of 'Statism', dare to debate the issues. Most of the stalwarts of the 'System' flee from discussing these topics. WHY is that?

A human characteristic that inflicts the psyche of the vast majority requires that they distance themselves from any circumstance that they perceive to have an unsettling and distasteful aspect attached. This genetic deformity compels the weak of heart and diminished of spirit, to pursue a course of least resistance. Greater intelligence ability is not a remedy for this affliction. In many cases the smarter the person, the more they wish to avoid the universal gravity of the question. Their personalities dictate that they accept 'going along to get along', while the whispers of their own voices, disregard their free choice. This condition is degenerate, and increases in severity with age. The inquiry of youth is gradually replaced with resignation to circumstance and environment. How often have you heard, "you just can't change the way it is"? This kind of rationalization, always begs the issue. It's a cop out to ease the pain of being a failure in your own personal moral life. Advancement in career and position, accumulation of inordinate and unneeded material wealth, and personal acceptance by one's peers and community; is a morose reason to discard one's responsibility as a citizen.

Most judge the quality of life by their own perceived circumstance. For this type of person, questions of a virtuous universal nature, disturb the status quo. And nothing is more unsettling than to willingly place oneself into a conflict situation. Today's abandonment of most standards of moral conduct, has taken a most telling toll on the Nation. With the demise of the established culture and its replacement with a relative value norm, you have the cause for people to absolve themselves from responsible behavior. If it makes you feel bad, avoid the situation. If it requires some effort, adopt another option. And if it demands real sacrifice, it must be wrong . . .

The consequence from this mindset is that facts and empirical evidence have a reduced impact. Conflicting data and conclusions are unsettling and therefore, need to be dismissed as pessimistic. Little effort is exerted to intelligently investigate or seriously discuss the facts that underpin the issues. When the conclusion is submitted that decay within the society is rampant, the reply is that SARTRE views his glass as always being half empty. Sadly, the facts are that the social goblet is being poisoned, and if your objective is to fill the secular humanism chalice to its top, you will just add to your illness. Claims that the health of America is sound, and is the model for the rest of the world is narcissistic, of a land who has lost its way. But you will not see it that way, for such conclusions will require action to alter the particulars of your own life. Nothing can be tolerated that disturbs the tranquil circumstances of your daily routine. You would rather accept the turbulent insanity, while assuring yourself that order, benefit and optimism is the 'PC' outlook that you maintain. When the facts contradict such a scenic picture, just disregard the decline, because it doesn't directly affect you!

For those who still need the evidence of this demise and shared circumstance, attempt to understand what you read. But even more important, reflect upon your willingness to accept the unbelievable as certitude. When you defend the society that berates the individual and exhales the 'State' as benevolent, you are not standing up for America. When you neglect your critical scrutiny of alarming factors, you forego your civic duty. And when you reinforce fallacious errors in reality by denying their existence, you become an accessory to the corruption. It's not good enough to just look on the 'so called' bright side. It is incumbent upon each of us to become an active defender and advocate of the TRUE elements that we all should and need, to protect. If you are unable or unwilling to seek to know the difference between the erroneous from the real, you are the one who is in desperate need of help. My faith is founded within a reverence for the idea that America represented with its founding. But my sorrow should be mutual with yours, for its eminent demise. The sadness that I have is for the numerous Americans that are satisfied in being amoral, and that the result of this condition, transfers into nefarious acceptance of corrupt conduct by 'Public Servants' and the society as a whole. The enemy is found within the status quo that you are so fond of admiring.

If that distinction qualifies me as a pessimist, the question to you is: "why are you not at my side?" To believe that all is well, when the direction of the decline has remained intact and the intensity steadily increases, is to deny the most fundamental aspects of common sense. Facing facts, accepting reality and being honest with yourself is the mark of a responsible adult. Too many Americans have decided to live within a constant 'mid-life crisis'. If you are one of this type of self absorbed adulterant, it is time to grow up. Solving the problems are the responsibility of us all. By your own denial, you are part of this decline. When will you drink, with me, from the glass of hope and optimism? For the libation of this nectar, acknowledges the source of Truth, and recognizes our role in living a meaningful life.

SARTRE - March 22, 2001

Helplessness induces hopelessness, and history attests that loss of hope and not loss of lives is what decides the issue of war.

B.H. Liddell Hart

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