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Honor is like an island, rugged and without a beach; once we have left it, we can never return.
Nicholas Boileau

The Senate - a Chamber of Shame

If there were any doubts as to the real nature of the United States Senate, they were dispelled with the disgusting behavior of the Democratic controlled Judiciary Committee's block of a floor vote on the confirmation of Judge Charles Pickering. Watching the depths of their ideological purity and the deceitful betrayal of their oath of office, should appall every American. Advise and consent does not mean exclusion from the will of the Senate. For a fanatical partisan committee to prevent their own party members from speaking their own voice and registering their vote is the height of pompous repression.

But we should not be surprised that the final decomposition of the "most select club" comes on the heels of the treasonous refusal to remove the traitor William Jefferson Clinton from the office of the presidency. It is time to face the cold hard reality that the elites that reside in the senate are not representatives, but act as tin gods of an all powerful abusive despotism.

Let's not forget many of these august stewards of the peoples' liberty, told the House Managers that there would be "no way in hell" that they would find Clinton guilty, no matter what the evidence would prove. Well, you have a continuation of that same perverted mindset in this latest tally of the parliamentary goose step . . .

Once the senate was the home of statesmen, like Henry Clay. Now it is a ghetto for the likes of Chuck Schumer. It was the abode of a Barry Goldwater, now it is a running sewer for the Pat Leahy's. And is there any doubt that Margaret Chase Smith would refuse tea with Diane Feinstein!

Party line votes are the ingredients for the removal of conscience. Political parties operate as breeding grounds for securing the aptitude for power. But Republicans fall short in proficiency, when compared to the Democrat Machiavelian's. No hypocrisy is too vast for this crowd of schemers - the elected conspirators. Twist, distort, deconstruct and substitute, any argument by ignoring facts and making up whatever works. Respect for truth, honor, integrity in principles are causalities in the guerrilla warfare style of the "democratic socialist". The Republican counter measures fail, because they respond to tactics that they will never master. Let us hope they will abandon this route and return to the strategies that have achieved success in the past for the republic. It is called facing evil in the face and destroying it wherever it resides.

But when an organization is infested with the same social disease of  "collectivist comrades" within their own ranks, just how can the good doctor eradicate the ailment? Amputation of the gangrene is necessary to save the life of the patient. There is no medicine or antibiotic that can cure the "social democratic" plague that taints the GOP.

If Republicans are unwilling to go to war against the NOW crowd litmus test, how can conservative policies ever be achieved? The Democrats have clearly demonstrated that doing business with them is fruitless. It is up to the GOP cause to take back the U.S. Senate with candidates of statesmanship, not copycats of slime. That requires that purging the roster of fake conservatives or trojan moderates must be faced and dealt with, or irrational compromises will continue to be made with the destroyers of America.

The Jefford switch in party illustrates that he was never a supporter of republican principles. It is long over due to secure the recruitment of Senator Zell Miller into the Republican Party. If Richard Shelby could make the switch, find a way to attract Miller. John Breaux is the next senator that has the potential to condemn his democrat mates and stand up for a restored America. It is long overdue to support true conservative candidates in races where voters are desperate for a real choice.

More Susan Collins', Olympia Snowe's, John McCain's and Arlen Specter's won't get the republic back on track. Just who is up to the task to replace Jesse Helms, Fred Thompson, and the great Phil Gramm? Liddy Dole is no Helms and Lindsey Graham wavered in the Clinton impeachment. Yes, folks, we remember !

Those of us who have lost confidence in the Republican party to confront the enemy and obliterate them from the public politic, would love to see a lot more from Lott.

But that is like waiting for Teddy Kennedy to stop drinking! Third party candidates are poised for serious opposition as long as the Republicans refuse attacking the socialism of government policy. The alternative to the nanny state works. What are you afraid of? Compromise with Tom Daschle is insane. He needs to be exposed for the disreputable, dishonest and despicable scum he is; in the tradition of his mentor, George Mitchell.

Is there anyone out in the etherzone of communal dialogue of political debate that is willing to defend the actions of the U.S. Senate? With the canard of campaign finance reform, only incumbents need apply - UNLESS there is a new sound and distinct American message that will grab the consciousness of the people, that business as usual is dead. Do you really want more Judge Souters' coming from another Bush? Or do you want Robert Bork to be vindicated? Another Ruth Bader Ginsburg type confirmed with the  bipartisan support of weak knee Republicans would be another tragic defeat, one that we can no longer afford or survive.

Why not fight for Judge Pickering? Why not nominate him for the first open Supreme Court slot. Let's go to war with the Democrats for a fight to the bitter end! The approach of being nice is naive and asinine.

The U.S. Senate is a national disgrace. This sick game of kissing the ring of Bobby Byrd is not the way he operated when wearing his hood. Isn't it about time to retire the Dodd's, the Harkins' and the Durbin's into that "unmarked grave of discarded lies"?  Start the real war on terror, but just don't substitute your own version of Republican fabricators, after victory.

SARTRE - March 18, 2002

Leadership is not manifested by coercion, even against the resented. Greatness is not manifested by unlimited pragmatism, which places such a high premium on the end justifying any means and any measures.
- Margaret Chase Smith

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