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A democratic despotism is like a theocracy: it assumes its own correctness. 
Walter Bagehot

Who Benefits From American Foreign Policy?

As loyal citizens to our Nation, we have been told that our Country is served well by a Foreign Policy that has the United States intensely involved Internationally. There is no part on this globe that doesn’t have some relationship, contact and involvement with the American Government. On the surface, one would assume that interaction can foster beneficial advantage for all parties concerned; and that this objective and goal, certainly can have valid positive consequences. Then why is America viewed with disdain in so many parts of the world? Surely, it is true that countless of oppressed people lone to migrate to the United States and believe in her promise of Freedom and a better life. But there are millions who look upon America with hostility and hatred, and conclude that she is the real enemy to most other cultures. Sadly, this is a reality, that few are willing to face.

My purpose is not to defend this animosity, quite the contrary. The objective is to understand if the cause of this antagonism, in part; stems from the policies that our leaders have fostered for the last century. America has been in the grips of an Internationalist view of Foreign Policy during this entire period. No one can doubt that the fruits of this course has drained our treasure and spilled our blood upon foreign shores. We are told that America is the indispensable citadel of order and justice and that we must be engaged if peace is to be achieved. But the record of the last hundred years speaks a very different message. Peace is not merely, the absence of war. It requires willing compliance and acceptance to the policies, methods and institutions that prevail. And when conditions of forceful adherence is a requirement for establishing that Peace, you will not attain, Justice in the eyes of those you seek to impose conformity.

The Marshall Plan was a most noble act of a victor. Charitable assistance is a vital part of American generosity. But even when actions promote the general welfare, our Foreign Policy is viewed with scorn. Why? The answer is much more simple than you may want to accept. But its Truth rings out for all to hear. George Washington and John Adams knew so well, that as a small fledging nation that just fought and beat, the greatest power in the world, our policy towards other countries needed to reflect good will towards all and trade with most. The notion to aspire and become an empire to rule over others, was anathema to moral men. They did not wish to withdraw form worldly involvements, but they did not seek to control them, or to get drawn into the affairs or others. Those who say that ALL affairs are OUR business, are fools; or wish to benefit in ways that may cause harm to our own Nation. The test for judging if a Foreign Policy is worthy of your allegiance, is whether that policy benefits the Nation and its People. The Nation is not the same as its Government. And its People is not equivalent with its Public Servants and Corporations. Why is this idea, so lost within our culture?

Those who reject this standard may contend that the world is such an unstable environment that only the last superpower, can enforce peace. Such a viewpoint totally obscures the ultimate purpose for human society. The Pax Romana achieved a degree of order, but conquest and servitude was its chief residue. The Pax Britannia fostered commerce and development, but also bears the scares of Colonial exploitation. Now we are to accept that the American Peace will be different in some fundamental way or in degree? The epitaph can already be craved on its tombstone: The Corporate/Bureaucratic STATE Supreme; at any cost. Is that the legacy that you wish for your prodigy? I hope you will repudiate the straw men of false enemies that are paraded through the media as the next threat to our way of life. And each time our way of life IS diminished, not because of these external foes, but from within the corridors and halls of our own policy makers; and the only result is the lost of our own values, traditions and principles. Now tell me, does the American People benefit from such a method? Are we really more safe and secure because our troops patrol the DMZ in Korea and conduct maneuvers in Germany? And if not, why is America unable to change its Foreign Policy? We already know the reason that any substantial and significant re-deployment is just a pipe dream as long as the policies of State and Defense are based upon the false premise of Americas current role in the world, as a Super Power.

Presently we are faced with rising energy costs because of the neglect and misguided delusions of the last inept administration. Will the excuse for the next conflict be another replay over oil? The Bush fortunes benefited from the Gulf War. What reason would we have to believe that our Foreign Policy will change and start to reflect the wisdom of Washington and Adams? The charade that is called the loyal opposition is a fraud, and is most obvious when seen from the unyielding consistency in Foreign Policy. Both parties adhere to the same goals, and only do sleights of hand to deceive their supporters into believing that there is a difference between them. It is time to define the public debate within the score of reality that reflects the true and sad record. And above all it is so long overdue to re-establish the common sense and prudence of our own self interest, as the cornerstone for American Foreign Policy. Let the Citizen reap the benefits of an American First Policy, as stop the useless shedding of their blood on foreign soil for the interests of the few. The Empire is the enemy. This lesson is well understood by those hostile to us. In order to create an atmosphere for mutual respect, its time to defend our borders and not extend our boundaries. Trade, Yes. IMF, World Bank and U.N. No. The conflict between the two should be obvious. That is if you are one of the citizens that pay the price and not one of the few that chart the present course.

SARTRE - February 4, 2001

No serious historian of politics would imagine that he had accounted for the protective tariff of the system of bounties or subsidies, for the monetary and banking laws, for the state of law in regard to corporate privileges and immunities, for the actual status of property rights, for agricultural or for labor policies, until he had gone behind the general claims and the abstract justifications and had identified the specifically interested groups which promoted the specific law.

Walter Lippmann

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