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It's a Matter of Trust

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Tyranny is yielding to the lust of the governing. - Lord Moulton

It’s a Matter of Trust

We live in an age of continuous government investigations. It has brought little comfort or meaningful reform. Each succeeding report issued by the newest panel of recognizable faces, seldom brings confidence that “We the People” are being told the truth. Complexity in details are explained away as mere random chance, while flaws in logic and conclusions are dismissed as irrelevant considerations. We then are told an official version to believe, what allowed accounts to accept and a recognized history to support the next investigation. All the time the issue of official TRUST remains unjustified.
Can the public believe any government, when the standard practice for commissions white wash failed policies and ignore culpability of officials? It seems that most people still maintain a reliance on the implausible, in order to preserve the assurance of the impossible. Shielding one’s world view from unpleasant reality is the paramount objective of the “have a nice day” crowd. Civic responsibility is reducible to pulling a lever ever couple of years, at best. The thought that political outrage might offend, and could never be considered in a society that prides itself on ‘PC’ accommodation, is the cherished value of prim and proper citizen.



Government insults to our collective intelligence, has become institutionalized. Can any serious and sincere American really consider Henry Kissinger anything but evil incarnate? If there was ever an example where the evidence is so overwhelming and undeniable, about the public crimes of a deranged lunatic - the lackey for Rockefeller preeminence - who, stands heads and shoulders above mere ordinary lawbreakers. Add the most hydrophobic sinister partisan of dishonest politics, in George Mitchell, and you have a dynamic duo for deceit and duplicity. And they will have the charge in conducting an investigation into 911!

If this was a skit on Saturday Night Live, it might be amusing.  Even the fallacies of the Warren Commission hung its mirage on a public perception in an oasis of reputed and ‘so called’ honorable men. Decades later we know that the public was played for fools. No need to pause for deliberating a verdict on this next commission, the decree takes the form of a summary judgment. Vipers are incapable of distinguished service. Their entire motivation has always been to conceal, deceive and betray the truth. You don’t need to fear an imaginary Dr Strangelove, when you have the real thing in the ‘Trilateral’ zealot for this new commission.

Who should the prudent person believe, Seymour Hersh or Henry Kissinger? The significance of appointing this elder gangster says all you need to know about the actual purpose of George W. Bush. He is the ‘temporary’ contract builder, laboring to erect the planned global community, provided by architects like Henry K . . .  Drawing on the iniquitous talents of Mitchell follows in the same footsteps on another disgraced crook by the same given name. Keep the tradition alive John or George - are interchangeable, as long as you have the same kindred genes.

Where are the appointment of the David Schippers’ of this world to conduct a serious and sober investigation? Folks, the test of an honorable person is their willingness to seek the TRUTH. Bush has admitted his own complicity and collusion into a preconceived sham. Anyone doubt that the outline of events and conclusions of the commission are not already written? The progression from autocratic rule to totalitarian despotism has lengthened its step and quickened its cadence.

And all the time the people just continue with their holiday shopping!  You can already hear the comments - give the commission a chance to investigate. How many times does a judicious person have to experience excrement to identify it from its odor and stench? It seems that smell is not a highly defined sense in most Americans. Have all the years of sniffing ‘altered states’ of political hallucinates so tainted the national consciousness that it no longer is able to distinguish reality from fantasy?

Elites view themselves as part of a privileged class, above and immune from accountability. That condition explains the arrogance, but how does one account for the uninterrupted march toward globalism, by every administration advancing the same internationalist policies? The lust for total POWER is the one constant and unabridged bond that ties all these insiders and joins them at the hip. Are we supposed to believe that they are incapable of shaping a course of events that can be used, as an excuse, to further their visions for controlling world society!

Could the Patriot Act and Homeland Defense ever attain such uncritical examination and blind support without the mindless pathos regarding 911? The reality is that this calamity created cover for the implementation of the long intended dictatorship. Who better to investigate the crime, than a mastermind of the criminal cabal. What more evidence do you need to wake up and confess you have been had? The chains of bondage are the benefactors of designed chaos. Henry and both George’s, will sell you the same jive that Arlen Spector gave you with his ‘magic bullet’ construction. Will the pungency of their scent make you repel or will you just accept more of the same crap, as a substitute for the real truth? Who do you trust . . .

SARTRE - December 1, 2002

...whenever anyone threatens any other innocent human in a way that makes manifest an ignorance or disregard of the fundamental equality as regards the right to self-preservation, the creature in human shape who acts in this way is to be treated by any and all other rational humans as a wild, clever, and therefore very dangerous animal, to be destroyed (if necessary) in order to safeguard the rest.
 - Thomas L. Pangle

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