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The UK in serious decline

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The UK in serious decline

A country must protect its heritage
A nation in not a melting pot

President Bush has a warm reception awaiting him when he visits London. The BBC reports that the UK is officially on high alert, but within this is a tier of internal and usually secret levels - which have gone from "substantial" to "severe general". The internal alerts are for the security services only, including the police, the army, MI6 and MI5, and not usually made public. BBC home affairs correspondent Margaret Gilmore is quoted as saying: “"These are warnings very much for the security services, these are not warnings aimed at the public because there is not a lot the public can do about them . . . Obviously it's a further complication in the security nightmare surrounding the Bush visit, but it is not connected to that."

Well, that’s a nice spin coming from the premiere news service. Maybe all that bad press about their war coverage has infected them with guilt, as they embark upon a sympathy campaign for the Blair regime. It is very easy to place blame on dissenting factions within the British Isles or to point the finger back at the U.S President. Conflict between these two outlooks are obviously at odds with each other. But if you look a little deeper, the underlying reason why both the President and Londoners may well be placed at risk, has to do with the methodical decline in the quality level of inhabitants that claim England as their residency.

This problem, and make no mistake about it - is a severe predicament - which is not unique to England. Demographic trends may often seem dry and obscure. However, personal experience seldom conceals the crisis of reality that most Western Societies have allowed to occur. The ‘PC’ culture that has contaminated clear thinking, rationalizes the practice of open borders. It is ironic that such habits are not applied equally.

Consider this recent example as proof of the death wish that the UK has for her own heritage. Over the last fourteen years an upper middle class family of European ancestry has made almost yearly visits to England. During this time, substantial business relationships were established with a venerable British institution. The period of initial visits conveyed delight and a deep appreciation for a society that held true to their heritage and established traditions. When it came time for this family to seek the best alternatives for their only daughter, British Universities were considered.

After inspections of dozens of U.S. colleges and Ivy League institutions, the decision to forgo an American education for British studies became self evident. Residing in London would offer the experience of a lifetime. All seemed perfect. The curriculum was world class, the students were talented and the faculty consisted of the stars in their fields.

The security and safety of the university represented a valued experience. However, the outside environment showed signs of deterioration. Greater London was once an assortment of distinct neighborhoods, that offered an appeal and enjoyment in different heritages. While the cosmopolitan nature of London is undeniable, the common thread was evident. That stiff upper lip culture was proudly wearing the union jack. Over time the complexion of this workable city transformed into a third world bazaar. The influx of foreigners that traveled into the country multiplied. Many overstayed their visas. Most wanted to remain in the country. Multi dwelling property was bought by Indians, Pakistani and Egyptian landlords. Some spoke the Kings English, but few identified with the British inheritance. Their cultural assimilation was lacking and their conduct, often was less than gentlemanly.

Those well attended neighborhoods started to show the wear and tear of housing “civilly challenged” boarders. The rules allowing an influx, transformed into an invasion. The strains on the economy pushed native Brits out of neighborhoods of their birth. Living pay employment became rare, as the social welfare ranks grew. The dole became a full-fledged version of a third world economy.

The rich stay mostly immune, but the working middle class bear the burden. The problem of socialism may be reluctantly tolerable, when the society possesses a common culture. But the system collapses when tolerance is extended to those who have contempt for that culture.

Upon completion of her studies, and earning both an undergraduate and MA degree, the daughter was told that her continued residency in the UK was unlikely. Note that the system requires an application and approval of a work permit, for extended residency upon graduation. But the facts of the matter prove that a middle class white American need not apply. This reality has not escaped heartland Brits. They “get it” and know that the elites that foster this selective open borders policy are betraying their country.

The great achievement of English culture has been its revulsion of equalitarianism. To be an Englishman once meant something! Class matters, both in upbring and in breeding. Today that heritage has been abandoned for a pluralism that is psychotic. It is impossible to deny the incompatibility of varied foreign cultures, and maintain the valued traditions of a nation. But this absurdity, that mangles true national interest, is exactly the core of official policy.

The historic demonstration that will be directed at President Bush and the looming probability that London will be ground zero for a terrorist attack has a distinct linkage. Ordinary people understand all too well that the imperial foreign policy of the United States, would make Disraeli proud - as it furthers the tribe of Benjamin. The Tony Blair government has dishonored the heritage of England with its relaxed and inviting minority immigration policy. Astute Americans know the damage caused to our country and our own misguided foray into multiculturalism. Now, the rapid decay of one of the greatest urban societies is indisputable.

Nowhere to go to avoid the harm done from mixing opposing cultures. Concluding that America is better in comparison avoids the issue. Degrees of common sense vary, but the consistency of government policies usually share the same self serving intent, as it sells out their own people. This example is meant to illustrate that solutions have yet to be realized. As long as there is a prevailing attitude that allows, and often encourages; the infiltration of our communities with undesirables, the threats from groups bent upon the destruction of our society will continue to increase. Visits from an unpopular U.S. President only goes to elevate the risk for the entire population.

England for the English is valid. America for citizens schooled in the traditions of English common law and heritage is equally appropriate. Race is not the determining factor, but accepting the culture and language of our heritage is the standard. In the end, what will save London from weapons of mass destruction is the fact that so many terrorist make it their home abroad. Not exactly the best method to maintain your own security, now is it? No, the blame still rests in the silence of the masses to condemn the systematic hemorrhaging of their homeland. Accepting ‘PC’ has turned lethal. Keeping current ‘pols’ will guarantee our own self destruction. However, the real solution is not found in massive citizen participation or an exchange in political leader. It’s the POLICY stupid - that needs to change.

SARTRE - November 16, 2003

An Englishman thinks he is moral when he is only uncomfortable.
George Bernard Shaw

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