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Much Ado About Nothing

View from the Mount

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“I do much wonder that one man, seeing how much
Another man is a fool when he dedicates his
Behaviors to love, will, after he hath laughed at
Shallow follies in others, become the argument
Of his own scorn by falling in love.”
--Act 2, Scene 3: Benedick to himself

Much Ado About Nothing

Why, he is the princes jester: a very dull fool;
Only his gift is in devising impossible slanders

The Bard of Avon would never see a man called “Scooter” as a Don Pedro. Listening to the Bush apologists you would think that I. Lewis Libby is no hero, but more like that other character so wronged - Hero falsely accused of being a whore.  Well, slandering Hero can be dangerous just ask Don John.  In this real world tragic play, the great Shakespeare would cast the entire NeoCon cabal as the cause of the downfall of the Macbeth clan.  George W. Bush is an offspring with foul genes, while Libby is a product of contrived hubris and malevolent design learned from the master cyprian - Paul Wolfowitz. 


The glee being express over the big Bush scandal is a bit premature.  The carol being sung on one blog goes like this:

“Twas the night before Fitzmas and all through the White House,
The felons were weeping, like a big girl’s blouse.
The indictments were filed, in the court with great care,
In hopes that St. Fitz had caught all the crooks in his snare.”

How inglorious events can turn out when your hopes are set to achieve the impossible!  The liberals from the gang who couldn’t shoot straight are in a tizzy.  Karl Rove scootered right out of the courthouse with a get out of jail card.  Even Chief of Staff to the big boss, Andy Card can’t move up now.  But take heart, being the counter part to the VP has less protection, especially when you are directly involved in making the foreign policy not just scheduling meetings.  The trial of the century will never take place, pardons held in reserve - that fine tradition of Bill Clinton - is the standard to be expected.

The world series of partisan politics is as much a bust as the ball game itself.  Houston we have a problem doesn’t mean that Chicago Daley town will win the next election.  All those dead folks won’t be voting next season.  The ratings are terrible for both leagues and the public is bored with the way the game is played.  There are no heroes just bombers on both sides.  The knuckle pitch is the only throw they both hurl, always missing the elegance of the pageant, while hitting the strike zone half a world away.  No wonder that apathy is at record levels.

The tangible story that goes under reported is the warfare that goes on between competing factions.  Forget the ins and the outs of political party politics, the real battle is among domestic armies.  The CIA has been a foreign insurgent for decades.   Subversion is their trade and sedition their plot.  Casting Valerie Plame as a victim is akin to treating Judith Miller as a martyr.  It’s ridiculous to view internal disinformation through the prism of mainstream corporate media.  Deceit, distraction and distortion are the meat of news reporting lies.  Government is up to their neck in the business of writing the first edition of history.  No version of reality is allowed to pass onto the public unless it has the state spin seal of approval.  Even if elements within the “Agency” were sincere in their motives for opposing an unconstitutional pre-emptive war of aggression, just look at the end results of their intrigue.  The loony left perverts the serious work of organizing effective dissent to a bipartisan internationalist and interventionist foreign policy.  It take a reactionary right to build a village to educate the suckers that march to a bogus jingoistic ‘war of terror’.

Lewis Libby is scum not because he is a Republican, but because he is betraying our true national interest, while following orders ultimately made under a NeoCon mindset and approved in Tel Aviv.  The reason that a sober investigation into the treason that permeates Middle East policy never takes place is that the political culture will not allow critical examination of the Mattoids that run the ruin of the world.  Trial by combat is played only on the field of resisting regimes.  Syria and Iran are the next targets in the cross hairs because they defy the New World Order timetable for regional subservience.  

Patrick Fitzgerald is a typical persecutor that carries the water for a Justice Department that prosecutes show trials while avoiding the real seats of power.  If you truly want justice make the American Israel Public Affairs Committee the focus of national scrutiny.   Lawrence A. Franklin should become the household name and the real story, Lewis Libby is just the diversion.  How likely would you see a Senator Barbara Boxer whining over the high treason coming out of her tribe?

Like the witches brewing their cauldron of poison, orthodox Dianne Feinstein, turncoat Hillary Clinton and gumbo Mary Landrieu voted their true colors.  Feinstein in her speech before voting for the Iraq resolution based her vote on the premise of the existence of WMD: "If Saddam Hussein achieves nuclear capability, the risk increases exponentially and the balance of power shifts radically in a deeply menacing way. As I said on this floor in earlier remarks, I believe that Saddam Hussein rules by terror and has squirreled away stores of biological and chemical weapons."  Are we supposed to believe that Libby’s hardball politics and subsistent snipes against Joe Wilson dissimulation is the reason that bewitched Feinstein and Clinton, when it was obvious that the commander and chief was hell bent upon going to war?

These Lady Macbeth’s to achieve their ambitions, rid any benignity that might stand in the way. Without conscience if justice is to be served their fate might mirror the disgraced queen.  In order for the mob to grasp the concept, remember that veiled admonition renowned holocaust survivor Rep. Tom Lantos shouted to Craig Livingstone during those illustrious filegate hearings: “that a Navy admiral with a far more distinguished record had committed suicide for disgracing his office.” Ah, if only there was accountability for our fearless leaders . . .

Don’t get all worked up or loose sleep when a national debate will undertake the herculean task of establishing a sane and beneficial administration.  Elections in a two party exclusive system are shams, only intense public pressure can breath even the slightest prospects for resuscitation.  What trials and tribulations befall “Scooter” are immaterial.  What epitaph will be written for all these heroes?  Claudio was rewarded in nuptials, united with his alive real Hero.  Somehow such a fate for our country is Shakespearean at best.

SARTRE – October 31, 2005

“That a woman conceived me, I thank her; that she
Brought me up, I likewise give her most humble thanks:
But that I will have a recheat winded in my forehead, or hang my bugle

In an invisible baldrick, all women shall pardon me.
Because I will not do them the wrong to mistrust any,
I will do myself the right to trust none; and the fine is, for the which

I may go the finer, I will live a bachelor.”

--Act 1, Scene 1: Benedick to Don Pedro

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