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Alas, a Democrat to Support!

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While 60 percent of taxpayer calls to the IRS go unanswered, the IRS agents were watching Marilyn Chambers do the Rotary International. Beam me up here.
 It is time to pass a flat 15 percent sales tax and abolish this gambling, porno-watching IRS completely.
I yield back the internal rectal service of the United States of America.
James Traficant -  5/25/01

Alas, a Democrat to Support!

Elect a Felon who Is NOT a Crook
Free Jim and youself at the same time

Even those Americans who proudly wear the label Democrat, must be a little embarrassed with the “Know Nothing” candidates that are seeking the chance to run against the Crawford Shrub. The seven dwarfs from another race have been vindicated, there are worse presidential aspirants. No amazement from the party of sanctified socialism, government is your friend policies is the stuff that built the company of commissars. What is strange is that one the last remnants of old time conservative solid south politics lives. While not from the region, the Populist message rings from behind bars that separates most constituents from real representation. No it’s not Gore in 2004 that is speaking.

It is James Traficant that offers an alternative to the band of thieves that are running to live in the Big House. The Howard Dean fallacy of "I'm here to represent the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party", appeals to the idealists of a mother Russia version of America. How about this little gem from Dick Gephardt: "international variable minimum wage", an attitude that make any teamster drool. Don’t forget that sour milk producer Bob Graham wants to roll back Bush's tax cut and many 1996 welfare reforms. John “Boy”  Edwards wants to expand children's health insurance to cover parents and extend Medicare to cover people over 55. Not exactly the view from Walton's Mountain for rigid hillbillies. Joe Lieberman boasts of orthodox family values thwarts national interests. While little man Dennis Kucinich gets points for wanting to repeal NAFTA and WTO, his formula to stop economic injustice relies upon more redistribution.

As stated in a December 12, 2002 article - Never too soon to pick the 2004 President - John Kerry was predicated to be the Democratic nominee. A race between skull and bones heads is what you will get, unless you have the courage to vote for a man who bucked the political system. Since Traficant has given his approval to supporters to form a presidential exploratory committee, the press will exhibit their true colors. Watch their coverage for confirmation of an all Yale staged event. Notwithstanding, the foreign press offers some perspective that is seldom read back in the States. The Guardian quotes Traficant campaign spokesman Marcus Belk: “The battle to free James Traficant and to evict the Socialists and 'free traders' from the Democratic Party is now under way”.

Finally, a candidate who is up front about his first act - a presidential pardon for himself!

Despite, a seemingly sarcastic twist, Traficant is a very rare breed of ‘pol’ - one who speaks the truth! Our good friend April Shenandoah offers an insightful background account and a significant passage from one of his memorable orations on the floor of Congress:

"The United States Federal government has been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, declared by President Roosevelt. The receivers of the United States bankruptcy are the International bankers, via the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. All United States offices, officials and departments are now operating within a de facto status in name only under Emergency War powers. This new form of government is known as a Democracy (instead of a Republic), being an established Socialist/Communist order under a new governor for America."

Since we have endorsed a ticket of Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo for 2004, the prospects of James Traficant on the ballot would also be welcomed. Inasmuch as the Democratic FDR Party codified the “collectivism” that destroyed America, would it not be their responsibility to reject the current crop of pretenders and support a man who understands the nature of our founding Republic?

Even the severely impaired and habitual brain dead must admit that Traficant got the royal shaft by an unholy alliance of a phantom two party system. The fraudulent scam that passes as legitimate elections is nothing more than an approved selection process of allowed and sanctioned toadies for the culture of command and control. Being a convict felon for opposing the elites that incarcerate our fellow citizens in a penal colony of enslavement, should be a lock for all the stay at home voters. If you would cast your ballot for “none of the above”, register and vote for James Traficant. Free Jimbo by voting for him. Liberate yourself by refusing to support the New World Order clones who get the nod to be your next fuhrer.

When Traficant states that: “A gelding doesn't have a set of testicles, sir!”, he is speaking to the entire nation. Do you have the guts to stop this institutional treason? If not the only relief would be to join Scotty -  Beam me up . . .

SARTRE - August 3, 2003

With one hand China slaps Uncle Sam on the back and wishes us well in Afghanistan. With the other hand China sells missiles and weapons to Iran and Iraq and continues to funnel support under the table to the Taliban. Bottom line, China continues to aid and abet our enemies.
James Traficant - 11/28/02

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