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Volcker - Annan U.N. Cronyism

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It can not even be said that the State has ever shown any disposition to suppress crime,
but only to safeguard its own monopoly of crime. 
Albert Jay Nock

Volcker - Annan U.N. Cronyism

My Boy bought in all this loot for our buddies
The best world government that money can buy

Is there a more embedded institutional manipulator than a central banker?  The smell test of placing Paul Volcker as the Columbo of the Oil-for-Food caper stinks of Allium sativum.  Garlic is supposed to be good for you, but cooked in this kitchen by crony chefs the fare produces only indigestion.  Has the world become so addicted to fast food that the ingredients used no longer require a FDA label?  In the realm of international diplomacy, it’s not in good taste to question the cook, especially if his myoglobin comes from the "red muscle" in the dark meat of a chicken.  At the outset this investigation was doomed to fail.  Note in September of 2004, Nile Gardiner, Ph.D., and James Phillips notes in - The Volcker Oil-for-Food Commission: Is It Credible?


“It has been almost six months since United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan announced the appointment of the U.N.’s commission of inquiry, headed by Paul Volcker, into the Oil-for-Food scandal. So far, few details have emerged regarding the Commission’s modus operandi, its staff, or its overall effectiveness. The Commission’s operations are shrouded in secrecy, with little transparency or external oversight. For a commission designed to unearth corruption and malpractice on a huge scale, it is strikingly opaque. Its spartan official website contains little information of value, not even a mailing address.”


This Heritage Foundation report is dead on with their recommendation and conclusions:


"It is likely that Congressional and federal investigations will be far more effective ultimately than the U.N.’s own commission of inquiry. Congressional leaders and the Bush Administration should demand:


Full access to all U.N. documents relating to Oil for Food.

There should be no monopoly over documentation held by the U.N. The U.N. should also provide a full list of documents currently in its possession that relate to Oil for Food.


Freedom to interview U.N. officials implicated in the scandal.

Federal and Congressional investigators should be able to question U.N. officials under investigation by the Volcker Commission.


A complete list of names of all staff working on the Volcker Commission.

The Volcker Commission should be completely independent of the U.N., and there should be no conflicts of interest involving its staff.


External oversight of the workings of the Volcker Commission.

The Commission should be open to public scrutiny and should include third-party representatives seconded from bodies such as the FBI and Interpol.


Monthly progress reports from the Volcker Commission to Security Council members.

All members of the U.N. Security Council should be furnished with regular updates on the investigation.


A firm date for publication of the Volcker Report.

The final date of publication must not be open to political manipulation by the U.N. in an attempt to limit potential damage."


“The Volcker Commission’s refusal to share documentation with congressional investigators demonstrates not only breathtaking arrogance but also complete disrespect for Congress and the American public that helps fund the Commission through the United Nations.”   If any benefit of doubt was given back then, what is the excuse today?


Now reported by Desmond Butler in the AP, the obstruction within the investigation becomes evident.


“The chairman of the independent committee probing the U.N. oil-for-food program telephoned at least two congressmen to express concern about forcing the testimony of a senior investigator who resigned in protest of findings that he considered too soft on U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, officials said Friday.


Volcker noted the confidentiality agreement in Parton's contract and the U.N.-appointed committee's diplomatic immunity, said Mike Holtzman, a spokesman for the Volker committee.”


Dissecting the biggest bribe and financial thief in history should be centerpiece for investigative journalism.  Congress should not be denied jurisdiction because of a contrived claim of diplomatic immunity.  Yet, who among us have any confidence that the millions paid to buy influence will result in any serious consequences for bagman Benon Sevan, bad seed son Kojo Annan, or papa doc Kofi Annan?  Sure blame it all on Saddam, who could blame the U.N. for tasting those crumbs, the U.S. would front the cost for regime change and send the bill to the taxpayer!


If you think that confirmation of neocon John Bolton (most important achievement - repeal the 1975 General Assembly resolution equating Zionism with racism) will stop the subversion of Volcker and will reform a systemically corrupt band of thieves, you must be drinking the voodoo juice that is passed around as a test of rainbow cooperation.  All the talk and manufactured fear about unilateralism really translates into protection for approved criminals.  The day we see a true America First foreign policy, those top 10 stories of the 39-floor U.N. headquarters would need to drop into the East River.  But don’t hold your breath, only those mysterious terrorist would ever be up to the task . . . 


What level of corruption is necessary to terminate the useless international body of extortion and farce?  The United Nations are only unified in their lust for more control over the independence and sovereignty of any state that refuses to go along with the integrated plan to rule the globe.  Maybe Volcker is just the man to resurrect the Tobin Tax to pay for invasive oversight measures to prevent future oil for food windfalls.  Then there would be no need to steal the cash, it could be direct wired with a debit to your bank account as the price for ‘World UN-Civilization’ !


The propaganda used to justify the United Nations drains the last drop of oil out of your gas tank.  That fuel is needed to run the armored tanks that make the petro fields secure for future exploration.  The only export the UN produces for the common man is a higher level of exploitation.  The United States makes the world safe for international cronyism to work it’s magic.  That supernatural talent has a very moral character.  Greed, power and control are the holy trinity of the Volcker -Annan accomplice probe.  Blue helmets threaten ordinary Americans while protecting elites that design un-American policies.  The debate should be over how to disengage the United States from the United Nations and how to restore valid national interests that protect our own citizens.  Paul Volcker has no desire for an independent America.  Kofi Annan deserves to be deported.  Both believe in a cover-up that shields a corrupt NWO.  Business as usual - UN style - food poisoning on a grand scale.


SARTRE – May 2, 2005

We cannot be sure that we ought not to regard the most criminal country as that which in some aspects possesses the highest civilization.

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