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Deconstructing Sodomy

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Tell me what a man finds sexually attractive and I will tell you his entire philosophy of life
Ayn Rand

Deconstructing Sodomy

Senator Rick Santorum, Republican from Pennsylvania, is the latest target from the maniacal ‘PC’ cultists. This time their sensibilities have been insulted for exposing the obvious. Now we hear calls for his scalp from disturbed, subverted and unfulfilled malcontents. What was his sin? Pointing out the public reality, oh no! Speaking out has been a banned function if it violates protected taboos. His transgression is that he dares challenge that forbidden behavior is foul. Such conduct as this, condemns the good senator to the chamber of the damned. For isn’t this the society where perversion is the national past time? Sport - it takes talent to play this ball game . . .

So what is the big deal with sodomy? We all do it, don’t we? Just in case you don’t know exactly what it’s all about, check you trusty barrons legal dictionary. Sodomy includes both bestiality and buggery [copulation per anus] and can be consensual, by forcible compulsion, or with a physically helpless person, and includes acts with underaged persons. Modern statues may limit the scope of sodomy such as by defining deviate sexual intercourse as “sexual conduct between persons not married to each other consisting of contact between the penis and anus, the mouth and penis, or the mouth and vulva.” Well, maybe we all don’t do it after all . . .

While commenting on a pending Supreme Court case on a Texas sodomy law, Santorum was quoted as saying: "If the Supreme Court says that you have the right to consensual [gay] sex within your home, then you have the right to bigamy, you have the right to polygamy, you have the right to incest, you have the right to adultery. You have the right to anything,"

According to no less than Rush Limbaugh, the AP reporter that quoted Santorum, which was published in the Philadelphia Daily News article, added the editorial [gay]. Santorum never used the term! That fearless journalist Lara Jakes Jordan, just happens to be the wife of the campaign manager to Senator John Kerry.

Pray tell what ‘All American’ red blooded intimately active wants the government in their private life - right?  Anyway, it’s all about freedom of expression! So anything goes, enjoy, there are no limits. Isn’t that attitude the culmination of disputing Santorum’s logical and eventual consequences of accepting unnatural acts?

Homophobia is the central focal point that the relativist uses to castigate defenders of a sane and sound society, while they advance their perversions as acceptable behavior. The gay-homosexual-lesbian-transsexual-transvestite culture controversy has never been a dispute over freedom. It is question of morality. It is foolish to argue that individuals who choose such orientations are not effectively free to engage in decadence. No law can impose virtue. People have always been free to opt for vice. However, it is ludicrous to claim as a right, the practice of aberrant actions.

This subject is hardly complicated. It is one of the most straight forward principles on earth. Maybe because it is so straight, great intensity is used, by the deviate, to avoid or confront their immorality. Nature operates upon intrinsic objective principles and laws. Denying this truth is the root cause that infects deranged philosophies and unhealthy practices. Those who ignore and disallow this reality are afflicted with a mental disease that dims their ability to reason and leads to the destruction of their own dignity.

The error is one of choice
The offense stems from the action

Remember those notorious remarks “a biological error” attributed to Dr Laura Schlessinger? “I'm sorry, hear it one more time perfectly clearly: if you're gay or a lesbian, it's a biological error that inhibits you from relating normally to the opposite sex.”   Well, I’m sorry too! Not that there is a biological predetermination that requires such behavior, but for the conscious and willful choices for indulging in perversion as an alternative life style.

If it is reasonable to believe that Santorum, actually made the next quote: "I have no problem with homosexuality; I have a problem with homosexual acts", he would be wrong. The correct conclusion would be - free the homosexual, while condemning the act. The crux of this issue is unambiguous. Sodomy is not acceptable and should never be condoned.

Laws against such practices need not compel punishment. Today’s Lord Alfred ‘Bosie’ Douglas’ - don’t need to pass legislation to imprison all the Oscar Wilde aspirants. However, we don’t have to condone or dance under those seven veils with Salomé to experience the intent of the literary genius. Falling under her spell may well be consensual, but acting upon her desires might lead to the loss of one’s head, or worst yet - that of another. Hardly a moral act! Let the ‘Bosie’s’ of this world have their way and even the rules of the Marquess of Queensbury would not bring honor to the law.

For in the end, the decision for personal conduct is always a choice. The rub is that we are told that society must sanction the most perverse and perverted behavior as permissible. When the practice of sodomy is recognized and allowed as acceptable, civic civilization and morality is forsaken. Santorum is entirely within his rightful role and duty to outline the stakes in this case before the Supreme Court. Surely, “States Rights” require that sodomy laws are a state concern. Agendas of gay groups should not hold hostage an entire people, to satisfy their decadence. Maintaining morality and condemning vice are the grounds upon which this prize fight needs to be fought.

Erroneous demands of tolerance are distorted to champion depravity. Cries of being insensitive really means that the depraved can’t stand anyone opposing their abnormality. But best of all are those who howl its hate - when it’s really tough love for the person and admonishment of the act. And we are supposed to acquiesce to the threats of bullies, who’s lust for indulgence and sodomy will condemn the moral remnants, to a society of lewdness? I don’t think so . . . and nor should you!

Rick Santorum, deserves the support of all virtuous Americans. Will his Republican brethren rally to his defense and rebuke the mindless ‘PC’ temperament that is destroying civil community? After Trent Lott, don’t hold your breath. Rick might well go on the offensive and tell it the way it should be told. You know that the press will distort the coverage. Now they just add their own quotes to manufacture a controversy, all the time without the proper consent. Sure sounds like they are the one employed to perform their own version of sodomy. Enough is enough . . .

SARTRE - April 25, 2003

Sex lies at the root of life,
 and we can never learn to reverence life until we know how to understand sex.
  Havelock Ellis

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