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How to elect a Republican President

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Under democracy one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule
--and both commonly succeed, and are right. 
H.L. Mencken

How to elect a Republican President

George - "do what your are told"

There are still some dedicated Republicans that remain loyal to their party. The question is how may politicians within that party can claim that same distinction? While the failures of investing your own integrity and purpose in such political organizations should be quite obvious, many still are determined to wear the party label. So what can a staunch GOP supporter do when their President self implodes?

The reality of the 2004 Presidential campaign offers no actual choice between the two major parties. Spin as you will and rationalize adnauseam, but in the end, Kerry will adopt the same fundamental policies that Bush has promoted. Change is not an option in this cycle if you vote for either Yale alumni.

John Kerry is a disaster waiting to be unleashed. But George Bush has demonstrated that his administration has already released a debacle. Kerry indicates he would continue Bush's pro-Sharon policy. Ira Glunts, in The Electronic Intifada asserts: “Lately, Senator John Kerry has been reassuring voters that he will be as pro-Israel as President Bush. He has expressed his support for Sharon's policy of unilateral disengagement, building of the so-called security barrier and the political isolation of Yasser Arafat. The candidate's present position toward Middle East peace contradicts his past support of the Oslo peace process and provides a surprising contrast to his views when he was a young anti-war leader in the early '70s”.

So if you are looking for an alternative to the failed Middle East policy that has accentuated the conflict, you better look for someone else. Traditional conservative Republicans, who want to assert a sane foreign policy of balance and neutrality have been purged from the GOP. Those who remain, are constrained to forgo their own common sense to remain in the good graces of the faithful. Those who adhere to the NeoCon positions will bear the responsibility for the coming calamity.

Remember that silent majority? What would be the best alternative for those people? Richard Cheney is embedded within the tribe of Likudniks and is the beef behind the throne. He and Bush are siblings from the same iniquitous syndicate. Just what can a disgruntled Republican do? The best option to salvage the minimum is improbable, while logical.

Real defense means secure borders

After the benediction of Bush and Cheney at the Republican convention, construct an offer that even a sitting president and VP can’t refuse. Both would need to resign and before the election J. Dennis Hastert would take the oath and assume the presidency. The Speaker of the House, being the next in line for constitutional succession would retain the semblance of law, even if the reversal of substance would be remote. The question for Republicans is an issue of staunch identity. Are you loyal to a party or to a man who will go down in flames? Traditional conservatives already answered - PRINCIPLE - is the essence of political unity. Without it, you leave the party. When a president is bent upon country-wide destruction in the name of a false national security, you work to remove that person.

Since this option seems so unlikely, why not laugh it off the political stage? The answer is that the circus has become so evident, even the most severely mentally challenged Republican knows that the only chance Bush has for a second term is a miracle of contrived salvation. An October surprise will not be a shock, nor will it awe us when it happens. However, the fix is well underway and the plan is unfolding.

Hastert has one fundamental advantage, he is a non bonesman. George Herbert Walker Bush joined in 1948 and was called 'Magog' and Dubya joined in 1968 and was called 'Temporary'.  The best speculation is that Kerry may be named the “Long Devil” which is the nickname given to the tallest member of the new group. Kerry's brother-in-law from his first marriage, David Thorne, was Bones. So was the late husband of Kerry's current wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry.

Thus the challenge to you is clear. Would you rather ensure the return of disaffected conservatives back into the Republican camp or are you thrilled knowing that even in defeat the policies of Bush will be carried out by Kerry? The voting percentage of eligible voters will be an all time low come this November. Third party candidates support will swell, as many conclude there is no other choice. Diebold friendly voting machines may be placed in many “Cook Counties” around the country, and the results may be known before the polls are closed; BUT, what other option is there? Replacing Bush and Cheney as the nominees is the only chance Republicans will have to retain all those plush partisan Beltway jobs!

Is fidelity to the GOP party the prime directive for Republicans or are you willing to go down with the Bush Titanic? Just what kind of deal or incentive could be offered to two men who already have everything? Appeals to their humanity and personal dignity would be futile. Patriotism is not an alternative, they already have eliminated our national border. How about appealing to their natural instincts?

Offer Bush all of Saddam’s palaces, so he can wear a different crown at each location. Give Cheney all the oil concessions in Iraq so he can buy out Halliburton and take the company private. This way we can get rid of both of them, and they would have their very own kingdom. Or is the entire world the only prize that will satisfy ????

Republicans need to make a choice. Bush is a loser and your party will sink into the quicksand’s of incapacity with the loss of the presidency. Having control of Congress and the Senate hasn’t restored a real republic, so what will you do when the salutes go to President Kerry? Or can we just admit that goal was never your objective . . . and you will rest easy knowing that a lean tall Lincolnesque figure will replace your cowboy. The extreme tyranny ‘Abe’ would be the supreme legacy for a model Kerry administration.

So what will it be, Republicans! Hastert or Halliburton? Working for Nader, while “Waiting for Godot”, would be an insult to Samuel Beckett. Performing upon a stage at the Theater of the Absurd is not good governance. Take back your own party - show the door to the Bush clan . . . clean house and change the foreign policy that guarantees the demise of our country. Trusting and waiting for Teresa Heinz to book a plane flight for George and Dick under the names of Estragon and Vladimir, would really be ridiculous. However, as some people say . . .  “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” - Franklin Delano Roosevelt

SARTRE - April 9, 2004

In a despotism there is no organized opposition which can take over the power when the Administration in office has failed. All the eggs are in one basket. Everything is staked on one coterie of men.
Walter Lippmann

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