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How did this war get started?

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The simplest explanation is that it doesn't make sense.
Professor William Buechner

How did this war get started?

Now that the cake walk in Iraq has been proven less a stroll in the park than the media first described it, what can be gleamed at this stage in the conflict? No rational person can deny the huge superiority of warlike destructive systems that the invaders possess and that the vast probability that ultimate submission is inevitable, in a military sense. It’s just the price will be higher than what we were all lead to believe. Prospects of a continuous guerrilla resistance and unconventional combat may well provide the response that more of that lethal power will be less sensitive to collateral damage, as the serious bombing is ratcheted up into high gear.

If anyone ever wondered what senior military retirees do in their leisure years, we find that they rush to become analysts for the news channels. Charts, pointers and briefing flow in a steady stream of re-evaluations why their original blueprint didn’t work as efficiently as first planned. As set backs are spinned and explained with examples of triumphant target destruction’s, the narration mostly avoids why those weapons of mass destruction are not being used as the Iraqi Republican Guard is picked off with each sortie or ground action. By now, one would think Saddam and his cronies would throw their most potent punch. Isn’t that overriding rational for fighting sand storms - eliminatation of a foe who would use those WMD?

What is forgotten even more and now relegated to the black hole of memory is that the attacks of 911 turned the world upside down. Planes flying into the World Trade Center were the first images that shocked the public, and became the basis for justification of this perpetual war on terror. What would happen to the mood of the gung-ho public if the events of that fateful day proved to be quite different from the official version of that tragic episode? Would people being willing and open to face the possibility that they have been had, or would their response be to muster all the capacities of denial to avoid facing the most unpleasant self awakening imaginable? If you are a betting man, take the line that reality and facts lose every time, when it requires a conclusion that your government is lying and fabricating, about the most important single event in memory.

It all depends how you view this photo
The WTC is the excuse used for WAR

So read the following account, The Incredible 9-11 Evidence We've All been Overlooking, with an open mind - it may be the most enlightening exposé on a single page that you will find. Ask yourself questions, don’t accept any analysis as irrefutable; but compare the evidence to the government’s story you have been told. Since we are being instructed that it is necessary to bury the Republic and scrap the Constitution, to eliminate every terrorists that hates the United States; isn’t it your responsibility to judge if this world wide war is justified, based upon a first strike by foreign saboteurs?

Certainly, the leap from a band of militant’s hijacking planes to the conquest of the Middle East region, has been covered before. But has the underlying and seminal event been sufficiently understood to warrant the domestic eradication of the Bill of Rights? The stakes cannot be any higher, so re-visit 911 with your greatest commitment to wherefore the facts lead.

Another element in the equation that got very little attention is the amazing saga of Larry Silverstein. Surely, you heard of him? That seven billion dollar man - the luckiest man of all time, second only to those “Names” who resigned previously from Lloyd's of London and were not underwriting reinsurance syndicates! Oy gevalt, close those syndicates for that year 2001, or those open tails will follow you forever . . .  Unlimited liability, doesn’t seem to extend to Lucky Larry!

For Larry’s spin, listen to a February 27, 2003 interview on the Charlie Rose program - obviously - provided to you from the Bloomberg network - from the man, now mayor of New York City. Away, just who is this real estate baron? Wonder how much, if any, of this background will be examined?

So, you would think it is in the national interest to get to the bottom of the WTC attack and destruction, by having a government investigation, every bit as precise, exhaustive and accurate as the Warren Commission Report? Well, that may be exactly what you are getting . . .

Sources tell TIME that the White House brushed off a request quietly made last week by the 9-11 Commission Chairman Tom Kean, the Republican former governor of New Jersey, to boost his budget by $11 million. Kean had sought the funding as part of the $75 billion supplemental spending bill that the president just requested to pay for war with Iraq. Bush's recent move has miffed some members of the 9-11 panel.

In denying the request, the White House irritated many of the members of the commission. "This is very counterproductive if the White House's intention is to prevent the commission from being politicized, because it will look like they have something to hide," said a Republican member of the commission.

The slow start is particularly upsetting to some because the panel was given 18 months to complete its probe, and the clock has been ticking since November 27 but the commission has made scant progress in the four months since.

Whatever you believe about 911, you must agree that using the events of that day are central to all the policies from that point onward. When the WTC is continually used as THE excuse for incursion into Afghanistan and now the conquest of Iraq, it is imperative that doubt in the accounts of that day and suspicion of a subsequent cover-up will be seriously investigated. Clearly, most people don’t want to question the official version or to even consider that a strange series of events just don’t pass the laugh test. Digging into the subject is painful; because if one rejects the government chronicle, the excuse for all other reactive policies, evaporates quicker than the collapse of the towers themselves.

The 'Fireman's Video' is Bush's true smoking gun. Will you watch it and examine it for yourself? Can you handle the TRUTH? Even if you discard the idea of personal inquiry - please read The Incredible 9-11 Evidence We've All been Overlooking. As the bloody conflict in Iraq drags on and intensifies, you deserve a full disclosure if that foray is but another component in a much larger strategy in the design of a new world, and global order. “Window on the World” is no long a refined restaurant that peers out upon an unforgettable vista. Now, the factual ‘Windows on the WTC’ are being relegated to another sanctioned masquerade. The coup started within Daley Plaza, continues with 911, and now moves on with the conquest of Iraq. Have the common sense to see it for what it is and the courage to deal with it.

SARTRE - March 28, 2003

The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one. The happiness of credulity is a cheap and dangerous quality.
George Bernard Shaw

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