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Two Elections - Different Results - Same Outcome

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36-point crime plan, calls on the government to infiltrate immigrant communities to ferret out terrorists and gangs.
José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero

Two Elections - Different Results - Same Outcome


Elections in Spain and Russia - one a surprise, the other a forgone conclusion. The Spanish are ready to yell Yankee go home and Russians give the Kremlin the green light to expand their dominion. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, no household name, benefits from the Madrid bombings. Vladimir Putin, a known commodity, counts the returns with the backdrop burning of the Manege building. The Iberian peninsula turns toward socialism while Chechnya readies for a return to steps that are reminiscent of the past.

So what doe this all mean? The apparent conclusion is a reduction of influence coming out of Washington. If the Spanish public was against supporting an interventionist policy before, now they are resolved that aligning with the United States is down right risky. Domestic security was sure not enhanced with the strategy that plants the flag on foreign soil. Since the dubious initial assessments for assigning blame seem to be a rush to judgment, wouldn’t it be more productive to ask what conditions provide genuine protection from malicious terror?

When the Soviet Union conducted global terror, opposition was called freedom fighters. They were the evil empire and needed to be stopped. We are told that Putin was a normal reaction to the erratic Boris Yeltsin. But both were statesmen compared to the Stalin era, and friends of the West. The official definition of a friend is a regime that will acquiesce to the international community. And we all know that the world is carried by the arms of the American army . . . and policy is made within the closed elite circles of an unholy trinity - London, Tel Aviv and Washington/NYC.

If that equation is too unsettling to accept, examine the microcosm of Georgia. “Tensions between the central government in Tbilisi and Adzharia heightened sharply Sunday when Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili was prevented from entering the unruly Black Sea region. Saakashvili issued a one-day ultimatum to Adzharian leader Aslan Abashidze to accept Tbilisi's authority and start disarming his paramilitary forces . . . Adzharia has run its own affairs, withholding tax payments to the central government and otherwise refusing to cooperate with Tbilisi”.

This is a typical example of territorial differences playing out for the right of self determination. The political game of central control vs regional independence is as old as recorded history. Only the scale of the conflict and the intensity of the combat differs when the feud escalates to larger States. Underpinning the fallacy that the entire world wants or is willing to submit to the canons of democratic governments, is a conceit that incites hatred for forced salvation. Terrorism is growing in intensity because of the very reason that is suppose to make the West different - CHOICE.

The unwillingness to accept the prudent principle of minding one’s own business is the core failure of central powers. Throughout the endless propaganda rallies and media newspeak, the underlying causes of discontent are ignored and denied. Security for our own people and our borders is essential. However, the idea that extending a global reach to root out and destroy all the hostile elements that oppose a world view of the Triumvirate Empire, flunks the sanity test.

Greater resistance is growing, and don’t be surprised that more intense reactions will be instituted. Notwithstanding, elevated measures to eradicate terrorist cells, expansion of additional recruits will swell. Understand the stakes. Civilization can’t endure, when the destructive technology designed by that system, is turned against the inventors. Reprisal against the disenfranchised is not resolved by allowing them to vote! If they want a different result than the ordained options provided them on a bizarre ballot, the end tally will not establish legitimacy.

Spanish voters recalled their government. By announcing that troops will be leave Iraq, the coalition of convenience starts to unravel. Zapatero is swept into office by a backlash. Another socialist is never a bargain, but an imperialist sympathizer is not much better. Being called an Anglo while traveling in Basque country symbolizes the extent of the distrust. ETA is no social club, nor are their tactics a model for amicable co-existence. However, why are the Bask populace forced to remain part of a geographic country when they overwhelmingly want to secede from Spain?


Is the turmoil in Chechnya any different? The best way to prevent the Russian Bear from reverting into an earlier Soviet Beast, is to allow the diverse cultures and tribes to break away. The annals of warfare are fueled with untold suffering because governments would not release inhabitants from unpopular jurisdiction. Such common sense seldom is demonstrated in public policy. The lust for expansion is the norm and proof positive that political redress solutions are rare and infrequent. Thus the rise of protesters, that often turn into revolutionaries.

Believable evidence who is behind the Madrid bombings is not known. How the Manege fire started is not certain. What is understood by observers, who have the courage to face up to reality, is that the present course causes an escalation of terror. Eradicating everyone who harbors the desire and the means to commit acts of terror may sound simple. Yet, how may political leaders or their surrogates operate with pure hands? Real security will return, when the empire crumbles. A noble republic attains safety when secession is allowed. In order to establish a more perfect union, let the factions that despise the regime, gain their own self determination. Much of the globe sees the triad’s day in the sun as the turmoil of a tornado. Self respecting patriots admit the fever for armed intervention is the symptom of a terminal disease. The cause of the plague is false pride. Let my people go and accept their exodus is the resolution for a permanent settlement.

In an election year, expect an October surprise. Will it be an explosion, a fire or another big lie? As long as the War Party has two figureheads sporting the skull and bones, the pirates in charge, will keep wearing the same tainted crown. You are the true masters, why allow them to remain as depraved commanders?  Neither Zapatero or Putin want to engage and negotiate a breakup. Both would consider it a surrender. Terrorism will remain the rule as long as the rulers demand sweeping obedience. Kerry and Bush are no different. Only a fool maintains loyalty to a failed policy. If you want to stop the terrorism, change that imperial policy.

SARTRE - March 16, 2004

And what happened today is added proof of the relevance of the Russian proposal to pool the efforts of the international community in the struggle against terrorism, that plague of the 21st century. Russia knows at first hand what terrorism is.
Valdimir Putin

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