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The Slattern Single Mother

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There is no place in a fanatic's head where reason can enter.

Napoleon Bonaparte

The Slattern Single Mother

The "collectivist" feminist demon

Just who is the real victim? In today’s sanitized culture, often a victim is anyone who declares an excuse for not taking responsibility for their own offensive behavior. Who fits this definition more precisely than the self indulged female that trots around her fatherless child as a casualty of forsaken love. Not to be confused with those who became prey to rape or the tragic early demise of their husband, those who seek out independent motherhood are the aberrant droves of a sick society. The fruits of feminism are deviancy. The outcome of this kind of autonomy is often a disturbed offspring. That outcome applies to more than just a ‘PC’ style of education. It guarantees a deterioration of the present society, that now seeks the lowest common denominator. With each passing year and introduction of the next cycle of despair, the standard is defined down to an even lower levels.

Single mothers use the badge of self pity to project a false sense of guilt on society. Wounded and harmed by a cruel man or abandoned by a heartless community, has become a status symbol. Before one falsely interprets  that men bear no blame whatsoever, consider who exerted the liberation of the ‘feminine mystique’. Feminism has little to do with equality, but much to with the destruction of the family. When Betty Friedan states that a housewife is a "parasite," and that such women are "less than fully human" insofar as they "have never known a commitment to an idea", we have the making of the ultimate gender war.

Continued conflict and deconstruction of traditional values is the sacred grail of an unbalanced world view. The feminist would have you believe that sexism is a conduct that bears condemnation. When in reality, this term, is an entirely defensible practice of naturally distinguishing the difference between the two sexes. Just look at the common dictionary definition for sexism: 1) discrimination based upon sex, esp. discrimination against women. 2) attitudes or conditions that promote stereotyping of social roles based on gender. Now examine the official Microsoft politically correct thesaurus substitutes for sexism:  prejudice, narrow-mindedness, intolerance, dogmatism, bigotry, racism, injustice. The stated new age cultural meaning and message is that sexism is bad. If that was true, one would need to deny that natural social roles based on gender do not exist. Can cognitionally challenged unisex defenders, rightful deny all the lessons of history, and still claim to be credible?

Feminism is a radical scourge against nature. Depicting discrimination as unjust is to equate inherently different roles as immoral. Well, distinctions deserve discrimination. Those who are so short sighted, incapable or averse to acknowledge the intrinsic, can only seek to rewrite the specifics of human nature. Unfortunately that is impossible, even if the attempt was sincere and founded upon good intentions.

Single motherhood has become the sacrifice upon the altar of feminist purity. Their children have become not only pawns, but disposable incipient organisms. Their existence is based upon the whims of psychologically impaired believers in the mantra of a self centered nurturing nihilism. Just ask why so many women resent a man in their lives, let alone a father in the up bring of their children? If maintaining a loving and sharing relationship with a husband was the focus of the motivation to bear a infant, children would not be in such great peril. Sadly, only the desire to become impregnated gets the attention of so many single mothers.

Divorce is no alternative for responsibility. Excuses that a bad choice can be undone when temperance in carnal appetites was lacking, ignores the well being of the child. The other alternative, trading in a damaged vehicle for the chance to go shopping for a new model, is not much better. But the motivation to go it alone, because it is too tough to stick it out, just confirms that the pleasure of the woman comes first. Feeling of discontent from failed relationships must be relieved to protect the completeness of the feminist doctrine. Medicate, psychoanalyse or punish the man - but never admit that the fault may be in  the lack of personal responsibility or, worse yet, that the sainted sisterhood has it all wrong.

When women accept that it is normal and healthy to live alone and raise a child, much lest several; they deprive their flesh and blood from any reasonable chance to grow up with the love and enduring influence of a father. Is it sexism to condemn promoting single mother households? If it is, PLEASE call me by its name . . .

Since the act of procreation is an action of choice, any woman who enters into that union with the satisfaction that if she becomes pregnant, she can handle the decision all on her own, has become the quintessential gender plunder. Cognitive dissonance never enters into the equation of moral responsibility, since the selfishness for emotional relief drives the behavior. Feminism is the moral enemy of women. Men clearly understand the destructive consequence it has brought upon society. But far too many females, still cling to this disturbed valueless hoax, that the humiliation of their own dignity escapes them.

If some women are perplexed why their men turns their backs on them, only look to the attitude that they are their gender equal. Get Real! A man desires a wench but wants a saint to be the mother of his children. Resolute single mothers are failed parents, their blinded feminism supersedes their maternal nature. Denying that nature, dooms society to further  “parasites” in the Friedan mold. The housekeeper is the heroine - the queen - deservedly so, of the family. The desolation of society is proportional to the destruction of the family. If female liberation means gender equality, let discrimination triumph. If feminism requires gender to be neutral, give us more intolerance. And if a woman wants for her personal gratification, to discard a man after a child is conceived, give her a dildo. Isn’t it all about - “for the children”? If so, then celebrate the family and champion the institution. Feminists deserve our scorn, while our progeny need to preserve our posterity.

SARTRE - February 14, 2003

Maternity is on the face of it an unsociable experience. The selfishness that a woman has learned to stifle or to dissemble where she alone is concerned, blooms freely and unashamed on behalf of her offspring. - Emily James Putnam

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