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UN is not only irrelevant but terminal

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You can fool all the people all the time if the advertising budget is big enough.
Ed Rollins

UN is not only irrelevant but terminal



The promise of a world assembly working in diplomatic cooperation is a failed experiment. With ‘his excellency’ Colin Powell’s recital of the proof against Iraq, the only smoking gun is the one that was concealed that points directly at the Bush clan. Saddam Hussein, having been the business partner of the crowd that insulates the president and his father from scrutiny, is a convenient villain. Sure Saddam is a bad man, but a cozy relationship gone sour was not revealed to the security council. Since the chronicle of how the world got to the point of this calculated conflict isn’t significant, we are subjected to evidence of hide and seek as the impetus why war is a necessity.

This entire approach avoids the real issues at play. The secret confession of most nations unites in the knowledge that the advancing Middle East war is about control of oil resources and expansion of a greater Israel. Only the Americans have their noses in the sand sniffing the smell on newly minted money. The dog and pony show that pre-empted assault is justified and necessary to eliminate a sanctuary for terrorists is about as credible as the argument that Iraq must remain a perpetual colony to United Nations resolutions. Even Viet Nam was admitted back into the club or nations. But Bush won’t be satisfied until the Iraqi thug is dead, or shares that ‘just cause’ cell with Manual Noriega. If Saddam is the latest Hitler, where is the difference between Sharon and Stalin?

Both Sharon and Saddam are oppressors, proficient in the use of intimidation, violence and deceit. So why is one a ‘so called’ ally and the other is a bitter enemy? The member countries in the United Nations understand this reality, just look at all the resolutions that Israel consistently ignores. Never any adverse consequences for the Zionists. The United States will always come to the rescue with that veto! So what is the point with all the useless talk, when the final resolution comes down to military power and the will to inflict grave annihilation? Israel can have and threaten to use their nukes, but Pakistan must submit to their own occupation to prevent any possible risk to Tel Aviv. The world sees the clear hypocrisy in this mindset, but most Americans dodge the obvious.

The only lasting function provided by the United Nations is indoctrination. The global design of the United States is to exert their will upon a world, hostile to an imperial presence. By now it should be evident that the good citizens of the Republic oppose current foreign policy, while subjects of the US Empire clamor for greater intervention. The United Nations has no place in this equation, serves no useful purpose and only compounds the schedule for the next foreign adventure. Our fellow neighbors never benefit from this interference, but are always required to pay in treasure and blood. The charade that the world community is reflected within the general assembly is laughable. The power resides in the economic control and the muscle to enforce compliance.

So why get all worked up over the irrelevant? All the endless rhetoric and polemics that invoke turning “Swords into Plowshares” is a scam. The only beating that will come from this diversion will be the forging of our chains, under the fig leaf of peace. Real peace is rare and aspirations that it can be imposed is insane. Terrorism is the natural evolution of desperation when confronting a superior militaristic force. This argument does not seek to justify unconventional combat, but only to acknowledge that it is inevitable. The terminal plight that flows from such subterranean methods and tactics - is that even in victory - the imperial master destroys itself with the further concentration of their own power, use of sophisticated military systems, and extended foreign deployments. This kind of war can never secure a lasting peace and guarantees permanent bloodshed.

The United Nations was never intended to be the final authority. The task of blue helmets being the “policeman for the world” is a ruse. Their troops may be the foot grunts, but their masters are not generals. The elites pull all the strings and push every lever of policy. Just ask, who benefits from those policies? Will America win the coming war with Iraq or will the cronies of the Corporate/State axis just use the excuse of a naughty Saddam to expand their reach, restrict our domestic liberties and feed the next cycle of continued conflict? Can the UN provide any positive role when the cause of the strife dwells in the genesis of the Lukid mindset, whether it resides in the State Department, Whitehall or the Knesset?

Substitution based on a hysteria of an exaggerated ‘war on terror’ with a regime change, that will expand into a redrawing of the map in the Middle East, is hardly the formula for bringing justice to the criminals of 911. This leap from al Quada to Iraq is far less credible than the evidence that Usama Bin Laden is a creature of the CIA. And pray tell, let no man even remotely suggest that the horror that started this latest round of international “Russian Roulette” involved collusion of those Israeli ‘art students’, domestic intelligence agencies and foreign double agents. For we all know that to be tabbed a conspiracy theorist or to promote urban legend folklore, is worse than being part of Hamas or Hezbollah.

Is the UN going to set this record straight? Even if it did or was able to shed needed light, would the American public rise up and demand that our troops return home? Only the diplomats dining at Elaine’s, immune from paying parking tickets and enjoying smoking inside their exempt offices, would spin their artful paltriness as indispensable. The illusion that the world is united is lethal, but the aspiration that it should be administered globally is terminal.

After the British turned the Palestine matter over to the United Nations, this phony body sanctioned a blueprint for the state of Israel in 1948, with the partition plan Resolution 181.  After all parties rejected that plan, the 1948-49 Israeli War of Independence was fought and resulted in the creation of a Jewish state, slightly larger than that which was proposed by the United Nations two years before. If the UN couldn’t mediate the eternal conflict among feuding cousins back then, what possible competence can be drawn upon today to resolve an antagonism that has grown much deeper?

The war with Iraq is one of conquest and the UN has become a side show to the carnage. As long as nations are resigned to delude themselves and refuse to have the courage to face the real nature of Middle East discord, the world body should disperse with the charade. Weapons of mass destruction are all immoral. Is there any doubt that Israel has the will to use theirs? Just ask Jewish military historian Martin van Crefeld:

“We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force.”

Anyone willing to wait for world condemnation for this arsenal or its potential use? Can you envision a UN expeditionary force dismantling Israeli nuclear facilities? You’ll see the Swiss become a nuclear power before this daydream is realized. So why keep injecting adrenaline into a lifeless body of an extraneous hoax? The United Nations needs to be put to rest. The Bush crowd is bent on extending the Pax America - one colony at a time. At least have the guts to admit that the transparent is “irrefutable and undeniable”. If only these words of Colin Powell were directed at the actual root cause of the problem.

SARTRE - February 7, 2003

If you hate something thoroughly without knowing why, you can be sure there is something of it in your own nature. 
Friedrich Hebbel

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