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There is a tyranny in the womb of every Utopia

BERTRAND DE JOUVENEL, Sovereignty: An Inquiry Into the Political Good


Controlled Virtual Reality by Algorithms

The backlash against the high tech mob is so obvious that no sane person can deny that their version of acceptable thinking requires banning Free Speech. The genie is out of the lamp and the only way to prevent these demons from repeating their censorship is to cork the bottle of any product offered by these companies. Utopia for the authoritarian collectivists necessitates that they conjure up twisted and absurd content targets as hate speech in a desperate attempt to rationalize the purging of counter opinions to their orthodox "PC" Communist Manifesto. In essence, the "so called" left has become the model of fascism by and under Silicon Valley's techno plutocrats. Merging Fabian ideals with state/corporatist absolutism produces a deformed corporeality by algorithms in an artificial intelligence society.

Algorithms function as filters to identify dangerous voices of reason and common sense. Eradicating any kind of dissent or historic cultural viewpoints is automated in the digital cloud of approved thinking. The canard that the masters of artificial truth are private companies and are not subject to Bill of Right protections is an insult to anyone who is committed to the building of a free society. Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have emerged as monopolies that restrict speech and excel at censorship.

Several years ago Jane Wakefield's article in the BCC When algorithms control the world cited the following.

"In his book, The Filter Bubble, Eli Pariser questions how far Google's data-crunching algorithm go in harvesting our personal data and shaping the web we see accordingly.

Meanwhile, a recent study by psychologists at Columbia University found that reliance on search engines for answers is actually changing the way humans think."

Gathering personal data and online habits allow for the assignment of a social score based upon factors and behavior that the monolithic gatekeepers are establishing. If this is not the formula for the apocalyptic "Mark of the Beast" then what would you call it?

Who can forget when Eric Schmidt set into motion the removal of troublesome digital identities?  Google’s chairman wants algorithms to censor the internet for hate speech makes the following point.

“It’s our responsibility to demonstrate that stability and free expression go hand in hand,” he writes. “We should build tools to help de-escalate tensions on social media—sort of like spell-checkers, but for hate and harassment.”

Gee, how did this approach work out? While the targeting of conservative, libertarian and pro Trump sites have been getting the most attention, the folks over at AIWAREFARE.TECH provide some basic trends about Social Media Algorithms.

• Fake News used as a rational but false explanation (cover story) for censorship of damning truths

• Facebook is more or less an intelligence operation, while Facebook algorithms are notably suspect [2]

• Twitter algorithm's allegedly to curtail hate speech can be weaponized against legitimate free speech

• Twitter algorithms to label a tweet under the wrong language and inherently cut off the proper language demographic from seeing the tweet

• Instagram algorithms appear to shadow ban those who use CIA assassination hashtags (Perhaps lumped into the terrorist category)

• However I have noticed unfair censorship of conservative and the alt right in social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. An entire popular social media platform itself appears to have spawned out of the ashes of social media censorship (

• Google would appear to be the prime target for sources like the CIA to infiltrate with agenda oriented algorithms

• Algorithmic censorship is just coming to into the picture compared to the progression we may see in the next 10-20 years

As the midterm elections approach, the tech globalists are pulling out all the stops to silence and remove from the web voices which defend the America First philosophy that the Trump administration is implementing. The safe space snowflakes who write and execute their suppressive programming act as establishment guardians for their totalitarian masters.

Notwithstanding, push back is growing and the public needs to apply their constitutional community standards to demand that censorship of political discourse is utterly un-American.

Michael Snyder observes: Is The Censorship Of Conservatives Part Of The Reason Why Facebook Is Losing Massive Amounts Of Traffic?

"The amount of website traffic that Facebook receives in the United States has “fallen by about half” since 2016, and it is anticipated that this decline in traffic will not end any time soon. Coincidentally (or perhaps not), 2016 also happened to be the year when the censorship of conservatives on Facebook really became noticeable. The events of this week made headlines all over the globe, but the truth is that Facebook has been an egregious censor of conservative viewpoints for a very long time, and it appears that it is really taking a toll on the company. In business, one of the golden rules is to never make your customers angry, but Facebook has chosen to make conservatives very angry over and over again. It was inevitable that many of them would begin to leave, and that is perhaps part of the reason why monthly page visits are down by about four billion over the past two years…"

Unfortunately, sitting back and watching the internal meltdown of the most egregious social network blacklisters does not eliminate the problem of high tech lynching. Experience the latest Google search and the results prove just how biased their version of virtual reality has become.

Add to their controlled and malformed correctness is their acceptance into the Chi-Coms sphere of regimentation. Education has been an indoctrination chamber for well over a century. The old internet provided a real alternative to sanctioned conformity. Now the algorithm dreamland serenity that the millennium autocrats seek requires imposing, on any point of view that differs from theirs, banishment from social networks and ultimately the web itself.     

The internet is rapidly building an iron curtain of a NKVD neo-Stalinism. In the vanguard of perfecting the computerization of censorship, the despots of allowable compliance will soon require acceptance of their political and social culture to gain access to what remains and is worth viewing on the internet.

SARTRE - August 14, 2018