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The 'Dueling Twins'

A peace that comes from fear and not from the heart is the opposite of peace.



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When Will Isolationists Learn?

by James Hall, from the Left

After two world wars and an earlier assortment of battles (including those with the Spanish Empire and Libyan pirates) you'd think that American isolationists would have learned the folly of thinking that the world will just leave them alone if they leave the world alone. But isolationists have the memories of squirrels, and are now calling for yet another withdrawal from a world that we are inextricably involved in. Get out of the UN, they cry; avoid foreign entanglements. Let the world mind its business and we'll mind ours.

The Bush administration was foolish enough to heed some of their cries, and moved full speed ahead on a unilateralist agenda, threatening to withdraw peacekeeping troops from Macedonia, killing a Kyoto climate treaty that didn't suit them, dropping mediated talks in Israel and Northern Ireland, announcing a plan to build a wall of missiles around America while simply canceling any treaties that might get in the way. The administration's now concerned because the world booted America off of important UN committees, Kyoto supporters are boycotting American companies worldwide, the Middle East is on the point of an oil-disrupting war (which would trigger a real energy crisis, not the false spectacle they fabricated for us), and Europe is threatening to go its own way, no longer concerned with licking the boot heels of a disinterested American giant.

The Bushies plainly forgot an important law of physics--nature abhors a vacuum. Pull the US out of the world's affairs and someone else moves in--in this case America's enemies, who are more than happy to do things abroad to discomfit us at home. Bush was supposed to do something to stop the expansion of this vacuum with his European trip this past week, but the only European leader he seemed to get along with was ex-KGB tyrant Vladimir Putin.

Perhaps that's because Putin seems happy to watch the US withdraw from its hard-fought and carefully nurtured relationships with the rest of the world. Putin was pleased to let the US declare its intention to abandon the ABM Treaty; Russia, he then announced, would abandon the START II treaty signed by Bush's father and begin putting multiple warheads back on its missiles, increasing its original target goal of warheads from 1,500 back to 3,500. That got him an invitation to George W's ranch for some beef chili and chicken enchiladas.

Bush and his fellow isolationists/unilaterialists may learn that not all foreign conflicts can be resolved at the Bush ranch or around the White House dinner table. Arms control issues that have evolved over 57 years won't be resolved in a few months, and certainly not by unilateral action on our part. If America decides to act on its own and in its own self-interest, so will Europe, Russia, and China, and the results won't be to our liking.

America's best interests start with the realization that we are a part of a shrinking world, inextricably tied to it through economic, social, and political ties. Abandoning those long-tended ties is like abandoning fertile farm land. It will go to someone else, whose strength will be increased, while ours will be diminished. Wake up isolationists and unilateralists--America is on the globe, and there she will stay.

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James longs for the good old days where each neighbor tended his own fence and no policemen were required. That time never actually existed: it is a variation of the mythological Golden Age that every conservative is sure was real. Consult actual history, however, and we see that every people and every nation that minded its own business was sooner or later attacked or affronted by others that didn't. The good old days weren't as good as they
are old.

If you want a diagram for what America First will do to us, consider the Soviet Union. Until 1989 the Soviet Union was a powerful empire. Economic troubles caused it to withdraw troops, demobilize forces, scale down its foreign aid, and cut social programs, all under Boris Yeltsin's cry of
"Russia First." What happened? Russian allies went with new alliances, fringe areas broke off and became independent, and Russia became a third world nation that today is at risk of being eaten by Chinese and European

If the US abandons the world, you can be assured that Europe will grow strong and self-determined; China will assert its power over Asia and the Pacific, and even Russia, after realizing its mistake, may eventually rebuild itself. Even in our own hemisphere there are nations weaker in resources and people who may build themselves into strong competitors in the absence of an American presence. Pursue the "America First" course and at some point in the future, a weakened America will find itself surrounded with strong
opponents and no allies.

Sorry James, but realistically the American State you hate is here to stay. You can choose be a part of an American State that guarantees your freedoms, or you can become part of a Chinese State, a European State, a Russian State....well, you get the picture. I myself would prefer to remain an American, so I'll promote policies that make America strong and an involved world leader, not those that will eventually make us a province in someone else's empire.

James Hall, From the Left


Kevin Tuma - CNSNews.com material, copyright 1998-2001


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Internationalists Seek EMPIRE


It isn't the oceans which cut us off from the world -- it's the American way of looking at things.

Henry Miller

Those who ponder as Miller, are inept within their understanding of International Affairs. No one in the American First movement seeks isolation from the world, or wish to withdraw from commerce. The misnomer 'Isolationist' is a feeble attempt to avoid a serious discussion on what is the benefit to the American Nation. Those who were the most avid proponents against National Socialism, forgot their own rational as to why they entered that conflict. Their alignment with Soviet Communism illustrates their true motive in WW II. The emergence of NATO was an effort to dominate the world political sphere more than a counterweight against the 'Bear'.

The issue has always been a question of Empire. If crushing Hitler was stated to be a moral imperative, how can you claim that the American/NATO Dominion is any different from the Third Reich or the Soviet 'Evil Empire'? Only an issue of slight degree separates the quest for Statism.

Arguments on expansion of NATO are ridiculous. The question is why should NATO continue? The European Union is attempting to become a rival to Pax America. So what is the compelling interest for America to finance this competing interest? It is prudent to pay for the systemic destruction of nukes from the Russia arsenal. But why should the US pay for defending Germany when the only threat for a new Reich is the advent of a NATO run by the EU? Just who is the lamebrain, and who doesn't learn?

The notion that the world requires a policeman is absurd. That is dribble coming from a monarchist in love with a kingdom ruled by the STATE. Power politics always leads to continual warfare, never a peace with justice. Enforcement becomes the mindset, not peace keeping! For in the end, self determination is the greatest abhorrence of the Internationalist, not war. Blood being shed is of small consequence to these 'Mattoids'. Military budgets continually grow, while creating little real defense.

It is high time that countries act in their own interest, not out of fear that their foreign aid from the US Congress will be cut. Commerce and mutual respect is in each countries self interest. Mutual cooperation against common threats will emerge when events dictate intervention. But to concede to a world run by borderless corporations, enforced by legions of paid mercenaries, judged by international tribunals and educated with unsound 'secular humanism' reasoning; you get a new Dark Empire.

Thank God that the American tradition points to a humane principle of friendship to all and domination of none! The Millers of this world have never learned how to mind their own affairs. Life within the Tropic of Cancer has a way of internalizing obscenity. No great debasement exists than that of the Imperial Dictator. America has never been immune from this affliction. Only a faithful resolve to champion a neutral and tempered foreign policy has advanced her respect in the world. The forces of conquest will always exist. They can never be defeat by becoming a autocrat yourself. Sensible self defense of American soil, its people and her independence is worthy of eternal vigilance struggle. Conquest, domination and world rule is not deserving of a great nation. Yes we are part of a greater world, and yes we need to improve it; but your way is not just a 'Third Way' it is a desolate province of the czar of coercion, force and continual war.

James Hall aka SARTRE

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Final Word:

The 'Lefty' not only slights logic, now it turns to taking license with the meaning of language. American First DOES NOT abandon being in the world. It has always fostered a strong defense of American soil, but rejects establishing that every corner of the globe, constitutes US property or is in her interest. Sure arrogance and hubris to defy that other nations might act in their own self interest. My question is simply, when will America starting acting in such fashion?

The Soviet Empire was built because of the war time aid to Stalin and a willingness to allow the theft of Eastern Europe. The 'Grand Patriotic War' was about creating an empire, just as much as fighting Hitler. Since you seek to become part of the praetorian guard, you must accept all the animosity that the rest of the world always has for a bully. And that is exactly the way the US is viewed throughout most of the world.

You best ensure security through a vital and independent economic market system. Add a voluntary citizen defense, not a mercenary soldier of fortune force. Use all the tech magic to keep our shore free from invasion, and conduct sincere dialogue to sell the values and principles that create wealth and freedom abroad. Attempts to force the will of world domination under the symbols of Hollywood propaganda is as futile as placing keeping tanks on the 38th parallel for fifty years.

Our mission in not an imposed peace, that will ultimately be the reasons for real terrorism within America borders. But our task is to develop a foreign policy that benefits citizens of the Republic, not elites who you wish to praise. Yes, I'm an American that travels the world, but doesn't need to own or control all of it. It is a balance that provides real security, especially when you will no longer be viewed with hatred, just for being an American.

James Hall - 'The Right'

copyright 2000-2001 by BATR All Rights Reserved

It makes no difference whether government controls allegedly favor the interests of labor or business, of the poor or the rich, of a special class or a special race: the results are the same. The notion that a dictatorship can benefit any one social group at the expense of others is a worn remnant of the Marxist mythology of class warfare, refuted by half a century of factual evidence. All men are victims and losers under a dictatorship; nobody wins-except the ruling clique.

- Ayn Rand

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