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The 'Dueling Twins'

Enter the 'HALL' of the Dueling JAMES Twins!

A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.
Will Durant


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Immigration, A Source of America's Strength
James Hall -  From the Left

America is a Rainbow of Diversity, not a Melting Pot

One in ten Americans is an immigrant. And the rest of us are the children and descendants of immigrants, even our native American brethren whose creation stories tell of an origin in North America. Archeologists and anthropologists describe a rather different story of migration by boat and land bridge ten thousand years ago, making us all the issue of migrants.

It therefore behooves us to consider carefully the policies we adopt to restrict the scope of immigration and rights of those who do immigrate, bearing in mind that their goal is to become American citizens and raise American citizens for the national good one day. How we treat them is essentially how we treat ourselves.

Fortunately we are not as ideologically divided on the issue today as we were a few years ago. Republicans discovered that overly harsh policies directed at immigrants aroused the political ire of recently naturalized voters--nearly destroying the Republican Party in California in the process--and are quickly backpedalling towards a fairer stance on immigration policy. Organized Labor, which opposed the flood of immigrants working for minimum wage jobs that displaced higher paying American work, has belated realized that immigrant workers present an opportunity to organize and increase Labor's political and economic clout.

The large mass of naturalized Americans therefore represent opportunities for liberals and conservatives. They tend to be socially conservative, churchgoing, family oriented people, all advantageous to conservative groups looking to organize them into a powerful voting block. On the other hand, immigrants frequently have a strong sense of social justice and a sense of community that makes them interested in similar liberal ideas. Thus the battle for America's closely divided ideological soul may one day hinge on naturalized America.

Much of the remaining ideological battles over immigration--English only laws, conflict over immigrant communities where English is little spoken, and English only school instruction--are based on a mythology of the Melting Pot where immigrants became Americans in language and culture virtually overnight. The actual history of immigration shows immigrants settling largely into communities of their own, creating Little Italies, Little Irelands, Spanish Quarters, etc., and only emerging into the mainstream culture in another generation of American born and educated children. Today's Little Havanas or Little Haitis are little different in origin, and we should not treat them differently, which was largely laissez-faire.

The chief source of contention lies in the field of education, where teaching the values of multiculturalism clashes with a Melting Pot strategy of complete immersion in English-only American history and culture. This should be a matter for educators to debate and resolve, rather than politicians, but unfortunately politicians find education to be too good a political issue to be left to teachers or education administrators and therefore frequently dictate to public schools how children should be taught. (While at the same time criticizing public schools for being too bureaucratic and regulation-bound, a condition they created.)

The conflict over multiculturalism is especially ironic since studying other cultures and foreign languages are now features at the best American private schools, readying future American leaders to participate in the global marketplace where English is one language among many, and American business practices one choice among many. It would be sad indeed if top flight schools were encouraging America's future leaders to speak multiple languages and understand other cultures while at the same time language capabilities and cultural understandings were being extinguished at public schools by political fiat and a Melting Pot mentality.

Immigrants have always been a source of America's strength. So long as America creates wealth and opportunities, there will be immigrants looking to take advantage of them for their future and their children's future. As Americans, we can best ensure that these immigrants adopt our values of fairness, hard work, and of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" by treating them as fairly as we treat ourselves. To do less means we should expect less, and that's not the American way.

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Final Word:

James' admonition to build a wall around the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave is a strange one. Should our vision of the future be to turn the US into a gated community, complete with security guards? If America needs huge redoubts and armed forces to protect her from the rest of the world, then we have done a lousy job of advocating our values abroad, and had better give way to the next noble experiment.

American isolationists face cruel choices in today's world, where a would-be immigrant can depart Katmandu or Johannesburg and arrive in New York in a few hours' time. Isolationists can continue to ignore the rest of the world, and await the hoards of freedom-loving immigrants showing up on our doorstep, braving southern deserts, northern forests, the Straits of Florida and cargo containers in every port of entry to reach us, or they can actively participate in providing the world America's greatest export--her ideas of freedom, capitalism, and democracy.

The exportation of these ideas comes with a price--involvement in the world, supporting allies, confronting opponents, fighting battles when other options fail. But recreating America's success story in other parts of the world is perhaps the only way to stop the tide of immigration that worries James so much. A foreign policy like Reagan's American Exceptionalism or Clinton's Strategic Partnerships, which spread American values throughout the world, is also an immigration policy here at home, perhaps the only immigration policy that can be truly effective or truly just.

James, from the Left


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Immigration in America


We all should be able to agree that none of us made a conscious willful choice for our own procreation. That decision was left to our parents. The circumstances and place where we were born had nothing to do with us. Since the world is organized under governments, we all became citizens of a particular land upon coming into this world. Each country determines their own standards for citizenship, especially for those who seek permanent entry into an adopted country. The idea that it is a 'Right' for any and all, to access the frontiers on a different land, contradicts all international law and custom.

We were all taught that America was the great melting pot. A place where the poor and down trodden could seek refuge and start a new and better life. Well, whatever validity there may be in that view, may have had some credence while there was a frontier that called for settlement; but the circumstances of today are most different. Private property is a fundamental and cherished foundation upon which our society exists. Governments have sought to enter this ownership realm, but seldom have their designs upon property brought benefits to those who settled, bought and struggled to improve their own land. Immigration policy affects every citizen, no matter where they live. Society has a trust and profound interest in the protection of the individuals that own the land, real estate and means of capital creation.

The history of immigration demonstrates that most new arrivals seek to reside within communities of their own culture. In previous eras, the vast majority moved to America because they believed that this country held the promise of a better life for them and their children. Learning the English language and adopting the values and principles of democratic participation were central in becoming Americans. Today the rules have changed. The portal of unlimited legal entry into the US are tightly regulated. Correct thinking citizens will acknowledge that unrestricted admission will change the face of this country. Again, there is no 'Right' to entry America, it is a privilege.

When a government abandons its fundamental duty, the protection of its citizen's interest; that government forfeits its legitimacy. The conscious policy of allowing illegal aliens free run across the borders, is a betrayal of the greatest magnitude. Cultural diversity in the extreme, is akin to annihilation of the very fabric that made America different from all other lands. Anyone who has traveled the world will conclude that social unrest among competing and different cultural groups is the norm. The method that America used to overcome this natural conflict tendency, was the building of bridges to all ethnic groups. This invite led to their acceptance of a Republic form of government; based upon equal justice for all, under the law. But this franchise was granted to only those who accepted the basic tenants, values and responsibilities that comes with being recognized as an American.

Today we have a government hierarchy that turns a blind eye, and shirks their primary obligation; namely, defense of the borders and shores from illegal hordes of intruders. The complexion of America is not a matter of color. It is an issue of values and culture. Only the demigod will avoid confronting this fact. The country that is deteriorating is one that chooses to allow self denial to rule their judgment. Aspiring to reflect 'Third World' life, is suicidal for a nation. The Statists that wish to transform America into a helpless body of dependent vassals, encourage this swelling of the underclass. As long as voting privileges are given to those untrained in the history and traditions of America, the forces of dissolution will prevail. The end result will be the Balkanization of tribal interests. Civil unrest will become common place and violence will be the means to decide conflicts.

Those who believe that America should be a "We Are The World" microcosm, are a greater threat to this Republic than a dozen divisions of any hostile army. Immigration doesn't have to be a destructive prophecy. The rules for an orderly process of invite could and need to be reestablished. All perspective applicants, as part of the submission procedure, need to study and have a working knowledge of the American system of representative government. They must commit to educational schooling in the English language, traditional customs and socially acceptable standards of responsible good citizenship. Finally they need to be willing, and be sincere, to take a sacred oath of allegiance to their new country, that supersedes their former land, culture and foreign family obligations.

With an objective formula we will encourage the entry of the best that the world has to offer. Those who desire to become more than what they are, would be welcomed. America could then return to a nation of hope for seekers of freedom. Freedom for all, and quality of life for the many, is the prize. In order to achieve this balance in society, our heritage and principles must reaffirm the necessity that we become one people, under God, and accept the uniqueness of American values, culture and traditions. Without this affirmation, we will dissolve into regional spheres of hostile cultural factions. Accept American values or let secession begin.

If multiculturalism is left to dismantle the institutions and civility of our society, only the total and complete breakup of America will be her future. The dozens of ethnic groups that live within the US as subculture units, have shown little interest in assimilation. If they reject becoming Americans, America will no longer remain as a beacon of light in a world of darkness. It is the duty of every citizen to light their own candle and bring us out of this blindness.

The pattern is clear and the destructive results are obvious. Unlimited and unrestricted illegal immigration is changing America beyond any recognition of its past glory. When Rome granted citizenship to foreign subjects who were not committed to the principles of Roman law and culture, they began their demise into chaos. America is repeating this same mistake, without even the pretext of formal citizenship. Amnesty for illicit invaders is American genocide. Your government is not showing compassion, it is expanding their empire over dependent plebeians. Our fate will be reduced to that of slaves, serving patricians, while controlled by praetorian guards. The future of this undeniable holocaust will be a new 'Dark Age'. One that will be presided over by Caligula, and fought out in coliseums of horror. It is time that each of us becomes our own gladiator, and have the will to do battle, with "Strength and Honor" . . .

James Hall - aka SARTRE

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You don't see many rushing to enter the paradise of the People's Cuba! And the reasons for that should be obvious. Opportunity is created by those who have the skills and will to dare. But when motives solely stem from gain in condition, without the commitment to accept the standards that allow for that prosperity, you are ill served with their presence. All are welcome to apply. But does it not make sense to enforce quality in character requirements?

If you rely on union leaders and educators to be the guardians of American heritage, you have organized around wrong causes and have read from dubious books. America is not a pie that needs to be sliced and diced, under the supervision of benevolent institutions and government agencies. But that is the exact outcome when uncontrolled and unlimited entry is allowed. The legitimate duty of our government is to protect and preserve. They even fail in this function!

To defend multiculturalism influx that celebrates voodoo cultures is unintelligible. By the standards of the global advocates, they wish to welcome the entire world, but deny respect to those that reside here already. What sane self respecting and prudent citizen wish to live under the lowest common denominator? When you refuse entry of the Einstein's and allow in the Cali clan, you tempt the demise of our culture. Wake up to reality! Welcome the best and reject the pest. This is basic common sense and foresight. Open borders will only mirror the abundance of Cuba. Is that the future you wish for America?

James Hall - 'The Right'

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We are in the process of creating what deserves to be called the idiot culture. Not an idiot sub-culture, which every society has bubbling beneath the surface and which can provide harmless fun; but the culture itself. For the first time, the weird and the stupid and the coarse are becoming our cultural norm, even our cultural ideal.

Carl Bernstein

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