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The 'Dueling Twins'

Enter the 'HALL' of the Dueling JAMES Twins!

 “A blind person who sees is better than a seeing person who is blind”
 Iranian Proverb quotes

Want A Nuclear Free Middle East? Israeli's nukes must be included in a ban of WMD.


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Lions and Tigers and Zionists, Oh My!
James Hall, From the Left

This prattle about Zionists makes about as much sense as the haunted forest in The Wizard of Oz.  The lion Dorothy discovered there turned out to be less than formidable.  Today’s Zionists are just as toothless and ineffective.  Look at Israel today, a country divided on a peace policy and futilely trying to wall itself away from its enemies.  That’s the power of today’s Zionism.


There are people in America defending Zionism and Israel today, but they are not Zionists—they are fundamentalist Christians who have decided that the occupation of the Holy Land by Israelis is part of God’s Plan.  Some of them, like televangelist Pat Robertson, have even criticized efforts by Ariel Sharon and his supporters to continue the land-for-peace program.


We need to be involved in the Middle East, but our presence there is not dictated by Zionists, fundamentalist Christians or even oil-hungry Kissinger realpolitick.  It’s dictated by our own national interest.  The Middle East is the most dangerous place on the planet, a focal point for religious extremisms of all stripes—and into this volatile mix now add intermediate range missiles and nuclear weapons.


All experts agree that Israel is nuclear-armed.  Saddam’s nuclear aspirations in response were enough to bluff George W. Bush into his ill-fated occupation of Iraq.  But Iran’s very-real technological abilities, fueled by its oil wealth and close trade ties to Russia and China, make it likely that this nation will join shortly Pakistan as the second nuclear-armed Muslim nation in the world.  Iran has also been testing intermediate range missiles, technology provided courtesy of its trading partners.  And its leader has called for the destruction of Israel.


So, you say, no big deal.  What’s a small nuclear war over there to us?


There’s a lot at stake.  Iran could lob nukes at Israel, Europe, Australia, and at U.S. forces deployed in Sunni Iraq or Afghanistan.  Israel and perhaps the Europeans might respond in kind, as might we.  If the Middle East goes up in nuclear flames, it will play havoc with our economy and perhaps start religious wars that would sweep the globe.  Iran has close contacts with terrorist groups, and terrorists may even get their hands on nukes, or Iran might marry its nukes with an already-acquired long-distance missile capacity to shoot at U.S. bases in Europe and Asia.


What’s to keep Iran from developing intercontinental ballistic missiles, the logical next step in its program?  Then it would have the capability of reaching us directly.


At a minimum, Iran’s defiance of the nuclear proliferation treaty would start likely start a nuclear arms race in other countries where there exists a technological capability do develop nuclear weapons.  A world where every other nation is a member of the Nuclear Club is a much more dangerous world than the one that exists today.


When we faced a Communist enemy, we had the assurance that our enemy wanted to live in this world.  Kruschev blinked in Cuba; Breshnev balked, and Gorbachev gave in.  But religious fanatics believe they’ll inherit a heavenly paradise even as they turn this earth into a cinder.  It’s for this reason that we can’t turn our backs on the Middle East and let the fundamentalists fight it out there—they’re much too eager for Armageddon.


President Bush has to get involved and has to get the rest of the world, which has a stake in this, involved as well.  We have to be prepared to act to take out Iran’s fledgling nuclear capability.  Because a nuclear-armed Iran is a much scarier idea than a haunted forest in a fantasy world, and nuclear war is not a happy ending.

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Final Word:

Cooperation, Not Domination


What a minute, who said anything about world domination?  We don’t seek to dominate the world, and the proof is that we’ve had that opportunity, many times, and each time we’ve moved in the direction of world cooperation, forging alliances of democracies, not seeking world domination. 


What we are working towards is not a U.S. solution to the Iran problem, but a world solution.  Remember that Iran seeks to break an international agreement, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.  Its case has been investigated by an international organization, the IAEA (The International Atomic Energy Agency), and that agency has referred Iran to the U.S. Security Council for a decision on possible sanctions.  Any sanction, when and if it comes, will be carried out according to U.N. resolutions and international law.


We didn’t even take the lead in dealing with this problem. In an effort to resolve this situation, Iran was first approached by the European nations France, Germany, and Great Britain.  The Russian Federation and China also offered solutions to Iran and have each offered compromises that the U.S. has accepted in principle. 


No, this is hardly a U.S. problem, nor will the solution be a U.S.-only one.


I will grant my opponent’s point that the Middle East is a morass, a tar pit capable of dragging the strongest predator under.  Every time we meddle over there risks involvement getting in over our heads.


But we really have no choice, where nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles are concerned.  We can’t let a fanatical regime get their hands on them.


Neither can we claim some kind of neutrality with a nation that already regards us an enemy.  A nation that has held Americans hostage and prays daily for our destruction is not one that we can trust with nuclear weapons, nor can our allies and friends in Europe and the Pacific, who would come under direct threat from a Nuclear Iran.


Undoubtedly Israel will play a role in this situation, too; mainly because it can’t permit an enemy that close to it to have nuclear weapons.  It seems clear that Israel will act if we do nothing, and their involvement could easily lead to a widespread Middle Eastern war, and widespread disaster to a world economy dependent on Middle Eastern oil.  That’s just reality, and one doesn’t have to be buddy-buddy with the Israelis to realize this.


If we do make the decision to intervene, it will not be to protect Israel.  We will do it because the international treaties that protect the world from nuclear proliferation can’t be flouted, our friends can’t be threatened, and our values can’t be compromised by giving a terrorist regime the weapons it wants.  That’s just common sense.


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Iran - Disinformation Phobia

Propaganda designed to target Iran as the greatest threat to the world is just the latest sequel in the machinated melodrama of the evil empire.  Make no mistake about it, the imperialists of internationalism are the cause of global insanity.  How many neo-Hiltlers have to be created to impose the New World Order of the Zionist-Amerika axis?  If you equate America and her true national interest with a pre-empted interventionist foreign policy you have been programmed to accept that the globe is flat.  Such horizontal thinking only seeks to smother the earth with that hideous fraud known as controlled democracy which imposes a repugnant servitude upon every dissenting nation that has the gall to disobey the “World Community”. 


If this is your idea of the noble traditions of Western Civilization you are a fool.  The ancient Iranian culture is no servant to the Henry Kissenger school of diplomatic empire.  Defiance is Iran’s mortal sin.  But the long history of U.S. interference into the Middle East is the root cause of hatred towards a foreign policy designed in Tel Aviv and fueled with the blessing of the board room of Big Oil.  America’s original sin is the abandonment of a traditional America-First Foreign Policy as practiced at the beginning of the Republic.  Today the world hasn’t changed to demand internationalism, just that the oligarchy precipitates artificial crisis to manage a contrived chaos.


Novakeo sums up the house of cards that provokes the plutocrats.  “Iran in 2003 began accepting euros as the exchange currency for their oil exports and in March 2006, Iran will begin their own Oil Bourse that will directly compete with New York's Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) and London's International Petroleum Exchange (IPE). These two American owned oil exchanges use the U.S. dollar as their monetary exchange mechanism for the purchase of oil. Iran's plan to establish an Iranian Oil Bourse utilizing the stronger euro for their oil trade represents a dangerous threat to the monetary supremacy of the U.S. dollar and to the American imperial prowess that the petrodollar sustains.”


Pat Buchanan goes one step further: “Conservatives must raise the ever-relevant question: Cui bono? Who would benefit from a U.S. war with Iran? Who is prodding us into it? Are they looking out for America first?”


For the answer look to Michel Chossudovsky in Nuclear War against Iran: “Since late 2004, Israel has been stockpiling US made conventional and nuclear weapons systems in anticipation of an attack on Iran. This stockpiling which is financed by US military aid was largely completed in June 2005. Israel has taken delivery from the US of several thousand "smart air launched weapons" including some 500 'bunker-buster bombs, which can also be used to deliver tactical nuclear bombs.” 


According to the Neocon WND - Iran leader: Islam to 'rule the world'.  Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is quoted as saying: “We must believe in the fact that Islam is not confined to geographical borders, ethnic groups and nations. It's a universal ideology that leads the world to justice."  Now clear your mind of decades of disinformation and seriously ask yourself if a Nuclear Iran is really a clear and prevalent threat to bomb America?  Is there anyone who still retains a modest degree of rational intelligence that can deny that the Zionist are posed to wipe off the map any country that dares to defy their dominance in the region or their Satanic financial Federal Reserve Ponzi scheme? 


An ideology that does not bow down and obey the ultimate organized crime syndicate that pumps up the New World Order using fractional reserve debt revenue and stolen oil reserves must be targeted for extermination.  Who is really the holocaust denier? 


A world based upon CIA and Mossad intrigue produced the Pahlavian Savak secret police state.  The good old days under the Shah of Iran when all was under Israeli control are gone.  Today Mordechai Vanunu is the modern day Alfred Dreyfus, but where is his Émile Zola?  If Iran wants an atomic deterrent to counter the nukes from the Dimona reactor, what Talmudic authority gives contemporary Elders of Zion the protocols to ferment a nuclear winter? 


If citizens of the world truly want to prevent regional carnage, disarm a nuclear Israel as a condition to defuse Iranian weapons.  Under the global oil for dollars regimes, the desire or will to lead towards a “world to justice”, will not tolerate dissident Islamic parity.  Just maybe Iran is not the devil you are conditioned to believe . . .


James Hall aka SARTRE  

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The hypocrisy of the apologists for empire has an acute deficiency in defining reality.  The national self-interest can never be equated with world domination.  If the major powers truly wanted to beat their atomic black mail weapons into plow shears the process of universal nuclear disarmament would attain supreme urgency.  When political stooges like Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf accepts their payoffs to keep the finger off the trigger, you know that the real objective is making the world safe for the Petrodollar monopoly.


As long as America is held hostage by an unholy alliance of shadow financial manipulators, that cabal will initiate perpetual war for a permanent state of terror.  Those dreadful 444 days of Iranian hostage taking was over 25 years ago.  Have we not learned anything that the sordid intrusion into the region has always been the essential cause for hostility towards the United States? Islamic deep-seated revulsion for Israeli is not our concern and certainly does not rise to our national interest.  As long as zealot Zionists set Israeli policy, Jews will never be able to call cousins, brothers.


Lest you also forget those Christian-Zionists preach a John Neslon Darby heresy that pleases the Mattoid Masters of the manipulated Free Trade world economy.  The source of the deceit does not include every Jew any more then every destructive action is caused by each misguided Dispensationalist.  But what they all have in common is an irrational and illusionary political devotion to the State of Israel.  Most Iranians understand this viewpoint while the majority of Americans remain ignorant to the political game that is being played.  Ignorance is the basis for public support of a destructive foreign policy at best.  At its worse, sheer demented fatherland jingoism rally the masses to act as asses.


The canard that Iran might develop ICBM’s ignores the reality that Israel extorted Germany to build and donate two Type 800 Dolphin class submarines equipped for long-range nuclear-capable submarine-launched cruise missile (SLCM). According to some reports the submarines may be capable of carrying nuclear-armed Popeye Turbo cruise missiles.  And we are supposed to believe that Iran is a threat to the world while Israel has adopted a Sampson Option?


One need not endorse Islamic fanaticism to see the reality that U.S. Middle East policy has been bankrupt from the day that the State of Israel was recognized.  The wisdom in repudiating a self-destructive alliance is common sense.  Neutrality with a balanced and constructive interaction is hardly living in the Land of Oz.  It’s the true legacy of our own founding and it would work today, as well as it had in the past, to achieve actual national security for American citizens. 


James Hall - 'The Right'

copyright 2000-2002 by BATR All Rights Reserved

In short, the time has come for us as American and Iranian citizens to apply our mutual energy, intellect, and goodwill toward strengthening relations between our two countries, as their destinies are intertwined.
Cyrus Vance

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