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Twilight Zone


The tone for the "Twilight Zone"

Once upon a time there was a town where folks of all sort, reside along side one another. Some are like us others are not. Some get ahead, while others are left behind. Many go forward, and others stand still. Still others go backward. Normal is known to all, while some have problems with being normal. Real is for all to see, but few know it when it appears. Rules are certain and clear, while breaking them swift and sure. People live to be liked, while some know not how to be fancied. Harmony for all, and discord for none. Conduct is set and expected, while behavior is meant to comply. Children are taught to be part of the group, and aged kin are used to train the class. Men act as they were meant, while women define what they want. Women conduct the chores with glee, while men seek to drink afternoon tea.

Yes, this hamlet has a name, but this place can be found in almost any old space. You can find it near and far, and if you look around it won’t be hard, to see it on the street where all your friends are . . . Faces you know and people you like, are all part of this bliss - a place where all is always right. This reality exists for all and all will share, happiness for each and sorrow for none, a home for the many and a slum for no one. The zone for this spot can be seen in the sky. It twinkles and shines and brings out the light, this state of mind is always so bright. The twilight of dusk comes infrequent for this crew, the inhabitants live under a very special hue.

So by now you want to know the fame in the name, and see if you have a map that shows the way. This place is called PERFECT, a home where all are welcomed and a must place for a visit. You will meet friends you know and ones you will make. The pleasant wagon will greet you at the gate and show you around so you will be in the right space.

The neighbors you’ll meet will be fellows you would be glad to treat. Have over for dinner and share from the same eats. There people are just like you and you know some already. They may even be part of your extended friendlies. You will find the educator and the doctor a lot a like. The mission of the veteran and the spy will endear themselves to your heart. While the pizza maker and bank teller will become a very weighty part. The judge will fetch smiles and joy, whenever he rules from the bench. His honor carries the jest of one who sits on the right side of the fence. The exotic dancer will bring out that inner side, a safe condition that no one need hide. As the social worker takes up the cause of the frail and the weak, unfortunates that never lie. The solicitor and the prosecutor make a fine tag team, especially when the client retains the services of that lady of shame. Meet the rabbis and the mulla roomates as they compare notes and save souls. Our students will charm and frustrate alike, all of them have the vision that they will never be tamed. Along the way we may well meet more, but for now you have to enter through our door.

Our "ZONE" will entice you into our web, where some will learn while others will prefer to remain dead. Encroach if you dare for our world knows no despair. For those who dispute the value of the absurd, we will do our best to refute the errors in your words. There will be many who seek to simply remain numb, and for those we say - we will toil to transport you out of being so dumb.

By now you want to know what this area PERFECT, really stands for. It is a place even real facts escape conscious thought.  It is an abode more familiar than you might know, for most of you reside in its image as it casts a shadow over your house of stone. Impervious to reason or conscience of choice, some of you are content to enjoy your personal deep sleep. The "Twilight Zone" will shatter the glass of your window, and place you in front of the vision in your own mirror. What will you see or will you demand to remain blind? The folks from PERFECT may well help you decide exactly what you will find . . .

SARTRE - June 30, 2002


Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.


Another Kevin Tuma Cartoon


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