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Coffee Anyone?


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Coffee Anyone?

Down the long and winding roads that lead you to our hamlet - PERFECT, you will find yourselves in the middle of our town square. On the north corner your attention will turn to the Epicurean. The aroma of freshly baked bread fills the air, while the tang of Jack bites as the shot glass empties. This bistro mixes the chow of brunch with the cuisine of a dinner feast. The character of a diner with the taste of a café and the smell of a saloon. Behind the bar roams the burly sage - JC. He owns this establishment and meeting place, where our cast of characters are often found. For life in this tranquil village is safe and placid. What else would you expect from our serene abode, its PERFECT . . .

The regulars straggle in for breakfast and their daily fix of 'Joe’. Marie, a morning fixture, prepares up the eats with a smile and a quip. The early morning folk set the record straight everyday, if only the rest of the world would take heed of their wisdom for today!

Sam, the desert war chap, drops in after another late night. His quarters seldom seen, while his stool serves as his real home. The bank’s friendly smile belongs to a gal named, Destiny. She is liked by all and moonlights at school, earning a degree. One day she hopes to fulfill her name and get to reserve her own degree. Next to her sits Gabriel, the solicitor supreme. Always aloft and distant to most, he handles the affairs of the town from his legal notebook. Note where he sits and who is alongside, this counselor hopes to sire a very special prize.

The talk usually starts about how all is doing, then goes into the latest on the status of claims and who is to blame. Sam makes routine visits to the local clinic and periodic stays at the cross state VA. He gets off his duff and leaves that barstool whenever the pain says he’s had enough. His government check helps to easy the anxiety, paid for by all from our free society. Those Pell grants assist Destiny’s future, so what if we all pay for her schooling, it may well avoid constant retooling. Even Gabriel agrees that both deserve relief, who else will gain more from protecting them both from all the grief.

Marie chimes in with her wisdom galore, take what you can get or you’ll have to seek only manual chores. So what if you need a little assistance or help, we all rate a break and you get that which you can take. Another regular strolls in, his name is Adam the contractor. Steady on his feet and quick with his wit, he looks to make hay before the weather gives him fits. He works only when the pay is great and rests when the season fades. Only ideal conditions will do for this jack of all trades.

Adam always is eager to complain about his aches and pains or that report in the news that jerks his chain. Did you read about that welfare mother who refused her work interview? Just who do these people think they are? I tought that all that reform was supposed to have gotten ‘those’ people off the dole! It makes me sick just to read about it.

From Marie - well, how is she supposed to get to the interview without child care? Child Care - shouts Sam. I didn’t fight for some deadbeat to get a free ride! Destiny - I declare, Sam, how insenstive can you be? Wait a minute everybody, Gabriel if the law allows for it, it must be all right! At this point Adam looks at Gabriel in disbelief: what do you mean, is it legal to refuse the job interview and still get WELFARE ???

Gabriel offers his version of astute council. You have to be careful not to jump to conclusions. These regulations are very complex and it takes great skill and experince to read and understand them correctly.

At this point the noise from the hullabaloo caught the attention of JC. Just waking up from another long night of pouring drinks for Sam, he wanders in from the back room. What is this all about? Bitching about another freeloader, says Adam. Well from what I’ve been hearing, JC remarks, you all are missing the point. The reason that woman is on welfare is because there are not enought good paying jobs. Wouldn’t the best solution be growing our economy with real employment opportunities that would eagerly be sought out by that single mother?

Well, JC, say Gabriel - you can’t just expect the private sector to provide all the jobs. Government can be a very good employer, you know! I have done well as the town attorney and would urge others to secure that kind of steady work. Destiny looks at Gabriel and says, I didn’t know you are part of the government? Adam to Sam in a low voice - did you ever hear anything like that? Professionals like that government check too . . . At this point Marie, asks if anyone wants a refill. Anyone can learn to pour coffee, that woman should get a job.

As the time slips away, the gang starts to break up. Another busy day that starts out just PERFECT in out little village. JC turns to Marie and says, not everyone can be as good a waitress as you. She says thanks boss, it is a pleasure to be part of the Epicurean. It is a good thing that all our customers are self supporting and won’t end up like that welfare woman. JC begins to wake up by now and strolls back to the bar and thinks to himself, isn’t it nice that our neighbors support small government? Too bad that nannies aren’t taking care of the kids. It is a good thing that all these policies have a good motive - "for the children" . . . RIGHT!



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