The American "TC" Saga - Part 5 - ECONOMY

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Foreign Policy Betrayal of America


"The greatest advances of civilization, whether in architecture or painting, in science and literature,
in industry or agriculture, have never come from centralized government”
  Milton Friedman


Totalitarian Collectivism


Part 5 – ECONOMY

Economic commerce is the lifeblood of any society. In the simplest of terms, products and services are necessary for physical survival. The business history of the America saga developed under the direction of Alexander Hamilton. His view of commerce for America was to emulate the mercantile model of the British Empire.

The following summary explains the essential viewpoint and legacy of his economic influence:

"Hamilton differed from his contemporaries was, first, in believing that only a "talented few" -- understood to mean men drawn from the wealthy and aristocratic strata of society -- had the wisdom and dispassionate foresight to implement the measures necessary for the public good. The second major distinguishing feature of Hamilton's political philosophy was its emphasis on energetic government. He believed that the government should be proactive in economic and military affairs, have the power to supersede lower governments (as at the state level), and be able to exercise authority directly on the people."

"He believed that an energetic American government should, in the interest of promoting the public good, actively encourage manufacturing, assume responsibility for the country's debts, standardize and control the currency system through a national bank, link the interests of wealthy citizens with the government's success, and, finally, maintain friendly ties with Britain in order not to provoke a disastrous trade or shooting war."

The "implied powers" justification that Hamilton argued for a strong central government, remains a national curse to this day. He was more concerned with who controlled the components of commerce than the nature of the economic elements. Understanding Hamilton’s Federalist mindset and dogmatic drive for a strong central government constitution is crucial for a thoughtful comprehension of Totalitarian Collectivism.

The basic factors that compose an economy are:

1) methods, means and materials of production

2) labor, intellectual expertise and innovation

3) capital, technology resources, marketing and consumers

4) government regulations, tax policy and international competition

Money as a medium of exchange is the tool for keeping score and consummating a business transaction. Barter is business in its most basic form; even so, financial instruments offer convenience and portability. Legal tender laws provides the cover for the government to prevent competing currencies from allowing free selection of superior store of value monies.

Taxes and regulations have more to do with behavior control than revenue collection. Lost in the business equation is that material benefits or service enhancements should improve the ability of citizens to advance their individuality, independence and personal liberty. Contrary to the commerce clause or the general welfare tenet in the U.S. Constitution, the State is the biggest impediment to the ambition, hope and desire of Jefferson’s vision in the Declaration of Independence.

The fundamental principle in any economy is that the government does not create wealth. The reason why governments are consumers and usurpers of prosperity is that it acts as a parasite. It feasts on the labors and endeavors of entrepreneurial risk takers. The state claims that it is a partner with business and is a force for economic expansion. Yet the facts tell a very different tale. The rat race is not solely a chase to acquire money, but is more a survival contest to escape the tentacles of state coercion.

The "TC" society becomes more difficult to subsist within, because the economic environment favors a special elite, who are able to design and manipulate the systems of financial selection. The idea that a guild of meritocracy allows for the ascendency to the Hamiltonian "aristocratic strata" does not square with the record. Making money and placement on the Forbes 400 list, does not assure being part of the inner circle that are the real masters of the State.

Becoming completely insulated from the range and influence of government is impossible. A viable and functioning economy benefits humanity. Collectivist policies directly reduce the ability of economic activity. Impeding the flow and curtailing the velocity of money causes the level of transactions to decline. "The velocity of money (also called velocity of circulation) is the average frequency with which a unit of money is spent in a specific period of time." When money turns over fast because of the reasonable expectation that funds can be replaced just as quickly, the economy hums. Tax revenues rise, loans are paid, debts retired, sales increase, new development breaks ground, workers are hired, trade markets expand, innovation research commences, M & A acquisitions rise and new venture startups go forward because confidence in a healthy economy is well founded.

Totalitarian Collectivism is the death knell of productive commerce. Free enterprise is quite different from a command and controlled economy. Most people are not business owners. Few workers understand the process of creating wealth. Those who do and decide to become employers usually do not want to take the risk or to pay the price of responsibility for the venture. The State views the business owner as a threat to the system. The government mindset sees the wealth maker as a bank account for exploiting to expand bureaucratic budgets and agencies. The "TC" juggernaut sees taxes as their revenue since their right to exist is paramount.

Social welfare deprives the economy of incentives and people of dread. Prosperity has never been fashioned on subsidies and entitlements. Honest profit is beneficial to society and advances the genuine general welfare with a merchant based economy. The corporate economy is the fulfillment of Hamilton’s lust for empire.

Empires all share a common thread, revulsion for a republic government based upon democratic principles. Mastery over the economy is the means to achieve the "TC" state. Citizens are not chattel. The ethos that sells consumer materialism as the American Dream, is a prime tactic and device employed to deprive people from achieving the real American ambition, that is; an independent and secure economic standard of life. Self-employed persons know the value and risks of fiscal autonomy. They also recognize the constant apprehension, especially during hard times, of their dependency upon a functioning marketplace.

Contrast this understanding with the experience of the government agent. The title, municipal employee, is a misnomer. A state worker is a public servant, but often acts like a bully for a phony superior authority. When an economy relies upon government payments for providing subsistence to more people than the number of workers earning a productive livelihood, that society fails. The net result is an expediential increase in an incalculable public debt. This leads to the ultimate repudiation of the currency, default of government bonds and a total breakdown of commerce.

Haughty Hamilton "proposed that the government assume the entire debt of the federal government and the states. His plan was to retire the old depreciated obligations by borrowing new money at a lower interest rate." Isn’t that the exact scheme used by the "TC" establishment to reassure that the financial meltdown is in recovery? Today, the twist is that trillions of new debt has been added, to the sum of the old obligations, in a vain attempt to postpone the inevitable.

The reason why the cumulative public debt, not even considering the total of future obligation guarantees, cannot be serviced and retired, is that the productive economy is not big enough to offset the enormous sums required. The financial physics of the law of compound interest even defies the Totalitarian Collectivist junta. The monetary future holds an unavoidable economic breakdown. Dislocation of commerce will dispel the myth in the wisdom of the interdependency economy.

Reduction in a robust standard of living is a planned result. Quashing middle class affluence is no longer a remote prospect. The American Saga need not end in third world subsistence. Substantive national trade and domestic industry grows in a decentralized economy. Government policy operates against small business and self-employed enterprises. A society that aspires to qualify for a government pension lacks the character that developed this nation.

The government bubble is expanding as debt inflates the balloon. A "TC" dictatorship can keep the atmosphere polluted as long as the true nature of the dilemma is ignored or denied. Jobs are a byproduct of conducting business. Paying a person for sought after social engineered conduct is not a solution. The answer is to reinvent the underlying culture that valued hard work, honest dealings and innovative ideas. People’s money must be recognized as their own. Tribute for the State is theft.

The disparity in assets among classes is at a level that ordinarily results in major social disorder. Conspicuous consumption by elites and crooked financial gurus fan the flames of righteous rebellion. The manipulated economy is the hammer used by elites to pound the brains out of the masses. The end game is the Soylent Green society. The elites believe you will go quietly down the path to Totalitarian Collectivism. Will you oblige their plan for mankind? Or will you introduce yourself as Mr. Aaron Burr, to their Mr. Alexander Hamilton.

SARTRE – April, 4, 2010

"I place economy among the first and most important virtues, and public debt as the greatest of dangers ... We must make our choice between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude."  Thomas Jefferson

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