Fatalistic Reality and Election Futility

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Fatalistic Reality and Election Futility
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NWO Enforcer: NATO Threatens WW III
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New Cold War with a Different Enemy
Government Mandatory Health Care Is Still Tyranny
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Shadow Government Hates Our Independence Day
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Mueller Report - Cover-up for Real Crimes
Democrats Double Down on Trump Show Trial
Foreign Policy Betrayal of America

Totalitarian Collectivism

When a citizen gives his suffrage to a man of known immorality he abuses his trust;
he sacrifices not only his own interest, but that of his neighbor; he betrays the interest of his country.
Noah Webster


Fatalistic Reality and Election Futility

Thank God, another election cycle is over. Some celebrate that elections demonstrate that the country prides itself on a peaceful transition of power. Others rejoice that elections reflect the will of the people. And you hear the familiar pronouncement, that democracy brings legitimacy to the rule of government. If all this was true, why is the nation always in trouble? After every election, the system continues to grind citizens into the ground. The privileged few continue to accrue their vast sums of booty, as the debt soars to heights that only a super computer can calculate.

What really changes? The War Party deploys more troops to their frontier garrisons. The banks collect their usury tribute from exorbitant credit card fees. Multinational robber barons transfer more jobs offshore and centralized governance marches in an endless parade that stamps out the last remnants of civil liberties. Yes, all is well for the empire.

The essential question in every election is whether the voter really wants a society that cherishes liberty. After tallying the results, the answer invariably rewards the sadistic ruling class. How can a country continually elect incumbents and claim that national outrage favors reform and a change in direction? Obviously, the majority of entrenched clones want to believe that their own version of entitlement graft is just as important as the real professional political crooks.

Third party candidates dare upset the rigged pugilistic contest at their own risk. Boxing matches are always staged between two-tied old punched drunk combatants that work for the same promoter. Even when a young upstart is cast into the ring, the results remain the same. Take a dive if ordered, or become the darling of the crowd  it serves to fleece the public at the gate.

Elections are not different from professional prizefighting, but shares one additional nuance. The spectacle is the ultimate theater of the absurd. With each, foreign adventure the only victory consolidates the imperium dictatorship. The body count mounts, as the injuries bleed betrayed blood. While the global despots add new chapters to their conglomerate domain, collateral damage is swept off the stage as garbage, since the value of life is relative in the realm of Totalitarian Collectivism.

Can one reasonably draw hope from the 2010 elections? The answer requires an analysis of a time perspective. No doubt with the Republicans gaining the majority in the House of Representatives, the taming of the shrew Nancy Pelosi, is a welcome result. The POTUS, Barry Soetoro has already temporarily tempered his arrogance. A feeling of relief that adults might turn around a national disaster is a desire we all should wish. Yet, it would be unreasonable to expect dozens of Mr. Smith’s going to Washington. In actuality you still have an elite class of careerist “pols” that relate to the lifestyle of Mr. & Mrs. Smith than to the family values of Jimmy Stewart.

Is it plausible that the Congressional freshmen can put a backbone in the spine of the Republican leadership? Candid confidence in the likes of John Boehner diminishes any expectation that the Republic has found a white knight to slay the dragon of central government tyranny. Do you think that Eric Cantor has the chutzpah to take a whip to the Wall Street cabal? OK, what about the Tea Party debutante Michele Bachmann? On the surface, she looks like the real deal, but how can one square her populist rhetoric with her foreign policy position. Foreign Policy reports,

“Almost two dozen Tea Party-affiliated lawmakers cosponsored a new resolution late last week that expresses their support for Israel "to use all means necessary to confront and eliminate nuclear threats posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran, including the use of military force."

The lead sponsor of the resolution was Texas Republican Louie Gohmert, one of four congressmen to announce the formation of the 44-member Tea Party caucus at a press conference on July 21. The other three Tea Party Caucus leaders, Michele Bachmann, R-MN, Steve King, R-IA, and John Culberson, R-TX, are also sponsors of the resolution. In total, 21 Tea Party Caucus members have signed on, according to the latest list of caucus members put out by Bachmann's office”.

The key to understanding the new Congress will be the commitment of House freshmen to spur the dictates of the GOP crony capitalists and the degree they align with the true champion of liberty, Ron Paul. The current effort to muster sentiment on the Daily Paul is getting exposure. Ron Paul MUST run for Speaker of the House says it well.

“Michelle Bachmann stated she would not vote for John Boehner if another acceptable candidate comes along. Tea Party candidates will comprise the vast majority of new GOP House members and Ron Paul has significant support in the Tea Party. Even those in the Tea Party who oppose Ron Paul would be loath to vote against him; as, Freshmen House members are the most vulnerable incumbents holding national office and the state of the US is likely to get considerably worse by 2012. Democrats livid at Pelosi may very well support Ron Paul for Speaker. After all, Ron Paul holds appeal across party and ideology lines; look at how he was treated on "The View" and "The Daily Show". Further, media hypocrites like Keith Olbermann and Rush Limbaugh could not continue to ignore Ron Paul if he were House Speaker. They and the Democrats would hope that worsening conditions could then be blamed on Dr. Paul, ending our movement. Perhaps more importantly, the GOP would be forced to embrace Dr. Paul or face third party status to a surging third party, such as the Libertarians”.

Can this effort succeed? Probably not since the revolution will never be lead by a majority party. The idea of electing true patriots in the numbers necessary to legislature a restoration of a Republic disregards the factual reality of our age. The demographics defy that American populism can overcome the debased nature of the vast majority of the public. While the Tea Party is a breath of fresh air, the hateful hostility towards this authentic grassroots movement is indicative of the depth of ignorance that exists today.

The public’s tolerance of tyranny has no bounds. What other conclusion is sensible, when the most aggrieved keep voting for the same party duds that strip your dignity and pick you pocket? Apart from the significance of voter fraud, participation apathy and effective exclusion of third party candidacies, people actually willingly vote for their own enslavement. Ignorance explains a portion of the behavior. Habit from party indoctrination has a role. A grim desire to vote for the winner motivates the marginally disturbed. However, the majority really thinks they are acting as a loyal citizen when they cast a ballot for the establishment commissar.

Who bears the greatest blame? The perpetual war machine continues to sacrifice more cannon fodder, as an excuse for more government control. Mainstream media psyops is now the rule, with investigative reporting mostly relegated to the alternative press. The campaign money donors buy their way for influence. Greedy party hacks strive to achieve favored careers. Special interest groups from unions to corporate insiders all pervert the process. Nevertheless, the ultimate culprits are the fools who keep voting to maintain the corrupt political system known in the jargon of the ludicrous culture as a democratic election. 


“Women are voting 49-49 percent for Democratic vs Republican House candidates. President Obama won women by 13 points in 2008. This is the best for Republicans among women in national House vote in exit polls since 1982. Young women favor Democrats for the House, (61 percent Democrat to 36 per cent Republican among women 18-29 years old) but the gap closes for the 30-64 age group (64 percent of women), and reverses for women over 65 (41 per cent Democrat vs. 57 per cent Republican). Republican candidates have siphoned off 12 percent of women who voted for Obama in 2008. Democratic candidates have swayed fewer of the women who voted for John McCain, 7 percent”.
Has the futility of appealing to the tender gender turned the corner for a renaissance of conservative sanity or is this just the latest hairstyle that colors the roots of a Lady Gaga look alike? There are few natural blonds, even fewer naturally dumb females at birth. So what compels so many young gals to turn to the dark side? The fatalism of the machismo political culture weeds out the faint of heart and the timid of spirit. It would be a mistake just to blame feminism for the empowerment of the cult of Obama. However, the feminization of America is a prime cause for the abandonment of sound and balanced principles of our heritage and tradition.

Reality is a frightening chronicle of an upside down society and subverted political consortium. The future is our young. Lose them to the “TC” mindset and America is permanently lost. Elections are not the solution. National repentance is the first step back from the abyss.

SARTRE – November 7, 2010

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      “I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity.”  Dwight David Eisenhower

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