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Difference of opinion leads to enquiry, and enquiry to truth 
Thomas Jefferson

Contributing Columnists

Chuck Baldwin
Al Cronkrite
Mark Dankof 
Todd Brendan Fahey
Steve Farrell
Robert L. Kocher
Ted Lang
Lady Liberty
John Loeffler
Henry Makow
Frederick Meekins
Liz Michael
Jim Moore
Jonathan David Morris
Douglas Newman 
Red Phillips
Robert R. Raymond
Dorothy Anne Seese
Lee R. Shelton IV 
April Shenandoah
George F. Smith
Alan Stang
Edgar J. Steele
Frosty Wooldridge

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BATR Columnists

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Goals and BATR Objectives

With few exceptions, most broad topics are addressed regarding politics, society and culture. Provocative content presents a bold message. There is no pretense or allusion of converting anyone to a particular viewpoint. The appeal of the ideas will vary with the reader. Some perceive rhetoric - others may see insight. Integrity is our standard and truth is our goal.

There are nearly a thousand pages on BATR sites. Most pages maintain a consistent format and the pull down menu allows for ease of moving among sites. We urge that you sample the varied content and evaluate the worth of the critical analysis. BREAKING ALL THE RULES presents a genuine conservative and traditional populist perspective. Individuals friendly to this weltanschauung are urged to interact with BATR.

The public is encouraged to join the private Old Right Yahoo Group, and select special announcements for our weekly mailing. Publishers and Editors are encouraged to collaborate, swap RSS feeds and forge cooperative relations. Columnists are invited to send submission inquires to batr@sartre.info or fill out the contact information form.

The Old Right is alive and paleoconservatism is the course to restore an America First Nation. Individuals matter and BATR respects citizens loyal to the Republic.

Inquire at: batr@sartre.info

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"Contributor's Guidelines"

All rights reserve to select material to be published. Comments submitted by contributors are their own and do not necessarily reflect the position of this site. Views shall conform to generally acceptable Free Speech criteria, standards of decorum will be observed, and civil discourse will be maintained. Pictures or images may be submitted for review. Topics may be presented for inclusion and requests for specific issue sources or references be made.

Original works will be credited to their author and any reproduction of segments from this site will conform to the TERMS of Service Disclaimer, (see link below). Permission to reprint will be considered upon request.

Submissions are made by posting on BATR Columnists and to Old Right Pundits.  Requests for an invite to register a username and password should be directed from the the comment screen on the left. If you are unknow to us, provide full details about youself, and a sample of your essays and any site that publishes your articles.

Active participation means interaction. If you so desire, your identity will be protected, were appropriate. The sole arbitrator for any disputes, will be the publisher. Use of any reproduction from this site will be an admission of agreement of the terms of this site.


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