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Alienation For Lost Marxists

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The only antidote to mental suffering is physical pain.

Karl Marx

Alienation For Lost Marxists

Marx underpins every modern despot
Alienation always follows lost of Liberty

Economic determination is essentially based upon a flawed notion of human nature. After decades of rehashing the major themes of Marxism, we are left with a void in anthropological insight, mutations in evolutionary dogma and social futility in oppressive governmental regimentation. The confined alignment of existence that Karl Marx assigns to man, requires that God becomes a fatality of an economic order of contrived conflict, that only the commissar can correct.

When Marx proffers four kinds of human alienation or estrangement: (1) from our product, (2) from our productive activity, (3) from our species being and (4) from other human beings; we are supposed to accept that the central feature of human life, is our productive activity. According to Marc Stier on Marx: “We do not think of productive activity as something enjoyable or as a means by which we transform our own way of life. Rather we think of it as a necessity and as drudgery.”

The era of capital vs labor has expired. The twenty first century is an integration of institutions controlled not by industrialists, but by social engineers, doing the bidding of the high priests of global manipulation. While Marx claims that - Political economy hides completely the estrangement of labor in its real existence in that it does not treat the direct, unmediated relationship between the laborer (labor) and production - he fails to recognize or acknowledge the missing ingredient; namely CONSENT.

Today access to material consumption and subsistence, may not be universal; but is certainly at a level never previously achieved. Most would conclude this condition as progress. But for Marx, in his economic and philosophic manuscripts of 1844 in history, the estranged labor is - “the species being of humanity, in that nature and its mental species-property, confronts humanity as a strange existence, as a means to its individual existence. It estranges humanity from its own body, as it does the external, natural world, as it does his mental existence, his human existence.” If the cause of alienation is his damned condition to be a cog in a wheel of production, why hasn’t that disaffection been reduced with the increase in access to material well being?

Marx views that “workers create products by mixing their own labor in with natural resources to make new, composite things that have greater economic value. Thus, the labor itself is objectified, its worth turned into an ordinary thing that can be bought and sold on the open market, a mere commodity. The labor now exists in a form entirely external to the worker, separated forever from the human being whose very life it once was. This is the root of what Marx called alienation, a destructive feature of industrial life.”

As long as this narrow definition for alienation is accepted as the basis for discontent, the forces that offer specious solutions have achieved a mastery over the frustrated and confused. Consider this fundamental error by Marx in - ECONOMIC AND PHILOSOPHICAL MANUSCRIPTS ESTRANGED LABOR:

“The fact that labor is external to the worker -- i.e., does not belong to his essential being; that he, therefore, does not confirm himself in his work, but denies himself, feels miserable and not happy, does not develop free mental and physical energy, but mortifies his flesh and ruins his mind. Hence, the worker feels himself only when he is not working; when he is working, he does not feel himself. He is at home when he is not working, and not at home when he is working.

His labor is, therefore, not voluntary but forced, it is forced labor. It is, therefore, not the satisfaction of a need but a mere means to satisfy needs outside itself.”

It’s hard to imagine convincing the multitude that finds satisfaction, worth and gratification in their activities that derive monetary compensation, as forced labor! Quite to the contrary, the estrangement that productive individuals have is seen less in their dislike for the populace among them, but for the animosity that social and political institutions demonstrate towards those who are the creators and wealth producers.

Alienation is a plight of the spirit and its estrangement from a world that rewards political and social parasites and punishes builders of affluence. Since money is not equivalent with wealth, how could it be possible for governments and their myriad institutions and bureaucracies cause prosperity? The Marxists promote a philosophy that feeds upon discontent caused by political ‘collectivist’ sycophants. Their supposed solutions redistributes from the productive to the saprophytes who align themselves with despots in order to perfect the theft and pillage of the prolific prosperity generators.

Any and all forms or versions of government based upon Marxism deems to dominate individuals; supposedly, for the betterment of a communal abstract of humanity, absent of divine creation. For Marxism to survive and place a spell of a utopian artifice as a substitute for natural rights, is the ultimate social fraud. Alienation exists when our intrinsic and rightful dignity is methodically eroded and finally, eradicated. The source of the breach of our internal tranquillity, resides within the irrationality of Marxism. Sensible citizens reach social frustration, that deserves to be turned into rage. Not because the cosmos is absurd, but because so much of mankind aspires to enslave his fellow man.

Lost souls are often Marxists. Their conduct imposes much of the alienation that the rest of us experience. The collective destroys the individual. Our task is to retain our personal sanity, resist the temptation of sinking with the socialist sickness. Their formula is the way of the psychotic. Fight alienation by stamping out the Marxist, who became a Bolshevik, turned into a Communist, adopted Stalinism, then embraced every form of collective Socialism. Drudgery of life comes from hopelessness, the synonym for Marxism.

SARTRE - August 22, 2003

The policy of Russia is changeless. Its methods, its tactics, its maneuvers may change, but the polar star of its policy, world domination, is a fixed star. [About Russia]
 Karl Marx

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