What It Means To Be A Reactionary

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What It Means To Be A Reactionary
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What It Means To Be A Reactionary

The popular depiction for the word Reactionary gives the definition - an extreme conservative; an opponent of progress or liberalism.  A more in-depth amplification is once again found in Wikipedia.  Reactionary (or reactionist) is a political epithet typically applied to extreme ideological conservatism, especially that which wishes to return to a real or imagined old order of things, and which is willing to use coercive means to do so. The term is primarily used as a term of opprobrium (groups rarely identify themselves as reactionary), meant to assert the idea that the opposition is based in merely reflexive politics rather than responsive and informed views. More specifically, the term "reactionary" is frequently used to refer to those who want to reverse (or prevent) some form of claimed "progressive" change. (An equivalent term would be "regressivism." The term reaction is sometimes used as a general term for the program or philosophy of designated reactionaries.)


It was coined in the context of the French Revolution to refer to those who wished to restore the conditions of the Ancien Régime. Through the nineteenth century, it was used to refer to those who wished to preserve feudalism or aristocratic privilege against industrialism, republicanism or classical liberalism. Marxists used the term in a dialectical sense to refer to those who resist revolutionary change whether they be the conservatives who opposed the liberal revolutions of the eighteenth and early to mid nineteenth centuries or those in the bourgeoisie and their allies who opposed socialist demands for power to be given to the working class and particularly those who resisted socialist revolution.”


As the debate for the hearts, mind and soul of Americans rages, the need to clearly understand the correct application and meaning of a Reactionary in today’s Newspeak political world is crucial.  The slurs slung for contemptuous connotation illustrate the fear that people will one day wake up to their true heritage.  Consequently, let’s get the term correct.  A Reactionary is a rational moralist combating cultural and political insanity.  A Reactionary is not a power elite seeking to coerce skeptics to accept reason.  Reason applies free will to accept voluntary limits upon personal excess, social deviance and political compulsion, is the true objective of a rational reactionary.  Restraint on the reach, range and scope of government is its core political principle.


The foremost triplets of modern day deceit are Marxist collectivism, Darwinian atheism and Freudian self-indulgence.  All produce a secular humanism that denies human nature and condemns mankind to continual misery.  The psychobabble that passes for social awareness is pure delusion: “Anything you believe that a mental health professional personally disagrees with. Psychiatrists and psychologists operate under the premise that they are always right (about everything). When a patient/client disagrees with them on any point, that patient is labeled as delusional. When two mental health professionals disagree with each other, it is a case of double delusion, even though they may label that as philosophical debate.” 


The following table lays out major differences among the Reactionary, the NeoCon, the Progressive and the Fascist.  Read and compare the attitudes and goals among these four groups as reflected upon ten basic areas of social politics.  Remember that the typical, left right ideology scale is erroneous.  Communists and Fascists are but two branches of the same totalitarian tree.  They are the real extremists.  The only valid way to view political philosophy is to gauge on what side of the individual vs. government equation does the creed reside.  The sensible and sane course is found within the Reactionary tradition.

States' Rights, Articles of Confederation, Local vs. Federal, Republic Form Representation, Limit Suffrage, Property Rights, Individualism
Strong President, Weak States, Constitutional Federalism, Military Presence Globally
Bigger is Better, Central Federal Authority, Coercive Enforcement, No States' Rights, Activist Legislation
Global Power Elite, Top Down, Harsh Punitive Control, Ultimate Authority, Secular Religion 
Foreign Policy
America-First Heritage, Defense of Borders, Non Interventionist, Oppose Internationalism, Limit Foreign Treaties, Avoid Alliances, No Foreign Aid, Stop Immigration
Global Empire, Interventionist Internationalism, Pre-emption, Israel-First, Engaged Military, Oil Driven Policy

International Agreements, Community of Nations Consensus, United Nations Approval, Foreign Aid, Weak Military

NWO Trilateral CFR Globalism, International Treaties, Elite Rule, Subdue Independent Nations
Entrepreneur Merchants, Domestic Autonomy, Honest Money, Promote Thrift, Limit Corporations, Balance Budgets
NAFTA, FTAA, WTO, Globalism, Corporate Model, Trade and Budget Deficits
State/Corp Model, Fiat Money, Pro Labor Contracts, Regulate Small Business
Interdependency, Transnational Model, Global Control, Federal Reserve
Defend Bill of Rights, States' Supremacy, Orginalist Jurists, Right of Secession, Sunset Laws, Restrict Lawyers
Federal Law Supremacy, Constitutionalists, Treaty Law, Rule Under Man Laws
International Law, Evolving Law, Legislative Courts, Fix Society, Precedent Rulings
World Courts, Global Gulags, Despot Cover, Prison Planet, Arbitrary Elitism 
Separation Church and State Myth, Pro Life, Biblical Revelation, God's Commandments
Counterfeit Christians, Tax Exempt Model, Talmud Heresy
Man Defines God, Agnostic, Church State Separation, Liberation Church
Atheism, State Over God, Satan Worship, Man is Measure of All
Civil Liberty
Individual Bill of Rights, Anti Patriot Act, Equal Protection Under Law, Natural Rights
Pro Patriot Act, Low Priority, Law Enforcement vs Peace Keeping
ACLU Agenda, Craft Non Existent Rights, Federal Control of States
Limited Arbitrary Application, Elites Only, None for Public
Social Justice
Conform to Human Nature, Applied to Native Citizens, Limited Federal Government, Local Rule
True Believers Only, Myth of Exporting Abroad, Big Business
Hypocrites in Practice, Good Intentioned Frauds, Steal from Rich
For Elites Only, Subjugate the Masses, Reward Minions
Rejects Egalitarian Myth, Accepts Natural Differences, Opposes Special Treatment
Color Blind Phonies, Begs Approval, Denies Differences
Guilt Complex, Diversity Driven, 'PC' Advocate, Multiculuralist
Master Tribe, Control Factions, Excuse Expand Government
Legalized Theft, Abolish IRS, Consumption and Excise Tax, Pro Tariffs, Repeal Income Tax
Reform a Bad System, Failure to Revamp Government
Redistribution of Wealth, Pro High Taxes, Spend, Progressive Rates
Keep People Poor, Regulations Favor Elites, Bankrupt Folks
Abolish Public School Education, Pro Home Schooling, Reject Media Propaganda
Pro Federal Education, Big School Budgets, Protects Media 
Pro NEA, Secular Humanism, 'PC' Culture, Produce Media Propaganda
Dumb Down Public, Mandate Collectivism, Reality by Media

In order to appreciate these distinctions, a proper understanding of the clash between two famous 18th Century  titans, is needed. Edmund Burke’s - Reflections on The Revolution in France and Thomas Paine’s - Rights of Man.  Burke is often referred to as the first modern conservative, while Paine is universally acclaimed as a professional radical and a revolutionary propagandist.  The most common mistake is that each viewpoint is diametrically opposed to the other.  Progressives lionize Paine because he believed that neither government nor corporations should have rights, and that the rich should pay a "progressive taxation" so that hereditary aristocracies couldn't emerge.  No doubt Paine is correct that only humans have rights.  When these same progressives analyze Burke, they correctly conclude that his philosophy implies that the control of government by a corporate elite and those with inherited wealth is the best way to ensure a stable society, but falsely extrapolate that conservatism continues to maintain this tenant.  While Burke was not a Reactionary, he was a defender of institutions of his era.  Burke was entirely accurate about his perceptive view of a corrupt human nature.  Only by adopting Paine’s Rights of Man to Burke’s mistrust of human failing, can one grasp the truly significant differences among the four different ideologies. 


The main feature that separates the Reactionary from the counterfeit conservative is that the NeoCon believes in the State as a solution, just as the Progressive; while the Reactionary rejects government as a reliable steward of the public trust.  Conversely, the Progressive accepts a perfectible process of evolutionary progress.  The utter disconnect from historic record of reality is why this camp is knee deep in delusional denial.  The most threatening branch of that totalitarian tree are the despots that use fascist methods to apply that faulty ‘progress’ to the expansion of government with all its legal protection of State tyranny.  Absent in the mix is any trace of a viable foundation in moral principle.  A Reactionary is always concerned about the metaphysical moral dimension. 


Critics indict the Reactionary as being retaliatory in function and fighting an irrational battle against ‘progress’.  They say that reprisal efforts will never turn back the tide of the Marx-Darwin-Freud juggernaut.  Well, then, how does one explain or even rationalize the twisted and perverted social and political turmoil that has taken the world to the edge of oblivion?  The cherished social traditions and valued principles that formed the underpinnings for Western Civilization have not changed with time.  Nor has primeval human nature.  The cultural war that plays out has the Reactionary in the forefront of defending and preserving that which has intrinsic value and everlasting purpose.  Today’s Reactionary wants to   protect the idea and model of a real Republic.  Since the original one is no longer with us, the task ahead is to legitimatize the political mix that will provide the best chance for a reinstitution of the fundamental heritage that marked the lives and sacred honor of our Founding Fathers.  If this goal is an opprobrious epithet, wear this scarlet letter proudly!


Just who are the regressive culprits that transformed a fledgling country into a decadent empire?  The race to a state of nature, means that only the Fascist will emerge.  Civilization cannot exist under the boot of despots.  The Reactionary stands as minutemen guarding home soil against the invasion of un-American ideas and treacherous exploiters.  Again who are the delusional?  The collectivists that preach Marxist jargon, and adore their own hedonism as they disavow the Creator of the universe.  No the Reactionary is a real American.  And your country needs many more to defeat the forces of perdition.  The choice is yours’, incorporate the Rights of Man into a genuine Burke conservative society.  The Reactionary will point the way . . . Go proactive Reactionaries are on the cutting edge. So says Aneurin Bevan:  "Reactionary: A man walking backwards with his face to the future."


SARTRE – November 21, 2005 

"Reactionary: A man walking backwards with his face to the future."
Aneurin Bevan

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