The Future of the Conservative Movement

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The Future of the Conservative Movement
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"All great systems, ethical or political, attain their ascendency over the minds of men by virtue of their appeal to the imagination; and when they cease to touch the chords of wonder and mystery and hope, their power is lost, and men look elsewhere for some set of principles by which they may be guided" - Russell Kirk


The Future of the Conservative Movement

Decades of despair and a constant descent into oblivion are the only tangible legacy of the American Empire. The vast majority are disenfranchised from any meaningful levels of power or decision-making. Elites or all stripes and ideologies share a fundamental bond of desire; namely, control of the herds for the benefit of the few. Conservatism has lost its way. Bedrock principles have been betrayed. Natural rights are relegated to the burial crypt. Moreover, phony cryptic Judas’ make themselves out as patriots. They speak the "PC" rhetoric and claim to be traditionalist, while they dig the hole deeper to bury the meaning of the American Revolution.

The lesson of the 1960’s is lost to the "so called" conservative. The overriding term for the enemy under LBJ and Nixon was "The Establishment". That same descriptive slur, applies in spades, to the ruling class of this era. Make no mistake about it; there are few genuine conservatives in positions of power in state or federal government. Ponder, the standards necessary to earn the reverence of untold ages and carry the banner of Western Civilization in today’s cesspool society.

A short reflection of Ten Conservative Principles by Russell Kirk is in order. Read the explanation of each.

First, the conservative believes that there exists an enduring moral order.

Second, the conservative adheres to custom, convention, and continuity.

Third, conservatives believe in what may be called the principle of prescription.

Fourth, conservatives are guided by their principle of prudence.

Fifth, conservatives pay attention to the principle of variety.

Sixth, conservatives are chastened by their principle of imperfectability.

Seventh, conservatives are persuaded that freedom and property are closely linked.

Eighth, conservatives uphold voluntary community, quite as they oppose involuntary collectivism.

Ninth, the conservative perceives the need for prudent restraints upon power and upon human passions.

Tenth, the thinking conservative understands that permanence and change must be recognized and reconciled in a vigorous society.

A proper appreciation of the politics of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan requires an understanding of Edmund Burke. Russell Kirk suggests, "Perhaps it would be well, most of the time, to use this word "conservative" as an adjective chiefly. For there exists no Model Conservative, and conservatism is the negation of ideology: it is a state of mind, a type of character, a way of looking at the civil social order"

Within this context, it would be helpful to make a distinction between the PaleoConservative and the NeoConservative. In its most clear-cut core, a paleo accepts the Kirk/Burke model, Pat Buchanan being the best current proponent. As for NeoCons, just look at the leadership in the Republican Party and just about every talking head on FAUX News or mainstream talk radio. The "Velvet Conservatism" of William Kristol paints a portrait of a deceitful conservatism in the Weekly Standard.

The overwhelming betrayal of true conservatism in public policy is evident in the three compelling principal issues of this age. The Federal Reserve debt pyramid money fraud, the globalization of the transnational corporate economy and the internationalist foreign policy of perpetual wars.

Federal Reserve - Enemy of America, describes the treachery of our way of life. "If people crave comfort in denial and solace in the company of weak willed citizens, America is surely doomed. There can be no intelligent debate about the merits of the Federal Reserve. It is a pure FRAUD. Fractional reserve banking is criminal. Public indebtedness, as a requirement for currency creation is the supreme Treason".

The destruction of the middle class through the globalist conglomerate economy is caused by abandoning Fair Trade. "Common sense and recent decades of experience prove beyond any doubt, that good paying jobs are the primary American export. The WTO is based upon rules, calculated to steer the world economy, to accept unconstrained imports. Of course, this policy works only for the low cost producer. How that measure is achieved and at what cost or contortions it takes to reach that charge, is disregarded. What matters is strictly the unfettered flow of cheap goods into the biggest and most consumer-oriented markets available. Such a system is pure heaven for the monopolist".

A state of permanent war and terror is based upon a foreign policy of a garrison empire. In How much fun is this war?, the stark reality is visible for all to see. "The mastery of deceit that the globalists have attained is reflected in the hordes of idiots that rally for an unnecessary and unwarranted war. Their case is not based upon a valid self-interest, but upon nauseous self-gratification. Is it any wonder that ruling elites fear terror - since they are the creators of their New World Order system of tyranny? What the public is unwilling to face is that, this very terror is directed upon our own people, by the manipulators of the world community. So why would a sane and loyal citizen of the Republic, wage the war on humanity when they should be defending the meaning of America, against the Mattoid elites that seek total world domination".

The NeoCons and mainstream GOP party faithful adhere to a corporate offshore economy that supports overseas foreign legion troops, financed by phony debt money paid to international banks. How can a true conservative give allegiance to political policies that are totally opposite to the core traditional values and heritage of the founding of the nation? The answer should be apparent, but few rank and file flag wavers comprehend the damage that false conservatives propagate against the country that they purport to love.


The future of legitimate conservatism rests upon the dignity of the individual and sanctity of human life. The government, on all levels, must be limited, restrained and accountable to legal citizens. The purpose of laws and courts is to protect and preserve the peace, and enforce the natural rights of the individual. Corporations have no legal standing in court or special exemptions and international sanctuary. National defense means patrolling the borders and protective security for domestic territory. The global empire needs to be dismantled and the focus for government attention should be directed towards rebuilding a viable and independent domestic economy.

This short outline is the future for the country and is consistent with primary conservative principles. Evaluate these goals in light of Russell Kirk’s presets.

1) An enduring moral order for Western Civilization is based upon the Christian heritage of the sacred nature of every individual.

2) Custom, convention, and continuity of founding "Bill of Right" principles have been breached and destroyed under the policies of the government supremacy cult.

3) The principle of prescription has been purged from consciousness with the dumbing down of society from the popular culture and government school indoctrination.

4) The principle of prudence is entirely absent in public affairs under the "PC" poison of eliminating balance and justice in government administration.

5) The principle of variety is the real diversity and is the bases of civil liberties. Restoring dignity for both citizens and the nation is a basic goal of conservatism.

6) The principle of imperfectability recognizes that man has a fallen nature and that government and social institutions require limitations.

7) Freedom exists within individuals and property is the result of honest labor and intelligent creations.

8) Voluntary community recognizes the right of self-determination and the validity to reside in private solitude away from forced associations and involuntary collectivists.

9) Prudent restraints upon power and upon human passions demand separation of powers and accountability of administration, while shaming and shunning immoral conduct of a debased culture.

10) Permanence and change need not be in conflict. A sincere conservative welcomes improvements consistent with and in harmony with the nature order of the universe.

It should be self-evident that our society and global governance system is the embodiment of "The Establishment". The future for our nation rests upon authentic conservative populism and the ability to reverse the evil and intentional destruction of our revered and shared heritage.

That is why a Radical Reactionary is a true patriotic American. "Foolishly believing that genuine conservatism resides within the Republican political establishment is pure folly. Denying that the Democrats are anything other than savage Statists, renounces the proud heritage of Thomas Jefferson. Both parties operate as carpetbaggers of corruption – self-seekers of power in the pursuit of maintaining the organized crime syndicate. Becoming a radical is the sensible alternative. But to achieve meaningful change, knowing what it means to be a reactionary is also necessary".

To achieve substantive change requires a restoration of the proven principles that the miracle of the American Revolution is eternally based upon. Do you really want to attain "Change We Can Believe In"? You will not find it in the oval office or standing upon the new wheat, cream and blue colored oval-shaped rug. Obliteration of the red, white and blue is the ambition of "The Establishment". Rally to the original flag of Betsy Ross and resist the tyranny that is all around us. The second American Revolution has already started. Will you stand with true conservatives?

SARTRE – September 19, 2010

“Our culture is superior because our religion is Christianity
 and that is the truth that makes men free”
Patrick Buchanan

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