Irreconcilable Differences Upset Cohocton Old Guard

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Irreconcilable Differences Upset Cohocton Old Guard
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The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush.
It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment.
Robert M. Hutchins


How upsetting it must be for the Zigenfus administration that democratic competition has come to Cohocton. When office holders run unopposed, they become so comfortable in their own self worth and importance that they can’t imagine that they are doing wrong. That’s the charitable assessment for the reason why town officials refuse to hear the voice of the residents.

But in Cohocton the record is far more sinister. The joy of passing out patronage favors and appointments for boards or paid political jobs has turned into a theater of the absurd. It would be a comedy if the tragedy was not so evident.

The corrupt dealing by the Town Board is for all to see. Residents who never before attended planning board meeting are coming out to see for themselves why the staged “dog and pony” show is the laughing stock of the entire town.

The “so called” town attorney from Albany Todd Mathes, organized three public meeting so that the planning board can do “site reviews” for the UPC industrial wind turbines. Why then is UPC sending out selective mailing to adjacent property owners under the guise that the notice is being done by the Town of Cohocton? Answer is simple, to keep the fraud going, one needs to tell bigger lies.

UPC prances out their paid consultants, who love to claim they are working for the Town of Cohocton, to explain why protecting the health and safety of residents is not as important as getting the project approved. Follow the money and you will understand the scam.

The latest brush with damage control took place at the April 2 meeting. Because of the overflow crowd at the March 26th session, a hasty move was made to the Hatch Hose Fire Hall in Atlanta. Format was changed to limit comments to three minutes and ONLY adjoining property owners were allowed to speak.

Under these modified rules, Cohocton Councilman Wayne Hunt insisted that he was entitled to address the gathering, while others were refused the opportunity to speak. Special privilege for the “band leader of the parade” that has only one goal! Orchestrate a fast track approval at any expense no matter how many laws are intentionally broken.

Hunt openly insults the public with statements that “it’s a done deal” and “you won’t stop this project”. His recent outburst at a Hartsville town meeting raises the question about his mental stability. Those who have watched Hunt dodge every challenge to debate know well that he lacks the courage of his distorted convictions.

In Wayne’s world all opponents of industrial wind turbines are equated to terrorists. It is utterly obscene that a public official demands attention and obedience, while silencing difference of viewpoint but banning all public comments from the floor at Cohocton Town Board meeting.

The Christian standard is to assist Mr. Hunt in securing professional help before he explodes and detonates his own meltdown. Since the next election is the legal recourse to retire unstable, incompetent and corrupt public officials, remember the deeds of all the incumbents that are the cause of the irreconcilable differences.

The sight of Judith Graham being escorted from this same meeting by the town’s law officer is a sight that exemplifies the Cohocton culture of corruption coming home to roost. Just maybe her emotional outburst was more a result of the guilt from her own greed than the comments from a property owner who was confronting the merits of the UPC project. Surely, the shades of discrimination were not showing their ugly head from the self anointed princess of the Old Guard?

The factual reality is undeniable. Leaseholders have bought into a shady project because they want to make easy money no matter what the costs are to their neighbor. Opponents of the UPC project are supposed to accept the barefaced arrogance of these landowners because they want their checks, while the Town Board does the bidding of their UPC patron.

Opposition to the deliberate collusion and intentional theft from the effective use of their adjoining neighbor’s property is of little or no concern for the “super privileged” barons of Cohocton past political elite. The mere thought that some folks have the nerve to challenge their way causes shock to their system.

Elected officials are not put in office to enact the perverted business deals of favored crony supporters. When the voice of the real majority raises the volume, the “Old Guard” blocks their ears so they won’t have to endure the clarion call from their neighbors – do no harm to us!

Competition at the ballot box is one fear that these insiders have never had to face. The temperature is rising and the heat is getting too hot for the buddy system! Well the tide of change is becoming a Tsunami. The silence of the past is turning into a voice of righteous outrage. The voters won’t be fooled by the cries of farmer poverty when the UPC paycheck is drawn on the backs of surrounding neighbors.

Payback will be this November at the polls. Between now and then the people will rally at every opportunity to confront the cowards that refuse to disclose their underhanded deals. Wayne Hunt and Jack Zigenfus step front and center. Stop hiding behind the scripts that UPC write and face your constituents. Milt LeVesque is not much better and has done nothing to separate himself from the hoax that the Town Board wants to force on Cohocton.

If the “Old Guard” is uncomfortable now, the long hot summer will prove that their lives in their protected sheltered cocoon of denial will experience the same hell that they have inflicted on their innocent neighbors. The days of destiny are upon us and the moral case for preserving our property rights is with Cohocton Wind Watch.

All mistreated citizens and disgruntled voters working together will Reform Cohocton. Join the battle, put another log on the fire and send a message to the smug and condescending sinners that are so willing to condemn their neighbors while lining their own pockets.


If you don't like the way the world is, you change it. You have an obligation to change it You just do it one step at a time.
Marian Wright Edelman

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