Outsourcing, Nation Building and Open Borders

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A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within. 
Will Durant

Outsourcing, Nation Building and Open Borders

Three pillars weaken a collapsing foundation for a viable self-sufficient society.  Each targets the destruction of self-rule and sovereignty.  Each amplifies on the disintegration of the other.  And each is interconnected in a much broader strategy to destroy self-determination, freedom and national security.


How do you outsource the empire?

Outsourcing has been part of the globalist scheme for decades.  Sold under the misnomer of Free Trade the real intent is to drain a domestic self-sustaining economy from internal independence.  The stark reality of exporting living wage jobs and laying waste to crucial industrialized segments of an effective economy benefits only the transnational corporatoracy.  The lust for cheap labor drives every possible job overseas.  Real wage purchasing power sinks with each decade.  Replacement employment in new-fangled ventures and fields seldom provide a compatible level of inflationary adjusted remuneration. 


Security of employment is but a fond memory.  The rat race has been transformed into an accelerated spinning wheel for less cheese.  Families can only survive and raise offspring with two bread winners.  Cut-rate Wal-Mart pricing drives out small business merchants.  Prices on cars rise so dramatically that it takes a second mortgage to buy, so folks just lease.  And what do the politicians do, but pass every NAFTA, CAFTA and FTAA policy structured and drafted to dismantle the last remnants of a self-contained economic independency.


The promise of low costs really translates into a lower standard of living for the bulk of society.  As inflation explodes the imbalance accentuates.  Outsourcing is a designed policy it is not an inevitable eventuality.  The political mechanism of government is run by and for the interests of favored enterprises.  The notion that they are public companies has as much credibility as saying your Senator honestly represents your family.

The Reality of Open Borders

With this economic model in place the next step is to send abroad this marvel of democratic servitude.  Nation building is the implied pride of the political elite.  The vile career class of bipartisan politicians that swear to defend and protect, advance their benefactor bounty as a gift to the rest of the world.  George W. Bush’s endless apostatizing in the guise of a democratic protectorate preaches the heretical gospel of internationalism.  Rattling off a list of “so called” democracies around the globe hardly substantiates self-governance.  Self-determination can never be correctly defined by a “world community” cabal, which is based upon the economic structure of interdependency.  


The nature of sophisticated slavery is sold under the label of a calculated and contrived constitutional framework and validated under stage-managed elections.  If nation building was such a noble objective, explain such failed results to Haitians.  The marketing of carrot and stick diplomacy leaves a soiled record of corruption and cronyism.  The recipient of the fruits of all these taxpayer public expenditures that fund such ambitions stream directly into the bank accounts of the blessed transnational corporatoracy. 


Defending the record of nation creation in tribal societies is like forcing the Knights Templar Crusaders to dine with Saladin.  Saladin was of Kurdish heritage and one of very few personages of his times that has managed to be positively described in both Western and Eastern sources.  But the invading and crusading victorious occupiers did more than just liberate the Holy Land, they built permanent garrisons to secure their presence.  Sacred relics have now been converted into hallowed black gold.  By what stretch of rationality should the arrogance of this day be any more successful then the armies of the Pope? 


Today’s Hessian mercenaries from the “coalition of the willing” are not welcomed as liberators.  The rule they are ordered to enforce, imposes a plutocrat structure that is not natural to the indigenous region.  Native inhabitants remain loyal to their tribal heritage, not to a designated non-existent nation drawn on a colonial map.  Defining victory by banning news coverage of returning body bags is testimony to the surreal disconnect from reality that underpins U.S. foreign policy.  


In order to rationalize the absurdity of interventionism, the global emancipation must be extended to our own borders.  How could the mighty military be justified to save the world when the entire hemisphere wants to march into the promised land?  Open borders is not about allowing guest workers entry for tasks Americans won’t do, it is about reducing middle class citizens to comparable illegal immigrate subsistent levels.  As long as the average citizen is being financially bled to death the cure is not to lower wages even more with the influx of “coolie” hired help.


Accommodating inertia might seem benign but encouraging a wholesale invasion is certainly conscious neglect.  The reason the door is wide open instead of a gate locked shut is that the same faceless corporate entities prosper with the demise of independent small business.  As disposable income vanishes only necessities remain.  Monopoly money must buy from monopolistic nation wide franchises.


Hordes of Spanish use sign language to communicate, while their beneficial employers will be immune from prosecution as long as they withhold taxes.  True social security reform with a Latino beat!  What kind of a guest steals jobs when avaricious households utilize plebeian servants?  Is this the kind of nation building we want to export or is it just pure exploitation?  How long will America remain as a functioning society before tribal feuds emerge, as the normal course of social interaction turns habitually confrontational?


The connection is stark and the outcome bleak.  Open borders promote foreign enrollment in American universities at bargain basement tuition.  Nation building demands that aliens must be enlisted in the military to fight foreign adventures.  And outsourcing means that all those south of the border legionnaire GI’s will finish their term of duty and redirect their pension or those overseas students will take their degree and fly back to their country of origin so that they can get those grand paying jobs offered by the transnational corporatoracy. 


This is a world designed for inmates to occupy the plantation fields and work the chain gang.  An asylum of discriminatory proliferation where the masses of Breton work horses will do the bidding of the equestrians for selective breeding.  The triangle has sharp tips and acute angles.  These three interrelated components destroy any realistic chance for assimilation, integration or co-existence.  The solution is to abandon all damaging aspects of global outsourcing.  Domestic industry and commerce must be rebuilt to insure national survival.  All vestiges of international neo-imperialism need to cease as a true national defense resurrected to conduct its primary function – secure the borders.  And open border need to be slammed shut.  High fences and comprehensive deportation is the answer to any barbarian invasion.


Strong measures are necessary to save our country.  The treasonous political hierarchy has sold out America.  Only a broad based insurrection will forego an inevitable slave state.  Civil disobedience can be the alternative to revolution.  But if recent history is any indicator the sleepy activists that fear to conform the corporatoracy culture will just watch the nation sink into oblivion.  Just remember the role of the linkage in the three- edged triangle.  Looks a lot like the plans of the Trilateral Commission are well in place to realize their ultimate objective.  A world ruled by the few as the many scrap for their subsistence.  


SARTRE – April 3, 2006

Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy. The savage's whole existence is public, ruled by the laws of his tribe. Civilization is the process of setting man free from men. 
Ayn Rand

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