Rahm Emanuel - The Son of the Devil's Spawn

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"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil

walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour." 1 Peter 5:8

Rahm Emanuel - "The Son of the Devil's Spawn"

Who is this son of the devil, named Rahm Emanuel? According to the way he interacts with former Congressman Eric Massa, he is an intimidating predator with shades of pathological dominance. Rude, crude and insulting are not traits becoming to the chief of staff to a president.

The Guardian reports: “Emanuel's supporters hail him as a master of the political dark arts who gets things done. He is abrasive and renowned for his foul-mouthed tirades, like a real-life American variation on The Thick of its fictional Malcolm Tucker. "Fucknutsville" is apparently his preferred nickname for Washington, and he was recently forced to apologise for referring to liberal activists as "retarded". Emanuel is known for his ability to dominate and intimidate politicians and cabinet members.”
Leave it to the Brits to describe the real “salty language” and the true purveyor of the perverted political lifestyle. Next to Emanuel, Eric Massa is a saint. Is he human and did he make mistakes, surely. Nevertheless, the way that the White House vultures are swarming to pick the flesh off his carcass is substantiation of Massa’s statement. The New York Times quotes him:  “The future of the Democratic Party rests on passing this health care bill,” he added. “They can get anyone to say anything about me concerning anything at all, and in fact they did.”

Originally diagnosed with non-Hogkin’s lymphoma, Massa’s health is fragile. He is a fighter and dedicated champion for populist causes and aggrieved people. Claims that he resigned to avoid a Congressional investigation are patently false. The sick practice of political character assassination is a fine art. Under the Pelosi leadership, the bidding of the White House is foremost. Any means to achieve the political objective is condoned.

In this environment, the survival of an honest man requires the faith and fiber of Daniel in the lion’s den. The iniquity of the “Chicago Style” organized crime syndicate, known as the Obama machine, uses Emanuel as their roaring lion. Reading his official bios gives you the impression that he is just a pragmatic and tough political operative. Nevertheless, dig deeper and you will learn the methods used to coerce wavering votes.

From the Wayne Madsen Report:

 “WMR’s White House press sources have revealed that President Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, is conducting a virtual political pogrom within the administration and the Democratic caucus in Congress. WMR has learned that the National Security Agency’s warrantless wiretapping program, once known as STELLAR WIND but changed after the classified code name was leaked to the media, is being used by Emanuel to force administration officials and Democrats in Congress to “toe the line” in their support of Obama’s policies, including health care, the surge in Afghanistan, and the bail out of Wall Street.

From STELLAR WIND’s successor, Emanuel and his cohorts have collected political intelligence that is either damaging or potentially embarrassing to Democratic office holders . . .

Others who have been threatened with exposure of damaging information obtained from illegal NSA wiretaps include House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel and House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman John Murtha. Emanuel has let it be known that members of Congress who sway away from the party line will “end up like Blagojevich.” 

Eric Massa opposed the current health care legislation, the misdirected war in Afghanistan and corporate extortion for a Wall Street bail out.

The mass manipulated media protects the checkered background of Rahm Emanuel. Dig deeper into the memory vault. Remember his indispensible role in the Clinton administration.

Emanuel's real role combines money with politics with public relations -- he is a rather unique figure in the Clinton "Kosher Kitchen" White House. Most unique of all in fact is that Emanuel is a kind of out-front spy for Israel while primarily serving as Bill Clinton's main money man.”

“The late FBI counter-terrorism Assistant Director FBI agent, John O’Neill and another FBI agent, who still works for the bureau but must remain nameless, discovered that Emanuel, a “special adviser” to Clinton, acted as the liaison to former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in operating an espionage and blackmail operation against the Clinton White House.”

Fast forward to a Weekly Standard item on the Obama administration, when it issued an ominous threat to Democrat Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, vote for healthcare or your Air Force base is on the chopping block.

“Offutt Air Force Base employs some 10,000 military and federal employees in Southeastern Nebraska. As our source put it, this is a "naked effort by Rahm Emanuel and the White House to extort Nelson's vote." They are "threatening to close a base vital to national security for what?" asked the Senate staffer.”

Whom do you believe Rahm Emanuel or Eric Massa? Listen to this You Tube and the see for yourself who is telling the truth.

Eric Massa is a rarity, an honest man in a dishonest government. His courage to expose corrupt industrial wind projects, cap and trade corporate welfare and wall street schemes to defraud the public is the reason he was targeted for removal from congress. 

He announced he was not running for re-election due to very real concerns about a reoccurrence of cancer. The campaign schedule and duties were taking a great toll on his health and he wants to spend what time he has, with his loved ones. At that time of his announcement, that he would not run in November, he was not aware, nor was he notified of an ethics investigation.

Upon becoming aware of the congressional investigation, the added stress in his life and that to his family would be harmful, especially since he announced he was not seeking re-election. As he learned more, he realized the charges have an intended purpose to force him out of office, especially due to his vote against the current health care legislation.

Our continued support is firm and deep. He is a "congressional whistle blower" taking aim at the core of public corruption. As a constituent of the former congressman, who voted for him, and contributed to his election, it is with great sadness that he was driven from office.

The true roaring lion is this naval hero, Eric Massa. Rahm Emanuel, Scar the bad lion, might well heed the lesson of The Bad Lion and the Wise Deer.  

SARTRE – March 10, 2010

"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society,

they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system

that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it."

Frederic Bastiat

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