A Radical Idea - Control Your Own Ports

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We probably have a greater love for those we support than for those who support us.
Our vanity carries greater weight than our self-interest.

Eric Hoffer

A Radical Idea
Control Your Own Ports

Nothing to sell overseas now - only foreigners control our port imports!

As with most political controversies, don’t let the facts get in the way of the arguments.  Already enough attention has been placed on the Dubai Ports government owned operations to make a world voyage on a Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co. ship resemble a slow boat to China.  At Concorde speed the alarm alerts flash while rational lessons are ignored or slip at a snail's pace into the public consciousness.  The central issue is so clear that a blind man could see.  But not the media, nor the brain washed public and certainly not the great sages of international commerce . . . how about a little class in economic self-interest!


At the outset, one must choose.  Who’s self-interest is at stake?  The United States, as imperfect as the Federalists could make it, did accomplish an economic independence that is only a fond memory today.  Tariffs built domestic manufacturing.  World commerce prospered because industrious Americans produced value added products that sold around the world.  Yankee Clipper Ships were welcomed at foreign ports because they transported goods – bought spices and sold widgets.  But no longer!  An American port is now the domain of a foreign operation.


No doubt the racism towards the UAE company is apparent.  But who cares about offending aliens when it comes to making money.  In the transnational corporate kingdom the only race is for the greenback.  How long that remains before the color of green is replaced with a hue of a basket of currencies is certainly on the fast track.  There within lies much of the motivation to dispense with real national interests in pursuit of the special elect who hold the keys to the freighters that unload their containers with lightening speed.  And what sails with the outward tide – another load of armored hummers ready for patrolling the deserts to make the world safe for oil.  Tankers ferry in filled, and go out riding high in the water.


Such a good deal deserves to have foreigners run the harbors!


Folks, the fundamental question: why is any foreign company ever allowed to own and manage operations so crucial as port facilities to begin with?  Of course there is a material difference when a government owns a firm as opposed to an equity company.  But where was the outrage when the Chinese positioned themselves at both ends of the Panama Canal?  Is Long Beach any different from East Coast ports?


All the political jockeying is cheap entertainment, but none of it produces any authentic national security or domestic self-interest for American manufacturing or American jobs.  Since the United States has become the world’s greatest debtor nation, selling off the crown jewels has become the main occupation.  Ports are crucial infrastructures that are essential to the health and efficiency of national commerce.  Allowing or even risking the loss of vital business decisions being made abroad is like ordering your pasta from an Italian pizzeria and delivered by Moto Guzzi.  When it comes, the taste may leave your mouth cold.        


What does buying Domino’s have to do with Moslem allies running our ports?  Well Saddam was our pal once, now he is worse than that funny mustache guy.  Did he change that much or was the change in U.S. foreign policy?  By allowing, much less encouraging, any foreign nation from having a managerial role over the waterfront is pure nihilist globalism of the worst order.


At least the U.S. Navy needed to get Lucky Luciano’s permission to keep the docks going during WWII.  Such a deal was hard for even him to refuse, but can the same be said about alien nations?  It needs to be stressed that any foreign country, seldom demonstrates much honor in their dealings with other states.


Bipartisan opposition and the threat of using the first veto are high comic theater, but none of the bluster makes good domestic policy.  The standard of conduct that matters is what benefits our own domestic operations, employment, transportation systems and what makes our borders safe.  Homeland Defense is the Blackwater corporate security cops for the moneychangers.  Their role is to guard the protection racket.  


Where is the serious political demand that port management be provided for by only internal domiciled companies?  If you think that the few shouts for such a requirement will be successful, you must still be betting on the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. 


Rally behind a reactionary solution!  Torpedo those entangling alliances that suck off the cargo that comes from our own labor, toil and inspiration and siphoned off our riches into the coffers of foreign bank accounts.  Want to put a stop once and for all to the lunacy of the drip - drip - drip torture of a slow death, than demand that tariffs become the national policy for a rebirth in domestic self-sufficiency.  America can do better.  Allowing untrustworthy foreign governments to hold a sword over our heads is just stupid.  How long are you willing to remain stuck?  Allowing a state of the terror from foreign blackmailer is exactly what the globalists want.


So quickly do people forget!  Katrina took out the dockyards of the New Orleans port after a natural disaster.  There is no excuse for this man made business catastrophe that places overseas control over vital port operations.  Buy American starts with managing your own commerce spurs.  Just maybe more citizens will embrace the historic wisdom of being a radical reactionary.  Trust in your own government to protect our country is a product that is merchandised to the public but not made in Washington.  The stamp of DC = betrayal.  How many more examples do you need before you buy from a different supplier?


SARTRE – February 23, 2006

The individual's most vital need is to prove his worth, and this usually means an insatiable hunger for action. For it is only the few who can acquire a sense of worth by developing and employing their capacities and talents. The majority prove their worth by keeping busy. 
Eric Hoffer

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