Real Reform to Restore a Republic

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Real Reform to Restore a Republic
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The republican is the only form of government
which is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of mankind. 
Thomas Jefferson

Real Reform to Restore a Republic

The Revolution was Fought for a Real Republic

Real reform seems virtually unattainable.  Restoring a form of government that was never really established may look even more impossible.  Yet, activists that seek a substantiate form of governance are confronted with the need to become pragmatic about what defines a legitimate government.  In the wake of the latest round of political scandals just what can genuine conservatives do to advocate a common sense alternative to bipartisan criminality?  The first step is to boldly and objectively acknowledge the root flaws in what has become an insane depiction of equalitarian democracy.    


In Ten Points for Sensible Government an outline is provided for the proper active and prohibited roles for a Federalism model for government.  Even from the outset, the U.S. Constitution could never tame the excessive appetites and debased conduct of political scoundrels.  The reason is clear.  The wickedness of human nature is constant and the structure for sustaining the most ambitious in power is the rule.  A true Republic has never been tried!


The following list is a brief sketch for a sensible organization of the State.


Establish clear and definitive term limits that prohibit the formation of a political class of career officeholders.  If public service is to be laudable it must stop being laughable.  Elimination of all government pensions and fringe benefits is essential to achieve rotating representation.


Eliminate national elections.  An authentic Republic would reject the idiocy of one-man one vote delusion that only selects from among professional charlatans.  A real representative revision would have local elections as the only election in which citizens cast a ballot.  Your County representative makes your choice for a Statewide legislature from among the ranks of local office holders.  Each State legislature then votes for their Congressional representatives, again from among their own legislators.   Weighting each County based upon their population of qualified citizens, allows for adjusting the percentage impact of their vote.


The executive branch would be tamed from systemic tyrants because the Presidency would be a rotating office chosen from among the Legislators who are already term limited.  If voting is ever to become a sacred reflection of the public will, only the continuous influx from among local representatives will have a chance of achieving that goal.


The Federal judiciary would be curtailed from overturning individual State legislation.  The notion that States’ Rights are abhorrent will be eradicated.  A Supreme Court that rules as a nationwide despot would be eliminated.  Local populism would replace centralized uniformity.


Volumes can be written to codify procedure and precedent, but none of these practices ever rises to the level of true representation.  The levers of government become tyrannical because of a profound disconnect from the essential purpose that government must serve the people, and not become a leviathan of official oppression.  The practical means to accomplish the creation of a true Republic is a separate topic for another analysis.  The point of this outline has the focus of asking if this approach has merit?  It should be eminently unchallenged that the Federalism experiment, while a noble attempt, has failed to achieve a society based upon individual liberty.  What has emerged is a conflagration of hell fires that burn away the hopes and dreams of ordinary citizens of good character. 


So let us ask the other crucial question, does the American public possess the quality of character, the integrity of purpose and the will to fight for a genuine Republic or are they content to continue to live their lives as slaves?  Does Henry David Thoreau have the last word: "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation", or is it possible that the fraud of an imposed and rigged political system be exposed as the structural cause of the continued political corruption?


No person of “good will” takes pleasure in popping the “Irrational Exuberance” bubble.  The Greenspan analogy applies to more than mere economic well-being.  The parallel illustrates the prevalent delusion that continuously defends a defective political system that repetitively betrays the principles triumphed in the Declaration of Independence.  Is this the best that can be attained or are you made proud by the favors dished out by the political criminal syndicate.  The elites of deceit and not Godfathers of benevolence, they are purveyors of extortion and addiction. 


Reforming a wheel that has a square shape can never provide a smooth ride.  The axle can no longer support the weight of corruption as the axis of this political universe spins out of control.        


Why not try living under a real Republic?  The first step for a recovering junky is to admit that foul behavior is destructive.  You can never vote your way into a valid Republic under the present system.  Democracy of and by the mob means rule by the political mafia of career criminal politicians.  The Cosa Nostra beltway family is accurately "this thing of ours".  But the ours is not us!  Why devote yourself to a United States government when you live, work and worship in your own community.  A neighborhood that is rarely served by federal stooges in service to a dishonest organization does not warrant your duty or loyalty.


The solution is the same as confronted during the long struggle for independence.  If by the grace of God that day is ever seen, let those victors remember the need and lessons required to form a true Republic.  Sensible government must be molded upon principles of biblical propositions.  Today we live under bipartisan autarchy.  As long as you tolerate that reality, a Republic is only a pipe dream.  Restoring the spirit of the American Revolution is the mindset, and demanding real representation is the answer.  Don’t let the American Memory fade into obscurity.  Demand a real Republic.


SARTRE – January 24, 2006   

For in a Republic, who is "the country?" Is it the Government which is for the moment in the saddle? Why, the Government is merely a servant- merely a temporary servant; it cannot be its prerogative to determine what is right and what is wrong, and decide who is a patriot and who isn't. Its function is to obey orders, not originate them. 
Mark Twain

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